Case Study

Emergency Relief For Oil Rig


Late on a Friday afternoon, there was an emergency phone call to the Siemens Process Instrumentation office in Hauppauge, NY. A worried voice on the other end of the phone asked in a panic “How fast can you get an FUS1010 FM / DC powered flow meter with C2H high precision transducers on a plane for delivery to a heliport in Louisiana?” Siemens answer was, “We can ship a rental unit Monday for delivery early morning Tuesday. The response was, “That’s great, here is my credit card number.”

A boom operator, somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil platform, accidentally slammed a load of drilling pipe into the utility shed housing the flow meter monitoring the well site. The damaged meter was originally purchased from the former Controlotron a few years earlier. Therefore, the customer was familiar with the accurate performance of the equipment and needed a replacement in a hurry.