Heat Trace Cable

Source: Chromalox Precision Heat and Control

This Factory Mutual approved heat trace cable is for Class I, Division 1, Group B, C and D (hazardous gas and vapor)
This Factory Mutual approved heat trace cable is for Class I, Division 1, Group B, C and D (hazardous gas and vapor) environments. The cable also meets Factory Mutual requirements for use in Class II, Division 1, Groups F, G (combustible dust), and Class III environments. The type HSRL (low temperature) and HSRM (medium temperature) cables are designed to provide safe, reliable heat tracing for process temperature maintenance, viscosity/fluid flow management, and freeze protection of pipes, valves and tanks. To complete the system, the manufacturer supplies free ChromaTRACE 2.0 design software and the IntelliTRACE system, a complete heat trace control solution consisting of a pre-wired and assembled control panel with a microprocessor, control elements, RS-485 communications interface and Ground Fault Indicator. The heat trace cable terminations, splices, tees and end seal kits reduce installation time and NEMA Type 7 enclosures provide system protection.

The cables are self-regulating and come with T-ratings of T2C, T3, T4A, T5 and T6, corresponding to maximum sheath temperatures in the range of 446°F to 185°F. They are available in a wide range of wattage and voltage ratings, from 3 W/Ft at 120 VAC up to 20 W/Ft at 277 VAC. Circuit lengths up to 780 ft. are possible.

The cables utilize a special semiconductive polymer core matrix bonded to the conductors, which provides self-regulation and makes an over-temperature condition all but impossible. Because the core's electrical resistance varies inversely with temperature, the cables are power efficient, consuming less energy when lower heat is required. A flame-retardant fluoropolymer inner jacket insulates the core and heat trace wires from a tinned copper braid that provides mechanical support and a positive ground path. The outer fluoropolymer jacket is flame-retardant, resists most chemically active corrosives, and protects against abrasion and impact damage. The cables can be cut to length in the field, and single overlapped without fear of burnout.

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