Oxidation Systems


  • Pharmaceutical Filling Lines With High Containment

    Dec offers pharmaceutical filling lines for both liquids and solids for the aseptic fill-finish process that require high containment equipment.

  • Asahi Gold Particle Test System-II

    Fast and reliable post-use integrity testing for Planova™ 15N, 20N and 35N filters.

  • API Process Development System

    API Process Development System designed to provide personnel and product protection while working with powder and liquid substances. Designed to house a Mettler Toledo Easy Max 102, Vacuum Oven, and IKA LR 1000.

  • Micro Coaxial Cable: PhaseTrack® 047

    The PhaseTrack® 047 is a compact, phase stable, highly flexible, micro coaxial cable originally designed for space flight applications, but has now made its debut as an ultra-flexible cable assembly in the operating room. This high-performance cable easily accommodates densely packed in-the-box applications.

  • Ophir® SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens

    The SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 is a motorized continuous zoom lens with the longest available focal length and zoom ratio. It is designed for use in UAV payloads with its excellent detection range of more than 25 km.


  • Heat Exchanger Monitoring And End-Of-Cycle Prediction

    Predicting end-of-cycle (EOC) for a heat exchanger due to fouling is a constant challenge faced by refineries. Proactively predicting when a heat exchanger needs to be cleaned enables risk-based maintenance planning and optimization of processing rates, operating costs, and maintenance costs. Read more to learn how utilitzing the Seeq Formula Tool to monitor heat exchanger performance in the place of time-consuming spreadsheets will eliminate weeks of work for engineers, freeing them up to perform other valuable company tasks.

  • Turning New Regulations Into IoT Opportunity: How To Become A Trusted Business Partner

    In this edition, learn how a technology vendor recognized a need in the market after new industry regulations were introduced and transformed into a trusted business advisor and broader tech expert.

  • A Path To Business Continuity During COVID-19

    Strategies to keep customers supplied and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge that Bass Pro Shops leadership met with the aid of location intelligence. Being able to monitor and manage operations across the country in the context of how the virus enabled the company to respond effectively.

  • How Autotask Implemented An Ad Hoc BI Reporting Tool

    Since its founding in 2001, Autotask has become the #1 provider of web-based IT Services Management Software, used by thousands of IT service professionals worldwide. Autotask's success is based on its proven ability to help IT service professionals automate and manage people, projects, and processes more efficiently and to run their businesses better and more profitably.

  • Liongard's Alerts Simplify Audits, Cut Onboarding Time by 50%

    Healthcare-focused MSP finds tremendous value in Liongard Roar actionable alerts.

  • Disinfection Tech Trials: How Calcium Hypochlorite Feeders Won Over Long Beach Township WTPs

    In 2012 Long Beach Island, New Jersey, was pummeled by the catastrophic storm surge of Hurricane Sandy. Three of the town's four water plants were badly damaged. Plans were made to rebuild the facilities to higher standards to withstand potential storm impacts. 

  • Enrollment Surpasses Projections In International Psoriasis Studies

    A leading global pharmaceutical company selected IQVIA Biotech to support four international Phase III biologic studies in moderate to severe psoriasis. This team was selected because of a proven patient recruitment process with a record of enrollment that could save the sponsor time and money. Successful patient recruitment strategies in 13 countries, where some are unfamiliar with advertising, surpassed enrollment projections.

  • Using Rapid Guide Screw (RGS) For Precision Motion In New Sample Digestion System Is A Smart Move

    New technologically advanced devices are constantly being developed for use in environmental laboratories. Generally speaking, their primary benefits lie in reduced analysis time, increased accuracy and greater reliability. A fully automated sample digestion system for mercury and metals sample preparation, DEENA helps alleviate the bulk of manual sample preparation while greatly reducing errors associated with sample handling. With less time devoted to sample preparation, laboratory personnel are free to perform other duties with the peace of mind that DEENA will provide consistent data in a clean, safe and timely fashion.

  • GoAigua’s Digital Twin Saves 1B+ Gallons Of Water/Year

    Water transport and distribution systems in many cities have become complex to manage as they are forced to adjust to the problems of population growth, resource shortages, aging infrastructure and optimization of daily network operations. Consequently, digital twins of water networks are increasingly widely used for decision-making around their operation and management.

  • Large PMA Study Of CRC Diagnostic

    A study needed to enroll approximately 12,000 subjects and was also unique because it required subjects to self-collect samples at home. Read about the risk management and mitigation that Health Decisions utilized to keep the study on track.

  • Biorasi Rescue Effort Doubles CNS Trial Enrollment Rate

    CNS trials especially can become mired down and derailed by a too-low enrollment rate. Read how using a patient network and identifying sites that best fit the needs of the trial can help overcome this challenge.

  • Reliable Sugar Manufacturing Processes Through Precise Instruments

    In production, Schweizer Zucker processes 10,000 tons of sugar beets per day requiring thousands of measurements and process controls. Robust instruments keep the processes running efficiently.



Oxidation Systems

Waste treatment, ground water remediation and food processing are some of the areas that heavily rely on oxidation systems. Ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are some of the oxidation systems that are important in different oxidation processes. The acquisition of these oxidation systems can be easily done through specialized dealers. It is advantageous to deal through these dealers since they have vast knowledge of what are essential for different processes. Some of these dealers design sell and in certain instances lease these systems. Their experience with advanced oxidation systems, ozone and potassium permanganate makes them the best people to use when such and related concerns arise. 
There is no doubt about the transformation that the chemical oxidation technologies have taken. Specialists in the oxidation field work hand in hand with the interested parties in solving all their oxidation related needs. This sequential process begins with the selection of the appropriate oxidation need. Once a technology is selected, they work with the client step by step in designing the system that is suited to one’s application. Other than the identification and assembly, they will provide assembly and maintenance services.
There are certain elements of oxidation systems that one should always know when dealing with these systems. Injection trailers, metering systems and pilot testing systems are some of the things that might be relevant for different oxidation system types and scales. For instance, one involved in ozone oxidation need to be familiar with ozone generators and ozone pilot testing systems.
Like any other process, oxidation need ought to be measured by considering the aspects of benefits and cost. This calls for meticulous review of the energy and chemical costs as well as the by-products. Many tend to forget about the by-products during the initial planning phase until when they have to disinfect them.