Gas Purity Analyzer

Source: Servomex Company Incorporated
The company offers the addition of trace nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) measurements to its 4100 Gas Purity Analyzer.
The company offers the addition of trace nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) measurements to its 4100 Gas Purity Analyzer. Cryogenic plant operators use these measurements as advance warnings to plant maintenance and to avoid costly contamination of high purity product. It is validated against the referee methods cited in the USP and is used for verification of high purity medical oxygen as well as trace CO in nitrogen NF.

The 4100 provides highly accurate gas measurements from trace levels to 100% purity and is suited for use by industrial gas producers and users. Fast, long-life sensors and multiple stream analysis capabilities, coupled with easy-to-use software, result in superior performance and minimal purchase, installation and operation costs.

The original unit was launched to measure trace as well as high purity oxygen. Further product development expanded the 4100's capabilities to include trace levels of CO and CO2 using the company's gas filter correlation infrared technology. Addition of N2O and CH4 measurements further expands the unit's use in the industrial gas market. It now offers a selection of five gas sensors. Other product enhancements include external autocalibration, RS232 digital output, and the capability to process, display and output the reading from an external device or sensor. An improved sampling design offers fast speed of response for breakthrough detection in trace oxygen analysis.

The large edge-lit liquid crystal display shows the analyzer configuration and displays current gas concentration as well as information from external devices. The user interface features two levels of password protection and user friendly keypad. The unit offers, as standard, two isolated 4-20mA outputs with full zero and span adjustment. Three dry contact, single pole relays are also provided as standard.

Optional features include: sample filter, sample and bypass flowmeters, internal and external autocalibration, extra mA and relay outputs, and bench, panel or relay rack mounting.

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