Brochure | May 8, 2012

Complete Analytical Solutions Brochure

Source: Emerson
Complete Analytical Solutions Brochure

Optimize production with Rosemount instruments by monitoring solutions enabling feedback control of important liquid parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity and ORP. Processes will vary depending on the metal involved, the grade of ore, and the technology employed.

Due to the rapid reactions taking place in an agitated leach process, such as cyanide based extraction, automatic pH control is strongly recommended.

Avoid toxic cyanide leaks into the environment, as they are a risk to personnel and a future liability to the mining company, with continuous pH control.Copper sulfide ore processing involves flotation, in which copper sulfide particles are lifted on froth while iron and other common impurities are left behind. The efficiency of this concentrating step is directly dependent on pH. The flow rate of slurry is therefore regulated to keep the pH within the acceptable range.