• Millennium ST Toxic Gas Detector
    Millennium ST Toxic Gas Detector

    Net Safety's Millennium ST Series of toxic gas detectors utilize electrochemical sensing technology to continuously monitor your site for a wide range of toxic gas types. The Millennium ST is fast , accurate, and requires only periodic calibration and maintenance with a typical sensor life of 3–5 years.

  • Mink - Dry Claw Pressure or Vacuum
    Mink - Dry Claw Pressure or Vacuum The Busch Mink is a rotary claw-type, positive displacement, dry pump designed for either pressure or
  • Circulation Heaters
    Circulation Heaters Circulation heaters consist of a screwplug or flanged type immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber
  • Control Valve Service & Repair
    Control Valve Service & Repair This company offers a complete control valve service program featuring repair, diagnostics, field services, and training
  • Inventory Monitoring
    Inventory Monitoring With a variety of configurations available, SiloPatrol inventory monitoring system provides continuous-on-demand inventory management...
  • Type A Pinch Valve
    Type A Pinch Valve Type A Pinch Valve is the original pneumatic valve consisting of two-piece body and an elastomer sleeve...
  • STAT Low Profile Air Strippers
    STAT Low Profile Air Strippers Carbonair's patented STAT series of low profile air strippers combine high performance (99.99% or greater removal efficiency of VOCs), flexibility, and design simplicity.
  • NOVA 376WP Portable Gas Analyzer
    NOVA 376WP Portable Gas Analyzer The NOVA 376WP is a portable gas analyzer measuring carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and oxygen
  • Gas Filter Correlation Infrared Analyzer
    Gas Filter Correlation Infrared Analyzer The Xendos 2510 Gas Filter Correlation Infrared analyzer provides continuous HCL emissions measurements, as required by MACT II regulations...
  • Emissions Solutions
    Emissions Solutions To enable plant operators to comply with ever-tightening safety, clean air and fugitive emission regulations, the company offers a selection of products which are specially designed to address the flow control needs of these users.
  • Breath Alcohol Tester
    Breath Alcohol Tester Disposable breath alcohol tester.
  • Steam Trap Monitoring Device
    Steam Trap Monitoring Device BiTherm International's SteamWatch eliminates the need for external energy or human intervention in monitoring steam loss
  • Solartron 1470
    Solartron 1470 Breakthrough in high performance multi-channel battery testing
  • Loop Summary Table
    Loop Summary Table Loop Summary Table is a new search tool in determining the best PID settings for loops that behave differently with varying conditions...
  • Heat Exchanger And Condenser: Full-Length Tube Liners™
    Heat Exchanger And Condenser: Full-Length Tube Liners™

    The patented CTI tube liner is a tube repair method developed for those condensers and heat exchangers that suffer from full-length erosion/corrosion, pitting, general wall thinning and/or an overage of plugged tubes

  • Gas Production Optimization
    Gas Production Optimization Canadian Occidental operates Fort Pitt, a relatively small gas field in northwestern Saskatchewan.
  • Swing Check Valves
    Swing Check Valves Newman's offers a complete line of forged "Safe-O-Seal" valves from 2 to 24 NPS in Class 600, 900, 1500 and 2500.
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Series 800 & 900 OMNI-TRIM Pressure Relief Valves
    Series 800 & 900 OMNI-TRIM Pressure Relief Valves Series 800 adjustable and Series 900 OMNI-TRIM pressure relief valves have a simplified, single trim design with superior application versatility.
  • Filter Bags
    Filter Bags Amazon filter bags are designed to withstand 70- to 100-psi bursts of compressed air in the cleaning cycle
  • Heating Cable
    Heating Cable Controls are available in local or remote power control packages that consist of NEMA 4X construction and include all wiring, terminal blocks and mounting supports
  • Pulsed Column
    Pulsed Column The Pulsed Column consists of a vessel shell and a cartridge assembly of “disc and donut” internals
  • Air Heaters
    Air Heaters High-intensity, direct-fired air heaters. Custom engineered. Vertical or horizontal configurations. Oil, gas or combination-fuel fired. Outlet temperatures: 200 to 2800 degree F. Up to 100-million Btu/hr. Center burner ensures complete combustion with all types of gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • pH: 3900 pH Sensor
    pH: 3900 pH Sensor

    The newly released 3900 general purpose pH/ORP sensor is designed to meet the broadest range of applications in the industry. It has the widest temperature operating range of any general purpose sensor and is the first to function at sub-zero temperatures, providing accurate measurements in applications from -10 degrees C to 100 degrees C.

