HP30 Process Hydrogen Analyzer

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics
HP30 Process Hydrogen Analyzer

The HP30 Process Hydrogen Analyzer is intended for installation and use in refinery and petrochemical plant environments for the monitoring of hydrogen recycle and hydrogen make-up process streams.

The HP30 is the ideal solution for on-line process hydrogen concentration measurement:

  • can improve refinery hydrogen management by at least 1%
  • not affected by typical refinery contaminants such as H2S, CO, CO2 and light hydrocarbons
  • offers simple installation that the customer can perform
  • requires no maintenance or consumables for 10 years

The ABB HP30 on-line hydrogen analyzer is designed to deal effectively with the challenging process environments found in refineries and deliver fast and reliable hydrogen concentration measurements.

Refinery applications

  • Catalytic Reformer recycle hydrogen
  • Hydrocracker recycle and make-up hydrogen
  • Isomerization recycle hydrogen
  • Butamer off-Gas
  • Hydrodesulphurization / hydrotreater recycle hydrogen
  • Fuel gas production and BTU adjustment