Oxidation Systems


  • Qualified Persons (QPs) play a vital role in bringing products, especially new products, to market within Europe. Global clients look to the diverse range of skills and specialisms of our highly experienced team of QPs to ensure their clinical studies not only meet the most rigorous standards but also run smoothly, seamlessly and cost effectively.

  • The Coperion K-Tron P-Series Pneumatic Receivers are ideal for applications with a higher degree of sanitary requirements such as vacuum conveying of difficult flowing powders and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s).

  • A new generation of consumer-centric capsules was specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population that have difficulty swallowing.

  • Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, offers the PTGA090304MD-V1 wideband, two-stage, LDMOS integrated power amplifier for telecom applications. Fabricated with Wolfspeed's 50 V LDMOS process, it incorporates internal matching for operation from 575 MHz to 960 MHz, and dual independent outputs of 15 W each. It is available in a 14-lead plastic overmold package with gull wing leads.

  • The SC-E model is the perfect entry to the world of ultra-modern X-ray inspection systems and the associated high quality product line of WIPOTEC-OCS.


  • A CRO’s Road To ePRO Revenue

    A global, full-service CRO had looked at the increasing demand and expected growth rates for electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) technology and determined that the opportunity for an ePRO offering would be significant. This case study describes how a global CRO successfully added ePRO to its service offerings enabling them to provide a unified service to its sponsor clients while creating a new revenue stream for themselves.

  • How A Top CRO Used ClinCard To Create A Personalized Patient Experience For A Non-interventional Psoriasis Study

    The CRO realized that they needed to introduce new ways to keep participants engaged and interested if they were going to successfully support this trial. The CRO identified ClinCard as the ideal software that could instantly get study participants their stipends, without adding a burden on the site staff.

  • Power Loading Reduction

    In the power utility industry, independent system operators (ISOs) are quasi-governmental organizations that serve as neutral market-makers between power generation companies and consumers to help ensure the power grid performs at maximum efficiency and reliability. While they don’t own generation, transmission, or distribution assets, nine ISOs play an important role to balance the supply and demand for power in North America.

  • South Bend Reduces Combined Sewer Overflow By 70% And Saves $500M

    The Saint Joseph River has long shaped South Bend’s economy, especially during the mid-20th century, when the river was the conduit to heavy industrial development such as Studebaker and the Singer Sewing Company.

  • Camera System Gives Tunneling Machines New Sights

    In this case study, high resolution cameras are mounted in the cutter head of a tunnel boring machine to enable structural analysis and geological documentation of the drilling surface.

  • Improving Reliability And Enhancing Operational Efficiency At The Vatican Apostolic Library

    Founded in 1451 by Nicholas V, the Vatican Apostolic Library preserves and displays rare manuscripts from as far back as the third century. The Vatican Apostolic Library holds pivotal cultural documents that include letters from important historical figures; drawings and notes by artists and scientists such as Michelangelo and Galileo; and treaties from all eras, in all fields of learning, from all parts of the world. 

  • Chemiluminescence Imaging Of Plants Using A Deep-Cooled CCD

    Chemiluminescence imaging combines the sensitive detection of chemiluminescence with the ability to locate and quantify the light emission. It requires high sensitivity combined with long exposure times to detect the few photons emitted by the chemical reaction of interest with the living organisms.

  • Proactive Strategies For Meeting NDA Timelines Despite Last Minute Supplemental Study Requests

    With just months left until planned submission of a new drug application (NDA), the Food and Drug Administration mandated a series of unexpected supplemental studies for a new oncology drug.  Having a CRO that is experienced in the common FDA-required studies for NDA submission can make or break the submission timeline. Nimble responses and expert logistics setups can make all the difference.

  • Onsite STEP System Handles Seasonal Peaks At U.S. National Park

    In 2017, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California was the second most visited place in the entire U.S. national park system, with almost fifteen million visitors. Established in 1972, it’s also one of the largest national parks located in an urban area, offering a wide variety of activities – from touring Alcatraz Island to hiking Montara Mountain to swimming at Stinson Beach.

  • Upgrading A 100-Year-Old Pump Installation In New Orleans

    Sulzer pumps are customized to meet the unique requirements of an historic pumping station.

  • Automated Cash Management Technology Becomes A Time Saver For Pennsylvania Hardware Store

    Sometimes seeing is believing. Just ask the owners of Quincy Hardware in Waynesboro, PA, who were so impressed with a demonstration of APG Cash Drawer’s SMARTtill ® Intelligent Cash Drawer Solution that they simply had to have it. Never mind that the store had just deployed two brand-new cash drawers a year earlier.

  • Trimble’s System Of Action™ Offers Real-Time Operational Awareness

    Escondido, California, has been on a growth trajectory, having tripled the typical rate of development in the past few years.



Oxidation Systems

Waste treatment, ground water remediation and food processing are some of the areas that heavily rely on oxidation systems. Ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are some of the oxidation systems that are important in different oxidation processes. The acquisition of these oxidation systems can be easily done through specialized dealers. It is advantageous to deal through these dealers since they have vast knowledge of what are essential for different processes. Some of these dealers design sell and in certain instances lease these systems. Their experience with advanced oxidation systems, ozone and potassium permanganate makes them the best people to use when such and related concerns arise. 
There is no doubt about the transformation that the chemical oxidation technologies have taken. Specialists in the oxidation field work hand in hand with the interested parties in solving all their oxidation related needs. This sequential process begins with the selection of the appropriate oxidation need. Once a technology is selected, they work with the client step by step in designing the system that is suited to one’s application. Other than the identification and assembly, they will provide assembly and maintenance services.
There are certain elements of oxidation systems that one should always know when dealing with these systems. Injection trailers, metering systems and pilot testing systems are some of the things that might be relevant for different oxidation system types and scales. For instance, one involved in ozone oxidation need to be familiar with ozone generators and ozone pilot testing systems.
Like any other process, oxidation need ought to be measured by considering the aspects of benefits and cost. This calls for meticulous review of the energy and chemical costs as well as the by-products. Many tend to forget about the by-products during the initial planning phase until when they have to disinfect them.