  • Pneumatic Control Valve
    Pneumatic Control Valve CHEM SHOW ’99: The Intimidator Pneumatic Control Valve provides precise control through a newly designed 36 and 60 square inch actuator/yoke assembly.
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production
    Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production Sabin recovers and refines spent catalysts from pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries
  • API Oil/Water Separators
    API Oil/Water Separators

    API Oil/Water Separators are the performance, safety and environmental standard for petroleum refineries throughout the world.

  • Valtek NT 3000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Module The NT 3000 is a robust I/P transducer that incorporates superior EMF/RFI barriers. ..
  • Oil Supply and Trading Training Courses offered in the "Oil Supply and Trading" area include: Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations, Overview of the Physical Trading of Petroleum Products, International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trading, and more
  • ProTech 360 Bearing Isolator The ProTech 360 offers zero lubricant leakage, even when vertical or submerged
  •  Petrotape Gauging System
    Petrotape Gauging System The Petrotape Gauging System is designd for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks that are at or near atmospheric pressure. is designd for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks that are at or near atmospheric pressure...
  • Gas Chromatograph System Software
    Gas Chromatograph System Software The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system uses industry-standard software.
  • 30K Lip Seal
    30K Lip Seal Chesterton® 30K’s lip seals are high performance lip seals that are ideal for dynamic rotary seal applications. These seals provide excellent service in bearing and gear box applications that utilize conventional oil lip seals.
  • DustAlarm Broken Bag Detector
    DustAlarm Broken Bag Detector DustAlarm broken bag detector provides perform detection of filter failures in exhaust ducts of baghouses, cartridge collectors, and other types of dust collection...
  • Lubricants Training Courses offered in the "Lubricants" area include:
  • Analytical Services The NCUT analytical laboratory provides cost effective analytical support to NCUT internal projects and to external clients
  • Profile Screens
    Profile Screens The Welde Wedge Profile Screen can be used for processes such as coal dewatering with sieve bends
  • Aviation Training Courses offered in the "Aviation" area include:
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Filtration Products
    Industrial, Commercial & Residential Filtration Products The center spread of the titled two-color, four-page brochure explains the general construction...
  • Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions
    Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions The company has produced a brochure that provides an overview of the company’s Control Systems group, which integrates and manufactures products related to SCADA, telemetry, power equipment integration, automation and measurement.
  • Valves and Controls
    Valves and Controls This line of flow control tools caters to flow control requirements of industries operating within hygienic environments...
  • PI-Data Archive (Server) The process data historian, PI Data Archive is one of the most significant components of the PI System.
  • Mobile Separator Unit
    Mobile Separator Unit A compact mobile separator unit cleans a range of oils including hydraulic oils and lube oils in a single operation
  • Electronics Products
    Electronics Products Sabin recovers precious metals from electronic components and associated materials. Sabin will maximize customers' returns to improve profit picture...
  • 1746sc  Analog Input Module
    1746sc Analog Input Module The 1746sc-INI4iv monitors four isolated channels of current or voltage...
  • PSR Series Actuators
    PSR Series Actuators PSR series actuators contain a maintenance-free, low-wear and low-noise spur gear resulting in high efficiency and long lifetime...
  • ISA: SAF-T-PIN Buckling Pin Cartridge
    ISA: SAF-T-PIN Buckling Pin Cartridge SAF-T-PIN Buckling Pin Cartridge is a quick-change device that operates on “push-in” and “pull-out” basis...
  • Linear Position Sensor
    Linear Position Sensor The Luminator Series linear position sensor with triaxial LEDs...
  • Polythylene-To-Ductile Iron Pipe Connector A new adapter that allows ductile iron pipe and fittings to be joined to polyethylene pipe...
  • Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR)
    Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR) Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR) system consists of an activated sludge extended aeration biological treatment process and an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system for the separation of activated sludge from treated effluent.
  • LP Alarms
    LP Alarms LP alarms operate on a wider voltage range (9.5-27V AC/DC) and are very user friendly
  • V-1339
    V-1339 Capacity: 3600 gallons
  • Spent Catalysts
