Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System

Source: Ludeca, Inc.
Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System
For field alignments of rotating equipment-even where intrinsically safe instruments are required, the Rotalign Pro is water-, shock- and dust-proof
For field alignments of rotating equipment even where intrinsically safe instruments are required, the Rotalign Pro is water-, shock- and dust-proof. This laser-based instrument has a simplified measuring procedure, which involves entering unit dimensions and rotating the shaft a quarter-turn from any starting position.

A built-in angle sensor eliminates the need for readings at clock positions.

Other features and options include:

  • The instrument software includes "soft foot" expertise to suggest corrections for soft foot, not just measurements
  • Thermal growth computation
  • Alignment of up to six machines can be trained, complete with specified tolerances, targets, names and icons for each machine
  • User-specific system configuration
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of angularity and offset, vertically and horizontally
  • Large-capacity memory, with room for thousands of files plus future application programs. A "flash file" system allows convenient onsite user upgrading of new features and programs
  • RS-232 serial and parallel ports for PC communication and printer connection for text or graph reports
  • Optionally available: NIST traceable calibration certification, infrared transmission of data, 3D single pass straightness measurement program and intrinsically safe units.
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