Used 10 Cubic Ft AIM Ribbon Blender

Used 10 Cubi Ft AIM Ribbon Blender

Unused 10 cu ft AIM Blending ribbon blender, model RB-10, 304 sanitary stainless steel construction, 12 cu ft total capacity, 10 cu ft working capacity, approximately 22" wide x 42" long x 26" deep trough, double ribbon agitator, full hinged top cover, outboard roller bearings, split packing gland shaft seals, 6" center bottom outlet with manually operated slide gate discharge valve, 5 hp, 230/460 volt motor drive producing approximately 60 rpm shaft speed, on 304 stainless steel legs, serial# 010-417-SS-FG-RB-6S-1910-5V, built 2019 New and Unused.

SKU: 3460-10

Manufacturer: AIM