• Downhole Screens and Filters Tri-alta carries 4 options for sand and debris control before it enters your pump and are available with 1" or 1-1/4" NPT connections
  • Integrally Geared API Pumps
    Integrally Geared API Pumps Sundyne Integrally Geared API pumps provide multi-stage performance in low-flow, high-head applications
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters
    Differential Pressure Transmitters The Series 616W Differential Pressure Transmitters are available in an expanded line of 34 models, half of them with LCD readouts for on-site troubleshooting, and covering factory-calibrated ranges down to 0-2 in. w.c. and up to 0-100 psid.
  • High Flow Filters Ultipleat high flow filters provide filtration for high flow rate applications using fewer elements and smaller housings, combined with a large filter cartridge diameter
  • Mining Screens Hendrick Mining screens are fitted with the exact mounting construction for the client's equipment and process
  • Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing
    Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing Air Liquide has developed and commercialized a patented gas-gas mixing device using crossflow radial injection.
  • 1-Inch Sanitary Pump
    1-Inch Sanitary Pump Wilden's Saniflo 3A is a 1-inch pump with 1 1/2-inch tri-clamp connections that meets the requirements of applicable 3-A Sanitary Standard
  • Emissions Solutions
    Emissions Solutions To enable plant operators to comply with ever-tightening safety, clean air and fugitive emission regulations, the company offers a selection of products which are specially designed to address the flow control needs of these users.
  • Pipe Flares
    Pipe Flares Kaldair’s pipe flares have reliable ignition and flame stability, along with maximum tip life and minimum maintenance, according to the company
  • Plant Management System MMS-OnTarget! gives plant operations staff the ability to set up operating limits for a process unit
  • Air Heaters
    Air Heaters High-intensity, direct-fired air heaters. Custom engineered. Vertical or horizontal configurations. Oil, gas or combination-fuel fired. Outlet temperatures: 200 to 2800 degree F. Up to 100-million Btu/hr. Center burner ensures complete combustion with all types of gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Mass Flowrate Indicator Totalizer for Gases Hoffer Flow Controls is pleased to provide information on their new Model 2006 Mass Flowrate Indicator/Totalizer for gases
  • Gas Condensate
    Gas Condensate Refinery condensate streams are treated to remove hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and naphthenic acid; and extract/sweeten mercaptan.
  • Fiberglass Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
    Fiberglass Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Fiberglass Relief Valves are used the same way as their counterparts manufactured in metal,
  • Distance, Area and Volume Laser Measurement Tool
    Distance, Area and Volume Laser Measurement Tool The LEM 30 tool measures distance, area and volume without contact within a range of 8 in. (0.2m) to 100 ft. (>30m) without reflector...
  • ARC S1
    ARC S1 An advanced composite formulated to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and chemical attack. It is normally applied at a thickness of 250 microns (10 mils) per coat. Non-shrinking, 100% solids.
  • Hairpin Heat Exchangers
    Hairpin Heat Exchangers Based on modular principles, individual hairpin sections are arranged in proper series, parallel, or series-parallel combinations to achieve the required duty.
  • Photovac Snapshot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer
    Photovac Snapshot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer The SnapShot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer identifies and quantifies specific groups of compounds
  • Plated Parts/ Solutions
    Plated Parts/ Solutions Sabin recovers precious metals from plated and stamped components, plating racks, wires, hooks, solutions, resins, wipes, and sweeps...
  • Gas Mixer

    Pegas 3000 uses gases from compressed cylinders to provide precision gas mixtures of oxygen...

  • PACT® Biological Treatment Systems
    PACT® Biological Treatment Systems

    The PACT system combines biological treatment and carbon adsorption into a single, synergistic treatment step, resulting in significant cost savings and performance advantages over other systems.

