Oxidation Systems


  • The High-Resolution Encoder (HR-E®) uses non-contact, field-proven, light-emitting diode technology to provide an eight-digit reading, while also eliminating the friction and wear of traditional mechanical encoders.

  • Capsugel® Vcaps® Gen C capsules high-quality capsule for pharmaceutical products based on a carrageenan gelling agent formulation.

  • Hot plate heating type pressure thermoforming machine for food containers and blister packs.

  • Capture and retain stormwater sediment, trash and floatables in a unit that saves site space and adapts to smaller or logistically difficult site locations.

  • OSI Optoelectronics offers an array of linear or 2-dimension photodiode arrays in a variety of different sizes and pitch to suit a number of applications. They are delivered in LCC, DIP chip carriers, PCB, ceramic, or monolithic solderable bare chip models.


  • UV Treatment System Fills The Bill For Water Reuse

    Small city selects full-featured and low maintenance UV treatment for its water reuse system that easily complies with demanding California Title 22 Regulations.

  • Disinfection Tech Trials: How Calcium Hypochlorite Feeders Won Over Long Beach Township WTPs

    In 2012 Long Beach Island, New Jersey, was pummeled by the catastrophic storm surge of Hurricane Sandy. Three of the town's four water plants were badly damaged. Plans were made to rebuild the facilities to higher standards to withstand potential storm impacts. 

  • Hospital Introduces Intelligent Medicine By Design With End-to-End Enterprise Solutions

    Elmhurst Hospital relied on a Panduit infrastructure solution to create a campus-wide network that places the most advanced equipment and techniques in the hands of top medical talent, and creates a home for high-level medical services to grow and thrive.

  • High-Quality, Audit-Ready Clinical Research Driven By Digital Data Management

    A contract research organization (CRO) focused on quality needed to more thoroughly document clinical studies for sponsors, regulatory authorities and other auditors. With a cloud-based, unified IBM® Clinical Development platform, the CRO can now quickly create accurate digital records of every action taken, including granting users access and updating study protocols.

  • With A Focus On Customer Convenience, Wag! Is The Model For Mobile-First Support

    Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that their dog is more than just a pet, they are a member of the family. From the moment they meet, owners create a lifetime bond, and care for their furry friends. Dog owners will go to great lengths to provide the best food, treats, toys, and especially health and wellness care. 

  • eASIC Reduces Multi-Level Package Design Times with CST Microwave Studio

    This case study explains how CST MICROWAVE STUDIO electromagnetic simulation software helped predict the behavior of an eASIC integrated circuit and its package and PCB layout in the design phase.

  • MSP Simplifies Audits And Cuts Onboarding Time By 50% With Actionable Alerts

    5th Gear Technology Concepts’ President Glenn Porter takes a proactive approach to his company, always on the lookout for ways to take his MSP to the next level. Though he had heard of Roar previously and found the concept interesting, he was hesitant to sign on for another tool at the time. It wasn’t until one fateful day when he went digging through countless tickets and documentation looking for an answer to a client’s question and, frustrated he couldn’t find it, finally decided it was time to give Liongard’s automated documentation tool a try.

  • Constructing A Better Blueprint For Device Management

    The modern era of technology continues to offer the ability for companies and organizations to streamline their workflows, become more efficient and profitable, as well as extend the reach of their potential business. The changing landscape of technology in construction is continuing to shift and adapt to the competitive needs of this billion dollar industry. Colasanti has been working on continuing their 66 years of success by integrating iOS devices to assist their field employees across the country. Read below to see why they felt the need to bring more technology to their day-to-day operations, the success they have had with it, and how they have managed those devices without having an IT person need to “physically touch each one” using Jamf Now.

  • Advanced Micro-Catheter Design Improves Patient Experience

    Recognizing an increasing concern of vascular injury, infection and misplacement, a global medical device company chose to partner with Flexan, LLC to design an advanced micro-catheter.

  • City Of Decatur Implements Siemens SITRANS store IQ For Operational Transparency

    The City of Decatur Wastewater Treatment plant in Texas includes a polishing pond and effluent discharge basin, both of which can be overcome with algae growth depending on weather and environmental conditions throughout the year. At times, the algae overgrowth would plug areas of these systems and restrict or block the flow from the polishing pond and effluent basin, which sit approximately 300 yards from each other.

  • Aerzen Flare Gas Case Study

    Flaring gas is the process of burning off unwanted gas from hydrocarbon processing plants, refineries, and gas wells. It is recognized as a major environmental problem by the EPA and the IPCC. Approximately 150 billion m3 of waste gas is flared globally, which contributes to contaminating the environment by 400 Mt CO2 per year. Flare gas is identified as any gases that are burned off into the atmosphere. By 2018, in the USA, the EPA has mandated that all 142 refineries nationwide will need to comply with reducing toxic air pollutants to 5,200 tons per year and 50,000 tons per year of volatile organic compounds. This will result in a reduction in greenhouse gases equivalent to more than 660,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide.

  • EPAL Cuts Water Loss By 1.7 Million Cubic Meters Annually Using High-Precision Inspection Technologies

    Founded in 1868, EPAL is the oldest and largest bulk water company in Portugal, supplying services to 35 municipalities throughout the county.



Oxidation Systems

Waste treatment, ground water remediation and food processing are some of the areas that heavily rely on oxidation systems. Ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are some of the oxidation systems that are important in different oxidation processes. The acquisition of these oxidation systems can be easily done through specialized dealers. It is advantageous to deal through these dealers since they have vast knowledge of what are essential for different processes. Some of these dealers design sell and in certain instances lease these systems. Their experience with advanced oxidation systems, ozone and potassium permanganate makes them the best people to use when such and related concerns arise. 
There is no doubt about the transformation that the chemical oxidation technologies have taken. Specialists in the oxidation field work hand in hand with the interested parties in solving all their oxidation related needs. This sequential process begins with the selection of the appropriate oxidation need. Once a technology is selected, they work with the client step by step in designing the system that is suited to one’s application. Other than the identification and assembly, they will provide assembly and maintenance services.
There are certain elements of oxidation systems that one should always know when dealing with these systems. Injection trailers, metering systems and pilot testing systems are some of the things that might be relevant for different oxidation system types and scales. For instance, one involved in ozone oxidation need to be familiar with ozone generators and ozone pilot testing systems.
Like any other process, oxidation need ought to be measured by considering the aspects of benefits and cost. This calls for meticulous review of the energy and chemical costs as well as the by-products. Many tend to forget about the by-products during the initial planning phase until when they have to disinfect them.