Universal Analog Input Module

Source: Spectrum Controls
Universal Analog Input Module
The company offers a unique analog 16-channel universal input specifically for the Modicon Quantum PLC.
The company offers a unique analog 16-channel universal input specifically for the Modicon Quantum PLC. The 140 AUI 040 00sc provides Quantum Automation Series CPUs the capacity to handle, with a single module, a wide variety of analog input types which include voltage, current, thermocouple and RTD. The sixteen channels of input can be configured in groups of four allowing various combinations of inputs. This module is by far the most flexible analog input module available in the Quantum family of products. This module is especially valuable for projects with large varieties of analog signal types that need to be measured efficiently and economically. Designed for data acquisition in process industries, such as utility, wastewater, oil and gas, food and beverage, or building automation, the 140 AUI 040 00sc is a suitable solution for those who need to acquire signals from a larger number of analog sources.

This module resides in a standard Quantum backplane and offers versatility through the module's unique ability to interface to four different input types without any special connectors or signal conditioners. Robustness is achieved through over voltage and current protection plus active low pass filtering. The module features 1000 Vdc channel-to-backplane isolation; 1000 Vdc channel-to-chassis ground isolation; 12.5 Vdc channel-to-channel isolation for voltage, thermocouple and current input types. It represents a great value by reducing the use of processor resources. One 16-channel module uses memory comparable to a standard 4-channel module. Precision for all measurements is achieved with 16-bit resolution and accuracy is available to meet almost any instrumentation job requirement. Ease of use through automatic conversion of analog signals to integer data and ease of installation with support from Concept, Modsoft and Taylor programming software reduce operating cost and setup time. The module installs and operates exactly like other Quantum modules and is easily configured using ladder register settings.

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