I/A Series NMR

Source: The Foxboro Company
I/A Series NMR
Advanced NMR provides low-risk solutions for analytical requirements

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Advanced NMR provides low-risk solutions for analytical requirements.

Field-proven results: Paybacks of less than one year, and the security of seeing and preventing unit upsets.

Multiple analysis: Chemical constituents and physical properties of the stream are available simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple analyzers.

Temperature-independent analysis: Precision and accuracy of the analysis are unaffected by sample temperature changes, simplifying sampling systems and calibration models.

Global support: Backed by an organization dedicated to the refining industry with local support

Non-optical technology: Optically dense samples and sample temperature fluctuations do not affect the analytical results, keeping the calibration models intact and predictable.

Stable, homogenous magnetic field: Providing the largest possible sweet spot for analyzing samples

High resolution: FT-NMR analyzer quickly determines exact chemical species for resolving similar components.

Flow-through probes: For simplified sampling systems; No need to remove the sample from a line.

Multiple calibration techniques: Peak referencing, ratios and position, and chemometric models are among the choices that allow the correct tool to be used for the job.

Multiple tuned analyzers: Hydrogen, fluorine, or phosphorus nuclei can be selected to determine the chemical species to analyze.

Turnkey solution: Ensures a low-risk solution; The analyzer, calibration model, data communication, and follow-up support are all provided.

Analyzer: The I/A Series NMR is a fast, precise, high-resolution, and field-proven analyzer. Having no moving parts, it demonstrates a low life cycle cost.

Environmental enclosure: Included is the proper system enclosure and enclosure alarms, allowing for low-cost field installations.

Calibration model: Beginning with global calibration, Foxboro's technical support localizes the model to your processing conditions and feedstock. Continued model valuations and adjustments are available to keep predictions in conformance with ASTM methods.

Communications: Utilizing the latest communication protocols and gateways, the results and system alarms are available for integration into any DCS or APC package. This provides real-time analysis in a usable form to any refinery process.

Training: Operators and analyzer technicians are trained in their roles and responsibilities with the system and integrated into your support structure.

Service: Technical experts and field service engineers utilize the system's remote diagnostic capabilities and FoxStock 24 to keep systems up and operational.

Support contracts: Will allow you to budget support costs, eliminating uncertainty. These low-cost contracts cover the analyzer, software, and calibration model to keep the system on-line and save money.

Optimization packages: The I/A Series NMR can be combined with APC or MVC packages to allow the inclusion of actual analysis in optimization packages.

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