Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning Services

Source: T.D. Williamson, Inc.
T.D. Williamson, Inc., wrote the book on "Why Pig a Pipeline?"
T.D. Williamson, Inc., wrote the book on "Why Pig a Pipeline?" Contact us for a copy. Celebrated as the "pipeliner's choice," TDW pigs, indicators, trackers, cleaning services, and corrosion inspection surveys liven up to our reputation. From the early pigs of the 1940s, TDW has re-designed and re-engineered the pig, working with pipeliners to improve the flow and longevity of their lines.

Pigs: Cleaning or Batching, TDW pigs are all designed for maximum efficiency and the task at hand. TDW developed the RealSeal cup for those applications that require a constant seal against the pipe wall. The PitBoss with multiple rows of metal rakes gouges deep into pipeline pits to remove debris. From spheres to bidirectional pigs, TDW simply manufactures the most efficient pigs.

Pipeline Cleaning Services: Using environmentally friendly cleaning fluids, and TDW cleaning pigs, we are able to optimize the internal condition of your line. Corrosion Remediation service, following cleaning service will convert the metal surface of your pipeline to an impervious coating.

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