Natural Gas Training

Source: The Oxford Princeton Programme
The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training

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Courses offered in the "Natural Gas" area include:
  • Overview of the North American Natural Gas Industry (NANG)
  • Overview of the European Natural Gas Industry (ENG)
  • Exploring European Natural Gas Markets (EEGM)
  • Overview of the Global LNG Industry (LNG)
  • Global LNG – The Complete Supply Chain (LNG1)
  • The Gas Chain Concept – Industry Structure, Economics and Pricing (NG3)
  • International Gas Contracts – Commercial Factors and Negotiations (NG5)
  • Gas Pipeline Economics and Engineering – Crucial Factors to Successful Pipeline Projects (NG6)
  • Understanding a Liberalised Gas Business – Markets, Open Access and Regulatory Impacts (NG7)
  • Natural Gas Sales and Marketing in a Competitive Environment (NG15)
  • The Futura Project© (Part 1) – Gas Project Planning, Development and Financing (NG10)
  • The Futura Project© (Part 2) – End-user Gas Sales Contracts Negotiation and Integration (NG11)
  • Principles of Power and Gas Trading (PO1)
  • Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) – Web-based Training Course
  • Gas Markets and Deregulation (GMD) - Web-based Training Course