Oxidation Systems


  • Allied Vision’s Bonito PRO CoaXPress camera series is equipped with 4 x CXP-6 ports enabling bit rates of 25 Gbit/s over four coaxial cables with a maximum communication distance of 68 meters. The two Bonito PRO series models, the Bonito PRO X-2620 and X-1250, support the latest high-resolution ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors with 26.2 Megapixel and 12.5 Megapixel resolutions.

  • The Eagle XO is a high-energy, direct X-ray, open front model of one of the most sensitive CCD cameras in the world. It is ideally suited for use in thin film and nanofiber, holography and lithograph, X-ray microscopy, X-ray plasma diagnostics, and other X-ray imaging applications.

  • The dB-9002 from dB Control is a custom-mounted Dual Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) unit designed to operate in the C, X, and Ku-band frequency range and provide highly accurate measurements at 100 ns to CW pulse width measurements.

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  • Reliability Of 150nm, 28 V GaN HEMT Process Up To Ka-Band

    Wolfspeed has reported the fabrication process, device characteristics, and MMIC RF performance of a high-performance GaN-on-SiC HEMT featuring a 150 nm gate length (V5 process) for Ka-band applications.

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    West Coast service bureau ViaTRON processes three million pages per week for clients primarily in state government, higher education, and entertainment – such as movie studios and casinos. Services range from scanning to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and beyond.

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Oxidation Systems

Waste treatment, ground water remediation and food processing are some of the areas that heavily rely on oxidation systems. Ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are some of the oxidation systems that are important in different oxidation processes. The acquisition of these oxidation systems can be easily done through specialized dealers. It is advantageous to deal through these dealers since they have vast knowledge of what are essential for different processes. Some of these dealers design sell and in certain instances lease these systems. Their experience with advanced oxidation systems, ozone and potassium permanganate makes them the best people to use when such and related concerns arise. 
There is no doubt about the transformation that the chemical oxidation technologies have taken. Specialists in the oxidation field work hand in hand with the interested parties in solving all their oxidation related needs. This sequential process begins with the selection of the appropriate oxidation need. Once a technology is selected, they work with the client step by step in designing the system that is suited to one’s application. Other than the identification and assembly, they will provide assembly and maintenance services.
There are certain elements of oxidation systems that one should always know when dealing with these systems. Injection trailers, metering systems and pilot testing systems are some of the things that might be relevant for different oxidation system types and scales. For instance, one involved in ozone oxidation need to be familiar with ozone generators and ozone pilot testing systems.
Like any other process, oxidation need ought to be measured by considering the aspects of benefits and cost. This calls for meticulous review of the energy and chemical costs as well as the by-products. Many tend to forget about the by-products during the initial planning phase until when they have to disinfect them.