• U.S. Forest Service Keeps Virginia Open To Energy Investment

    The Virginia Petroleum Council (VPC) Executive Director Michael Ward commended the U.S. Forest Service on adopting a management plan for the George Washington National Forest that will not prevent the state from pursuing responsible energy development, utilizing hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, on public lands.

  • ABB Brochure Covers Family Of Screenmaster Paperless Recorders

    ABB’s Measurement Products’ business announces the availability of an eight-page illustrated color brochure that describes the company's ScreenMaster family of paperless recorders.

  • Sentry Equipment Corp Announces New Partnership In Singapore

    Sentry Equipment Corp announced that it has entered into an exclusive representative agreement with Sentry Equipment (SG) PTE. LTD. to better serve the needs of their customers in Southeast Asia and to continue with their geographic expansion plans

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EcoRightâ„¢ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

The EcoRight™ biological treatment system is a next generation carbon-assisted biological treatment system incorporating the use of granular activated carbon (GAC) in the aeration tank(s). GAC is retained in the aeration tanks via screening, isolating the GAC from the membrane filtration section of the biological treatment plant. By retaining the activated carbon in the aeration section, carbon consumption costs are minimized through biological regeneration of the GAC. Effluent quality is significantly improved with the use of activated carbon. In many cases, the EcoRight system effluent can be fed directly to a water reuse technology such as an RO system or multi-effect evaporator.

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CTI Industries

CTI Industries

CTI Industries, Inc. is a service company that specializes in the restoration of condensers and heat exchangers