Carbon Filtration

Source: Vapor Tech
Carbon Filtration
Vapor Tech carries a full line of carbon filtration products
Vapor Tech carries a full line of carbon filtration products. We also offer regeneration and disposal of spent and contaminated carbon.

We come to your location and vacuum out spent carbon. Then we fill the container with new carbon. The spent carbon is put in sacks and held at your site until it is profiled. Once this is done, we will come and pick up the carbon and have it disposed/regenerated.


  • 200# drum size
  • 1000# 'Supersacks'
  • Roll Off Box Size

  • Hazardous Drum Disposal:
    $160.00/drum + Freight charges
  • Non-Hazardous Drum Disposal/Regeneration:
    $ Call Vapor Tech for Exact Prices
  • Bulk carbon Disposal:
    $.45/lb. + Freight
  • On-Site Carbon Pickup & Re-Stock**

(For lg. containers):
$1.65/lb. (Includes new carbon) + Freight

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