News | July 17, 2013

New ABB Multivariable Transmitters Enhance Flow And Level Measurements

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB's Measurement Products’ business announces the U.S. release for the new multivariable transmitters in the 266 series. With high precision, these transmitters directly calculate the mass flow or standard volume flow for gases, vapors and liquids with dynamic flow compensation from three process variables: differential pressure, absolute pressure and temperature.

The transmitters enhance differential pressure flow measurements of DP primary elements such as Orifice Plates, Pitot Tubes, Venturis, and Wedge Meters. Apart from pressure dependent and/or temperature dependent changes to the density of the fluid, the transmitters also correct for such parameters as the discharge coefficient, thermal expansion of pipelines and primary device, along with the Reynolds number. The 266 Multivariable also offers the advantage that a single device replaces a standard DP transmitter, gauge transmitter, RTD, associated wiring and flow calculator. When used as the topworks in the ABB Compact DP Flow product family, significant savings in terms of leak path reduction and higher reliability are available to the user.

In addition, these instruments can measure the level of liquid-filled tanks and boiler drum level with temperature and/or pressure dependent density changes of the process medium. With the inclusion of a tank shape specification, they can also measure liquid volume.

The 266 Multivariable offers the ABB exclusive TTG (Through The Glass) technology. This technology allows configuration of the instrument through the glass of the housing cover via four buttons on the display of the transmitter.

ABB is the first provider of displays featuring TTG technology for two-wire devices as well as the first manufacturer to offer multivariable configuration using the local display. Particularly in the case of devices with "flameproof enclosures" and applications under tough ambient conditions, TTG intelligent technology simplifies configuration, ensuring a safe working condition while reducing commissioning time and expense.

The transmitters contain a standard HART diagnostic called PILD (Plugged Impulse Line Diagnostics) detection. PILD monitors the impulse lines for clogging, identifying a possible fault before the measuring point fails, and signals this fault in a status message both locally and via HART.

The 266 Multivariable transmitters also have pulse or frequency outputs for activating external totalizers or for signalling limit-value violation. Basic versions include:

  • Differential pressure accuracy 0.075%, optionally 0.04%
  • Standard process connection or with ABB exclusive all-welded remote seals for best performance in severe service.
  • Measurement of three process values (DP, P and T) with or without flow rate or level calculation.

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Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics