pH: 3900 pH Sensor

Source: Emerson

pH: Model 3900 pH Sensor

The newly released 3900 general purpose pH/ORP sensor is designed to meet the broadest range of applications in the industry. It has the widest temperature operating range of any general purpose sensor and is the first to function at sub-zero temperatures, providing accurate measurements in applications from -10 degrees C to 100 degrees C.

The double junction reference aids in the sensor’s resistance to harsh environments and helps prolong sensor life. 3900 and 3900VP are provided with a double junction reference, which protects the reference element from poisoning ions – such as ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, and sulfides – in the process. Both models are made with porous Teflon® junction positioned near the pH/ORP-sensitive membrane.

The AccuGLASS™ pH glass formulations exceed industry standards. The AccuGlass™ pH glass is a result of many years of glass research resulting in a formulation which has been found to increase the life of the sensor. Unlike other pH glasses presently on the market, this glass resists cracking especially at higher temperatures and reduces sodium ion error commonly found in high pH applications. Overall, the AccuGlass™ formulation enhances the sensor performance to measure pH more accurately and have a longer sensor life than ever before.

  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE AND INCREASED LIFE with minimized glass cracking provided by field-proven AccuGlass™ pH glass formulations.
  • NEW 3⁄4'' AND 1'' MOUNTING SOLUTIONS to meet a variety of application installation requirements.
  • EXTENDED SENSOR LIFE provided by double junction reference.
  • MAXIMUM CHEMICAL RESISTANCE provided by rugged polyphenylene sulfide body, completely sealed to eliminate sensor leakage.
  • OPTIMUM VERSATILITY WITH VARIOUS MOUNTING OPTIONS provided by one-piece construction with process threads in two places.
  • OPERATES IN SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURES down to -10°C (14°F) and up to a maximum of 100°C.