NEX-SYS® Upgrades Vessel Re-Engineering Program

Source: Pentair Oil & Gas Separations

Pentair’s Nex-Sys™ Vessel Re-Engineering Program allows us to adapt your existing filter vessel to utilize our high performance coreless element technologies. Each system is designed to address the specific operational and mechanical constraints of the facility.

We re-configure the vessel to maximize solids loading ability, while simultaneously reducing the number of elements an operator would have to change. A typical Nex-Sys™ upgrade uses one quarter the number of elements, while simultaneously increasing the on-line life 4-7 times while providing similar fluid quality.

Some Examples Where Upgrades Have Been Done Include:

  • String-Wound Cartridge Upgrade: Selexol System
  • Cartridge Upgrade: Rich MDEA System
  • Sour Water Filter Upgrade
  • Ethylene Feed Filter Upgrade
  • Stacked Disk Filter Upgrade: Silicones
  • Natural Gas Processing: Filter / Separator Upgrade