Oxidation Systems


  • Photron offers the new FASTCAM MH6 camera system perfectly designed for space- and weight-constrained environments, including in on-board vehicle safety testing and military testing applications. The MH6 camera head provides outstanding image quality with 1080 HD resolution at 1,000 frame per second and light sensitivity of ISO 5,000 color and ISO 12,500 monochrome.

  • FIBROTEX® comprises a range of compact, fully automatic, self-cleaning fibrous depth filtation systems designed to eliminate or reduce particulates in aqueous feedstreams, either prior to use in the process, or before discharge from the process. FIBROTEX® filters are based on a unique, yet proven technology and use advanced materials and construction techniques to provide effective, compact and reliable filtration solutions to the water quality problems of municipalities and industry.

  • The dB-3201H microwave power module (MPM) has a 125 Watt output power and operates in the 30.0 – 38.0 GHz frequency range. With its excellent reliability, it is ideal for electronic countermeasure (ECM), electronic warfare (EW) applications, and in other extreme military environments.

  • Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation offers the Model 6040 universal pulse generator with electrical or optical output options with adjustable rates up to 100 MHz. The system delivers superior performance characteristics such as timing accuracies of 0.01% for frequency and 0.2% for delay and width. The triggering jitter of 25 ps provides synchronizing capabilities usually associated with only the very best digital delay systems. Plug-in modules allow for the selection of required output configurations.

  • The FLIR GF77 is the first uncooled infrared camera designed to visualize methane emissions in real-time with interchangeable lens options that detect methane, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), ethylene, ammonia, and other gas emissions. This affordable alternative is optimized for faster and more efficient gas leak surveys for electric power utilities, oil and natural gas operations, chemical/manufacturing facilities, the food and agriculture industry, and first responders.


  • PestPac Improves Customer Satisfaction With BI Solution

    How a BI solution enabled this software company's users to be self-sufficient rather than paying for professional services.

  • Catalent Keeps On Track In Compliance With Track & Trace Solutions

    Catalent Biologics works closely with its customers from early development through commercial supply. To comply with serialization regulations, Catalent’s Bloomington, Indiana, USA team needed an affordable Track & Trace solutions that could be easily added to their vial and syringe packaging suites.

  • Dealing With the Unexpected: Surprisingly Fast Clinical Trial Enrollment

    Faced with an unusual situation with patients rushing to enroll almost as soon as word of the study got out, this CRO quickly recognized the issue and ramped up staffing, right-sized other locations in the study, and collaborated effectively with all parties involved to deliver conclusive, positive results eight months ahead of time.

  • Black & Veatch's Field And Workforce Management Transformation

    Black & Veatch’s (B&V) clients include large telecom companies with hundreds, even thousands of technicians who install and repair equipment on a daily basis, to leading satellite companies that provide complex tracking of ship fleets. Due to advancements in connectivity, large infrastructure projects and field teams are becoming highly distributed and B&V wanted to take a proactive approach to ensuring real-time visibility into its workforce. “We want to be proactive about the future of work because this is where things are headed. The more tech savvy our workforce is, the better positioned our workforce is,” said Barbie Bigelow, former CIO at B&V.

  • Hydro-Electric Power Station Benefits From The Use Of Siemens Flow Meters

    Pumped storage hydro-electric power is a method of producing electricity to supply high peak power demands by moving water between water reservoirs at different elevations. At times of low electrical demand, excess generation capacity is used to pump water back into the higher reservoir. When there is higher demand, water is released back into the lower reservoir through a turbine. Pumped-storage schemes currently provide the most commercially important means of large-scale grid energy storage. Such systems greatly improve the daily capacity factor of power generating systems though out the world.

  • Well Performance Trending

    Production engineers are challenged on a daily basis with analyzing well performance. Due to disparate, non-integrated data sources this task can be very difficult and time consuming.

  • FLIR And CleanConnect.ai Enable Remote Tank Level Monitoring And Gas Detection

    Colorado is a large producer of oil and gas in the United States, and the state’s new regulations mandate a higher level of emissions monitoring and environment protection. As a result, oil and gas producers in Colorado are turning to FLIR and CleanConnect.ai for a smart solution that utilizes the benefits of thermal imaging and artificial intelligence for remote tank level monitoring and gas detection around the clock.

  • Gwinnett County, GA, Improves Meter Program Through Science And Strategy

    Gwinnett County is located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. The County is investigating methods to improve its strategic program for water meters. These improvements include updated testing equipment, a wider selection of approved metering technologies, and increased employee training. The goal is to install the most appropriate meter for each specific use, and to enhance the county’s excellent customer service.

  • Whirl Wet Dust Collector For Breading Line

    Fishery Products International, a division of ConAgra, chooses Tri-Mer.

  • 4 Machine Learning Use Cases for Clinical Trials

    Want to optimize your clinical documentation processes, promote effective TMF automation, and improve the overall process efficiency with machine learning (ML) technologies? Here are four business cases where ML can help you approach TMF documentation processes with greater efficiency, timeliness, and quality.

  • CDOX® And CO2-Based System Replaces Manual Chemical Dosing Of Strong-Acids, Increasing Workplace Safety

    The wastewater pre-treatment plant processes effluent from the manufacturing facility prior to discharging into the sanitary sewer system for treatment at the municipal wastewater facility. Use of sulphuric acid to manage the pH of the wastewater in the buffering reactor tank prior to entering the DAF for solids and oil removal was considered to be an unnecessary risk requiring significant safety protocols.

  • Tortilla Manufacturer Installs Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detector For Brand Protection And Ensuring Product Safety

    Arevalo Foods produces more than 3.5 million tortillas per day at their state-of-the-art facility. To support their double digit growth over the past few years, they installed three metal detectors to help protect their final product quality.



Oxidation Systems

Waste treatment, ground water remediation and food processing are some of the areas that heavily rely on oxidation systems. Ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are some of the oxidation systems that are important in different oxidation processes. The acquisition of these oxidation systems can be easily done through specialized dealers. It is advantageous to deal through these dealers since they have vast knowledge of what are essential for different processes. Some of these dealers design sell and in certain instances lease these systems. Their experience with advanced oxidation systems, ozone and potassium permanganate makes them the best people to use when such and related concerns arise. 
There is no doubt about the transformation that the chemical oxidation technologies have taken. Specialists in the oxidation field work hand in hand with the interested parties in solving all their oxidation related needs. This sequential process begins with the selection of the appropriate oxidation need. Once a technology is selected, they work with the client step by step in designing the system that is suited to one’s application. Other than the identification and assembly, they will provide assembly and maintenance services.
There are certain elements of oxidation systems that one should always know when dealing with these systems. Injection trailers, metering systems and pilot testing systems are some of the things that might be relevant for different oxidation system types and scales. For instance, one involved in ozone oxidation need to be familiar with ozone generators and ozone pilot testing systems.
Like any other process, oxidation need ought to be measured by considering the aspects of benefits and cost. This calls for meticulous review of the energy and chemical costs as well as the by-products. Many tend to forget about the by-products during the initial planning phase until when they have to disinfect them.