  • Models 6713 / 6714 Flow Computer Unit
    Models 6713 / 6714 Flow Computer Unit The model 6713 Flow Computer Unit is specifically designed for measurement sites where advanced features, expandability, and low cost are of concern
  • Buckling Pin Pressure Vent
    Buckling Pin Pressure Vent The Buckling Pin Relief Vent (BPRV) is reset without removal from the process stream
    FIXED VOLUME SAMPLE SYSTEM When process sample pressure is too high, or the application calls for a fixed amount of sample, Texas Sampling's fixed volume sampler is a perfect selection
  • High Temperature Pumps
    High Temperature Pumps The company offers a technical bulletin on its line of MPH Series High-Temperature Pumps.
  • Carbon Reactivation
    Carbon Reactivation Advanced Recovery offers the service of thermal reactivation for spent carbon
  • Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps
    Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps The EV-2 and EV-3 metering pumps feature a special, heavy-duty design capable of handling all high-pressure chemical, viscous and slurry services.
  • Series 1204 and 1304 Piston Sensor
    Series 1204 and 1304 Piston Sensor This explosion-proof differential pressure switch or gauge-switch is recommended for liquid service or gas service where diaphragm sensors are incompatible with process fluids...
  • Scalable Process System
    Scalable Process System The Delta V Scalable System is designed to fully integrate "smart plant" capabilities
  • Low Pressure Rupture Disks
    Low Pressure Rupture Disks The FLCO rupture disk provides low pressure relief from 3/4 psig through 40 psig and is available in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 30 inches in diameter
  • Lube-Free Air Distribution System
    Lube-Free Air Distribution System Wilden's Lube-Free air distribution system, for use with Wilden M1 and M2 air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps, requires no lubrication during assembly or while in operation
  • Accutronix MX
    Accutronix MX Accutronix MX
  • KVM Static Mixers
    KVM Static Mixers The KVM mixer is designed for homogenous mixing of fluids in a turbulent flow regime (low viscosity liquids or gases)...
  • Liquid Chromatography High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Citius LC-HRT
    Liquid Chromatography High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Citius LC-HRT A liquid chromatography instrument developed to withstand the rigor of modern analytical demands, the Citius provides high-performance mass spectrometer capabilities, including acquisition speed, mass accuracy, isotopic abundance, and dynamic range, all available simultaneously.
  • Rotary Screw Dry Vacuum Pumps
    Rotary Screw Dry Vacuum Pumps CHEM SHOW ’99: The KDPH Series of rotary screw dry vacuum pumps extends the company’s KDP series dry vacuum pump offerings and meets the needs of customers for a dry vacuum pump with low internal gas temperatures, low power consumption and compact size.
  • Desuperheaters Desuperheating, sometimes called attemperation or steam conditioning, is the reduction of gas temperature.
  • Smart RF Level Transmitter
    Smart RF Level Transmitter The company offers the Universal Lite RF level transmitter which will “keep it simple” while making set-up quick and easy.
  • Garbox Operated Valves
    Garbox Operated Valves The Ellis SKI/DKI-GG range of units has been developed for interlocking all gearbox operated valves...
  • Sulfidic Caustic/Naphthenic Caustic/Phenolic Caustic
    Sulfidic Caustic/Naphthenic Caustic/Phenolic Caustic Partial or total wet air oxidation of sulfidic or mixed spent caustics or neutralization of phenolic, naphthenic or mixed spent caustics to reduce BOD, COD, reactive sulfur, impurities, organics and odor before transfer to the waste water treating facilities for plant effluent.
  • LIQUISEP® Liquid-Liquid Separation Technology
    LIQUISEP® Liquid-Liquid Separation Technology

    LiquiSep® technology has been implemented specifically to help separate emulsions that are not separable by conventional coalescers. Conventional coalescers are unable to provide the degree clarity associated with LiquiSep® technology due to the inability to capture and remove the most penetrating droplets that cause carry-over. LIQUISEP® can separate these dispersed and emulsified droplets from the hydrocarbon to practically nondetectable levels. Advances in the technology now permit horizontal installations, further reducing capital cost. The effluent from a typical LiquiSep® separation consist of two separate phases. One phase is a clear product hydrocarbon stream, and the second phase is a clear product aqueous stream.

