Temperature/Level Sensor

Source: AMETEK Drexelbrook
Drexelbrook Engineering Co. has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level
AMETEK Drexelbrookany%> has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level. The level sensor doubles as a thermowell. The single entry for both measurements means fewer vessel entries to monitor for fugitive emissions. Either an RTD or Thermocouple can be supplied for the temperature measurement. The temperature sensor can easily be replaced or changed while the sensor is in place, without compromising the tank environment. This control is ideal for tanks with limited entry, existing coded or lined vessels, and where fugitive emissions are a concern.

The new temperature/level control features field-proven RF/Admittance level measurement technology, and is available in a choice of (1)two-wire analog output or (2)digital output with either HART or Honeywell protocol for the level information and two-wire analog output for the temperature signal.

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