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The Information Source for the Hydrocarbon Industry

Hydrocarbon Online has a very simple goal: to be the best, most accessible, source of information about oil refining and hydrocarbon processing on the Internet. In addition to late-breaking news reporting, Hydrocarbon Online features in-depth technical articles and case studies, an ever-growing list of products and services available to the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). For individual professional needs, there are training and career-development resources.

Hydrocarbon Online readers include all types of engineers and scientists working in the HPI, business managers and executives, consultants, government regulators-and the vendors and service providers that serve those professionals. It has a worldwide readership.

Founded in June 1997, Hydrocarbon Online is a member of the VertMarkets family of Internet communities. Like the dozens of other communities that Vertmarkets serves, Hydrocarbon Online is designed to provide a common meeting ground for professionals, and to promote the exchange of ideas and products among its members.

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