    Spent Catalysts Sabin recovers precious metals from process and pollution abatement catalysts. They refine spent catalysts – pellets, beads, extrudates and monolithic structures...
  • Equipment Sales The Grundfos SQE Smart Pump is the first environmental pump with which you can communicate
  • Continuous Emission Analyzer
    Continuous Emission Analyzer The Xentra 4900 Continuous Emissions Analyzer is designed as a multiple gas component analyzer which uses state of the art, compliance monitoring technologies.
  • Hydraulic Ball Valves
    Hydraulic Ball Valves The Apollo line of ball valves is designed to replace leak-prone three-piece valves in hydraulic systems
  • Engineering Visualization
    Engineering Visualization SmartPlant Review delivers in-depth analysis and review of complex 3D modules during engineering design, construction, retrofit, or maintenance.
  • UltraTap Gas Flow Meter
    UltraTap Gas Flow Meter The Daniel UltraTap Gas Flow Meter measures the transmit times of ultrasonic waves passing through the flowing gas in a pipeline to determine the mean velocity of the gas movement
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Reciprocating Plate Column
    Reciprocating Plate Column The Karr Reciprocating Plate Column consists of a series of perforated plates with large diameter holes and high
  • Professional Services Pro Plus, Inc. is a full-service engineering corporation serving the oiland gas, telecommunications and petroleum marketing industries
  • 30 Foot Wide Ramp
    30 Foot Wide Ramp This 30 foot wide ramp is designed for the uninterrupted access to the top of tank trucks and hopper cars
  • ARI "FABA" Bellows-type Valve
    ARI "FABA" Bellows-type Valve The ARI "FABA" is reliably sealed, even under the most adverse conditions. The bellows-type valve is maintenance-free and like all ARI valves - is classed leak rate 1 in accordance with DIN 3230T3.
  • Fossil Generation Solutions
    Fossil Generation Solutions The electrical power generation industry is demanding much more of its control and instrumentation suppliers - and Foxboro is delivering.
  • Combustable Analyzer
    Combustable Analyzer The xendos 2700 measures oxygen and combustibles in flue gases to allow combustion efficiency and reduced emissions...
  • Alkylation Reactor Effluent
    Alkylation Reactor Effluent Streams treated: Alkylation Reactor Effluent
  • <B>Packaged Water Treatment Products</B>
    Packaged Water Treatment Products Based upon all of the necessary components such as filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, and electrodeionization systems, WATERTRAK™ delivers the most cost-effective and timely solution for your pure water treatment needs today
  • Turbine Flowmeter
    Turbine Flowmeter CHEM SHOW ’99: The 1-inch turbine flowmeter embodies a unique PVDF and Ceramic construction designed to resist aggressive chemicals.
  • Ultra-Frac Technology
    Ultra-Frac Technology Ultra-Frac trays from Koch-Glitsch provide phenomenal capacity advantages over conventional trays
  • Random Packings
    Random Packings These random packings are fabricated from metal, plastic or ceramic and are available in a range of sizes to meet users’ capacity/efficiency requirements
  • Activated Carbon Absorber
    Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Dielectric Interface
    Dielectric Interface The 1296 Dielectric Interface analyzes low conductivity, low loss materials to give fast, accurate, and repeatable impedance measurements over 12 decades of frequency, yielding valuable insights into the characteristics of a wide range of materials, including polymers, rubber, wood, adhesives, electronic components, waxes, and oils...
  • EMC Documentum xCP
    EMC Documentum xCP

    Accelerate development of intelligent case management applications and automate business processes to improve efficiency and compliance.

  • Electronic Pilot Ignition System
    Electronic Pilot Ignition System The KEP-100 electronic pilot ignition system unites flare tips with high technology ignition equipment for both new construction and the retrofitting of present systems
  • Control System Cyber Security
    Control System Cyber Security In the process industry, every disruption or maloperation can have fatal consequences and therefore needs to be avoided if possible. In order to reliably eliminate sources of danger and risks, you should include safety engineering in your processes. The highest goal must always be to minimize potential dangers to humans, plants and the environment by employing technical resources – without inhibiting the industrial production process. In this case, high demands are placed on the so-called functional safety. In order to achieve this, a reliable Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is required which can set the plant to a safe state at any time when necessary.
  • Pele-system Pele-SystemTM Software (Core engine) License includes Basic Business Process Automation system software, menu structure, architecture suitable for module expansion.
  • ARC CS4
    ARC CS4

    An advanced composite formulated to protect concrete surfaces from harsh chemical attack. It is normally applied at a thickness of 250 - 375 microns (10 - 15 mils) per coat in a 2 coat system.

