Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing

Source: Air Liquide America Corporation

Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing
Air Liquide has developed and commercialized a patented gas-gas mixing device using crossflow radial injection.
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Air Liquide has developed and commercialized a patented gas-gas mixing device using crossflow radial injection. The Oxynator is designed to minimize mixing distance and to prevent high oxygen concentrations near the pipewalls.

Oxygen flows radially from the center of the pipe and swirls in the air stream, improving mixing efficiency.

A complete mixing after a short distance
The oxygen distribution variation coefficient (VC) characterizes the mixing efficiency of mixers. The Oxynator allows fast and thorough mixing within 2D (VC<5%) and="" ensures="" a="" complete="" mixing="" at="" 4d=""><>

A minimal pressure drop
The mixer ensures a lower pressure drop than static mixers.

  • Complete mixing within 4D
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Industrial operations from 1 to 400 t/d O2
  • Design available for any gas and quantity

The unit is easy to install, requires no maintenance and has no moving parts.

A compact device
A single piece of equipment provides both oxygen injection and gas mixing, making the unit very compact compared to static mixers.

Easy to install
The unit is ideal for compact plants and retrofits. The equipment can be easily installed during temporary shut-downs or while the plant is running (using hot taps).

Allows on/off operations without penalty
The device does not need to be removed when no mixing is required since pressure drop on the air side is negligible.

Maximum safety, no maintenance
It has no moving parts and is designed with a minimal surface area to the air flow for improved operations.

For several years now, more than 50 Oxynators have been in operation in refineries (FCC & Claus) and other chemical process industries in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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