RIS-Info (Reservoir Integrated System Information)

Source: Digital Formation, Inc.
RIS-Info (Reservoir Integrated System Information)
RIS-Info is Windows based software that provides a complete composite presentation package for all types of logs
Well Data Presentation
is Windows based software that provides a complete composite presentation package for all types of logs. The product was originally written for Windows and is 32-bit compliant for Windows 95/98/ NT/2000. The following file formats are supported:

  • LAS
  • LBS
  • LIS

Mudlogs, wireline logs, MWD/LWD, survey and test data are provided at the wellsite by the service companies, often in multiple files, and in a variety of formats. RIS-Info enables the user to import all these different types of data into a single database. RIS-Info also stores the drawn lithology, geologic modifiers, engineering symbols, annotation text and images which may be incorporated into the overall presentation.

The user may use one of the many plot templates that are provided with the product for data presentation, including things such as TVD and time plots. Tadpole plots can be included on the same presentation as desired. These templates are easily modified to meet the user's specific needs or with the assistance of a Wizard new templates can be created. There is no limit to the number of tracks or curves used on a template. The user may also create forms to present information as either a header or trailer to the log. Customization is made easy through several options that allow placement and sizing of multiple forms on a template.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple data sets can be combined into a single composite presentation
  • Standard depth increments not required
  • Runs under all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 95/98/NT/2000

How is it used?

    Users of RIS-Info have found the graphics capability of this product to be extremely powerful. This is the primary strength of the product and is why Digital Formation feels this product is one of the premier graphical solutions for the E&P Industry. This group has found that the ability to import high resolution graphics such as thin sections makes this an extremely valuable presentation tool.

    The product contains all the common lithology symbols, engineering symbols and modifiers the average user needs to present his log information in an impressive manner. Full color presentation is provided to all presentations. Annotations can be stored in the database for the well.

    Whether you need to present data to management or partners, RIS-Info will meet all your needs.

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