4100 Series of Gas Alarms

Source: CCI Controls
4100 Series of Gas Alarms
4100 series of gas alarms is designed for a multitude of applications
4100 series of gas alarms is designed for a multitude of applications. The commercial series is a user-specified system, intended for applications that demand unique functional criteria and job site configurations. These devices use a straightforward technique of monitoring combustible vapors on a continuous basis. The 4100 series of product is designed and engineered to operate in all environmental applications, except Class I Division I requirements. Two or more 4100 alarms can be connected together for multiple point monitoring. This product line can active gas valves, send alarm signals and activate ventilating systems. It can also be configured for remote sensing, as well as meet those special applications where remote monitoring via telephone modem and computer interfacing is required.
Options to select from are:
Latching capability; Relay features; Press to reset; Indicator for power losses; Has clean/purge cycle; Can also be powered by solar photovoltaics which keep batteries under charge for continuous operation during non-daylight hours. These are but a few of the many available features.

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