Linear Programming Software

Source: Aspen Technology, Inc.
Aspen PIMS is a PC-based linear programming software used by the petroleum and petrochemical industries
Aspen Technology, a PC-based linear programming software used by the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The Aspen Technology, Inc.products are used for detailed operations planning, economic evaluation and scheduling activities.

The Aspen Technology, a family of productivity tools for economic planning in the process industries. The system is designed to run at the user's desk on a Pentium class processor, or higher. Operating system platforms include Windows 95, and Windows NT.

This software employs the Linear Programming (LP) technique employing the CPLEX optimizer to optimize the operation and design of refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants or other facilities. It may be used for a wide range of short-term or strategic planning purposes such as:

  • Evaluation of alternative feedstocks and product slates
  • Optimization of operating decisions and product blending
  • Sizing of plant units in grass-roots and expansion studies.
  • The system includes a comprehensive library of plant operation process submodels. Other process submodels may be readily developed by the user, or the library process submodels may be easily modified to match the user's actual plant operating data.

    This software tool is also designed to assist schedulers and blenders in the preparation of detailed operating plans for material receipts, process operations, product blending and product shipments.

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