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Fight Cyber Threats with the Power of Webroot Threat Intelligence.

Cyberattacks are now so frequent that defenses without access to broad, instant, and actionable security intelligence simply aren’t good enough. Without intelligent defenses in place, organizations will get infected more regularly, and may not become aware of breaches until it’s too late. In this threat landscape, effective malware prevention requires continuous monitoring of every individual endpoint, an immediate response to anything new or unexpected occurring on any device, and visibility into the broader threat landscape to mitigate the opportunity for threats to penetrate defenses. Infection dwell times of days, weeks, or months are unacceptable, as are forensics and audits that can detail the kill chain but are unable to break it.

The goal of all cybersecurity is to mitigate attacks. However, understanding one set of attack vectors will no longer let you stop the next attack; threats and attacks are too variable, polymorphic, and unpredictable. Proactive mitigation, real-time visibility, and an immediate response are the only real defenses.

Webroot® Smarter Cybersecurity™ solutions and BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services are all powered by the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, which was purpose-built to deliver robust, machine-learning driven threat prevention.

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