Purified Water and WFI Distribution Systems

Purified Water and WFI Distribution Systems

Once the PW is stored in a tank, it now needs to be distributed to each and every point of use in the factory without recontamination.

The entire distribution system is be made of 316L stainless steel tubes, the surface quality from Ra <0.8µm to Ra <0.4µm. The tubes are orbital welded together.

The designing of the PW distribution system requires detailed engineering towards achieving a sterile environment. Some of the features of KOMAL PW distribution system are:

  • Frequency controlled and sanitary distribution pump
  • Optional dual pump station
  • High efficiency UV disinfection / ozone reduction
  • Temperature controllers
  • Temperature compensated conductivity measurement
  • Flow management through a vortex flow meter.
  • Ozonation
  • On-line TOC measurement
  • Optional thermal sanitization at > 800C
  • Sterile sampling valve