Newsletter | May 2, 2008

Hydrocarbon Online Newsletter: Symyx Unveils New Parallel Fixed Bed Reactor
Featured Article
White Paper: SIL Verification On Final Control Elements
This report summarizes the results of safety analyses on two final element configurations. In both configurations an analog output on the PCS7 controls a digital valve positioner which controls the air supply to the air-operated ball valve. Using the PCS7, partial valve stroke testing of the air-operated ball valve is performed frequently...

Top News Stories
Symyx Unveils New Parallel Fixed Bed Reactor
EPL Finds Bypassed Oil In The Heart Of Its 100% Owned East Bay Field
Picarro Launches New Isotopic Water Vapor Analyzer
Arctic Oil & Gas To Combine Electromagnetic And Seismic Data To Locate Arctic Hydrocarbons
WellDynamics' OptoLog DTS HT Fiber Is Catalyst To SAGD Market Adoption Of DTS Technology
New RIDGID Micro CG-100 Combustible Gas Sniffer Offers Tri-Mode Detection
Sandvik Coromant's CoroThread 266 Offers High Performance In Threading
Photovac Introduces 2020ComboPRO For Compliance With NSPS Subpart VV Fuel Ethanol Emissions
Southern Star Energy Commences Operations On The Atkins Lincoln 17-1
Morgan Highpoint # 3 "Discovery" Well Encounters Hydrocarbons At Highpoint #4 "Test" Well
Featured Products
WATERTRAK Electrodeionization
EDI, Electrodeionization is a membrane process that removes ions from the water to produce ultra pure water. EDI is comprised of ion exchange resin and membranes...

GCMS-QP2010 Plus
The GCMS-QP2010 Plus expands on the leading-edge capabilities of the GCMS-QP2010 to deliver the Shimadzu trademarks of superior performance, flexibility, and quality...

ELIMINATOR Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System
The Eliminator is a cost-effective, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan removal system. The Eliminator is designed to treat sour gases and sour liquids and, provided adequate mixing can be achieved, it can even be used to remove hydrogen sulfide from sludges...

CDI-LX Continuous Electrodeionization CEDI System
Continuous electrodeionization is your safe, chemical-free way to take RO (reverse osmosis) water to a higher level of purity...

Recorders & Controllers
The range includes chart recorders, digital indicators, process recorders and Process Control Products all of which share the same high standards of reliability and flexibility and each capable of withstanding the harshest of process environments...

Chemical Resistance Guide For North Safety's Chemical Handling Gloves
North introduces the Chemical Resistance Guide to provide general advice for choosing North's chemical handling gloves. This color-coded chart recommends gloves for everything from Acetaldehyde to Xylene, 138 hazardous chemicals in all; plus information on the glove's physical performance. Hang it on your wall like a calendar or carry it in your safety resource binder...

Heat Recovery Systems
CEE offers packaged or custom air-to-air heat recovery units for heating building makeup air or providing heat for other processes...

Featured Downloads
Brochure: RETOX RTO VOC Abatement Portfolio
Each RETOX RTO system that we provide is custom engineered for each client's specific VOC control application with no two ever alike. Please contact our team of RTO specialists who welcome the opportunity to provide you with the most cost effective air pollution solution for your VOC Abatement project...

Course Catalog: The Oxford Princeton Program (June-December 2008)
Take advantage of our wide-array of energy, commodity and derivatives training options available worldwide. The recently added sessions feature:
  • Live Instructor-Led Workshops
  • Customised On-Sites
  • Web-Based Courses
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