ProcessOR™ - Particle-Liquid Separations

Source: Pentair Oil & Gas Separations
ProcessOR™ - Particle-Liquid Separations

The ProcessOR® is a superior separator vessel often used for particle/liquid filtration or separation. It is available to be delivered as a self-contained skid (pictured) or a stand-alone vessel. It is also available custom sized as a capital sale or as a turn-key rental, which is often available within days of the received order.

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, COMPAX®, which is the element technology inside of a ProcessOR separator, saves you money by lowering operating costs and reducing disposal costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance value achieved with COMPAX.

The major innovation in COMPAX® is its elegant simplicity. It consists of two parts: the COMPAX coreless elements and the reusable core. The reusable COMPAX core is semi-permanently installed into the existing filter vessel without the need for special tools. After installation of the cores, the open end of the COMPAX cartridge slides down over the length of the core and engages a positive sealing O-ring to integrally seal the filter and core together. The reusable cores have standard collapse ratings of 75 or 150 psi, depending on the series and material of construction. Higher collapse ratings are available upon request.