  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor The Perfect Harmony line of medium voltage variable frequency drives uses a power circuit technology
  • Chemical Feed System
    Chemical Feed System Neptune Chemical Pump Company provides chemical feed systems built according to customer specification....
  • PlantScape System Traditionally, hybrid control meant being able to control batch, continuous, and high speed discrete/machine operations
  • Dual Range Air Mixed Pilot
    Dual Range Air Mixed Pilot The DRAM was designed to operate into pressurized and inert atmospheres where extreme turbulence may exist.
  • OriMaster FPD500 Compact Orifice Flowmeter
    OriMaster FPD500 Compact Orifice Flowmeter

    OriMaster is a Compact Orifice Flowmeter that combines a wafer-mounted orifice carrier, integral manifold and transmitter into a single, fully-codable, orifice-based flowmeter. OriMaster is supplied in two versions – one for volumetric flow and one for mass (or corrected volume) flow.

  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Clarifiers
    WATERTRAK™ Clarifiers The WATERTRAK™ clarifiers are based on the solids contact type process that combines coagulation, flocculation and settling in a single tank. This is a proven technology that is reliable and efficient.
  • LESA (Log Evaluation System Analysis)
    LESA (Log Evaluation System Analysis) LESA is Windows based software that will provide complete log analysis and interpretation
  • Centrifugal Compressors
    Centrifugal Compressors Dresser-Rand is recognized as the leading supplier of turbomachinery for the oil & gas industries worldwide.
  • Subsea Motor Pump Systems In support of the Petrobras' SBMS-500 Subsea multiphase pumping system, Westinghouse will provide the Subsea motor-pump subsystem, including a 6.9kv, 1700hp submerged motor
  • Continuous Distillation Unit PP 4 is a continuous, three-column distillation unit, which can run with any combination of the columns in line
  • Commercial Management Of Refining Training
    Commercial Management Of Refining Training Courses offered in the "Commercial Management of Refining" area include:
  • Rack-Mount Workstation
    Rack-Mount Workstation The Zx10 VE (ViZual Engine) is a 5U rack-mount workstation based on the company’s Wahoo Technology, which delivers unparalleled system throughput and I/O bandwidth.
  • TRITON™  Catch Basin Insert
    TRITON™ Catch Basin Insert REM has developed the TRITON™ Catch Basin Insert to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants
  • Simplified Digital Valve Controller
    Simplified Digital Valve Controller The company offers a 6-page, 4-color brochure highlighting the ValvePAC controller’s simplified approach to valve control applications.
  • G-150 Tube Testing Gun
    G-150 Tube Testing Gun G-150 Tube Testing Guns are designed to pneumatically test individual tubes in a heat exchanger for pinhole leaks.
  • Flame and Detonation Arrestor Design
    Flame and Detonation Arrestor Design The selection, design, construction and testing of reliable deflagration and detonation arrestors must be based on worst-case analyses of all operating parameters.
  • LGA 522
    LGA 522 lamp gas analyzer for the analysis of lamp fillings
  • IndustrialSQL Server Historian Database IndustrialSQL Server is a real-time database for factory data...
  • IT Junction Box The IT junction box is for use with the HI 2151/30WC multi-purpose weight controller
  • ISA: Remote Monitoring System Messenger 570, a remote monitoring system, combines high-speed data, recordable voice, and fax communications mode in a single unit...
  • Pentair InterSep
    Pentair InterSep

    The InterSep® high performance separation system is designed and manufactured to separate particulate contaminants from natural gas/vapor streams.

  • Process Gauges (Solfrunt Century 100 mm)
    Process Gauges (Solfrunt Century 100 mm) Measurement of gas, liquid, slurry or viscous fluids. Resists corrosion, pulsation, vibration in wide range of ambient temperatures
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