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JOS-E Pressure Relief Valves
JOS-E Pressure Relief Valves
Style JOS-E, a spring loaded pressure relief valve engineered to provide high quality overpressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in an exceptionally rugged, standardized design to the process and power industries.
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  • Aggreko And DuPont Bring Temperature Control To Sulfuric Alkylation Market

    Power generation and HVAC specialty rental company, Aggreko plc, and leading sulfuric acid alkylation technology licensor, DuPont, have teamed up to provide Aggreko temperature control, including chiller systems, to DuPont STRATCO sulfuric acid alkylation customers worldwide

  • ClearSign Announces Turnover Of Pilot Test Heater To California Refiner

    ClearSign Combustion Corporation (NASDAQ: CLIR), an emerging provider of industrial combustion technologies that help to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, today announced customer acceptance and turn over to operations of the previously announced refinery pilot test unit with an undisclosed California refiner

  • Sundyne Launches New Improved Gearbox Output SundSEAL For EMEA Customers

    Sundyne, a leader in the design and manufacture of highly-engineered centrifugal pumps and integrally geared compressors for use in the global oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries, announces the launch of their new improved Gearbox Output Seal, the easy-to-upgrade SundSEAL, for customers throughout Europe,Africa and the Middle East

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Pentair Oil & Gas Separations Pentair Oil & Gas Separations

Pentair Oil & Gas Separations leads the way in the design and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation of liquids, solids and gases.