  • Metal Bellows-Type Seal
    Metal Bellows-Type Seal With the TDGS, the company presents a high-efficiency gas-lubricated seal optimally sutied for use in single-stage steam turbines in the petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • JOS-E Pressure Relief Valves
    JOS-E Pressure Relief Valves Style JOS-E, a spring loaded pressure relief valve engineered to provide high quality overpressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in an exceptionally rugged, standardized design to the process and power industries.
  • Soil Sampler
    Soil Sampler The Environmentalist sub-soil probe extracts an 0.8-in.-diameter, 3-ft-long sample. Either a manually operated...
  • Natural Gas Training The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training
  • Frequency Response Analyzer
    Frequency Response Analyzer The 1270 VXI Frequency Response Analyzer is a “C” sized instrument on a card, suitable for use in “D” size racks with adapters...
  • Intelligent Field Devices The embedded intelligence of field devices is key to PlantWeb architecture’s versatility and power, according to the company
  • Equipment Sales The Grundfos SQE Smart Pump is the first environmental pump with which you can communicate
    FLOW MASTER The Flow Master is a revolutionary new system for separating heavy and light particles from a liquid stream
  • Gas Barrier Seal
    Gas Barrier Seal The GX-200 gas barrier seal offers zero emissions and is specifically engineered to fit standard or small bore seal chambers without requiring pump modifications
  • Barton Scan Win Windows Software
    Barton Scan Win Windows Software ScanWin software provides easy-to-use user-interface and configuration software for Barton’s line of Scanner EFM/RTU flow computers for field operators, production engineers and marketing analysis
  • HH-250 Power Pump
    HH-250 Power Pump Solids handling capabilities to 3" diameter maximum
  • High Lift Flange Weld/Test Plugs
    High Lift Flange Weld/Test Plugs Steam, Sniff, Purge, Weld and Test - All With The Same Plug EST reduces the expense, downtime delays, and waste disposal problems associated with conventional flange-to-pipe weld testing
  • Modular Heat Exchangers Heat exchangers in the Hairpin line are modular, with individual sections arranged in series, parallel, or series-parallel combinations
  • Ad Specialties
    Ad Specialties The company's imprinting services include
  • Meteor Filter Media
    Meteor Filter Media Meteor is a filter medium comprised of an extremely stable scrim constructed of a mineralic basalt.
  • Carbonair COWS Oil/Water Separators
    Carbonair COWS Oil/Water Separators Carbonair's coalescing oil/water separators are designed for use in many applications including groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment and treatment of storm water run off.
  • INtools Engineering Software The INtools instrumentation design and engineering software suite includes integrated modules for instrument indexes, specifications, process data, calculation, wiring, loop drawings, hook-ups, calibration and maintenance...
  • Fury 400 Tank Washers
    Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • Hand-Held Sensor Kit
    Hand-Held Sensor Kit The Hand-Held Sensor Kit is offered complete with the company’s L472 Digital Thermocouple Thermometer, separate detachable handle thermocouples, integral handle thermocouples and other accessories contained in a convenient carrying case.
  • ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve
    ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve The ARI-"ZESA" offers you functionality and reliability under even the most demanding conditions.
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Ion Exchangers
    WATERTRAK™ Ion Exchangers Aquatech's Ion exchange process uses Packed Bed Design. When the water enters the bed during the service cycle, it progressively comes into contact with more highly regenerated resin, which ensures production of a high quality demineralized water, minimizes chances of ionic leakage and maximizes resin bed operating capacity.
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
    Wet Electrostatic Precipitator The self-cleaning wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) is designed to harness electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • En-R-Pak
    En-R-Pak The En-R-Pak is a stand-alone AC/DC electrical power source developed by a world leader in alternate energy sources for areas where connection to the electricity grid is difficult or expensive
  • Kneader Extruder
    Kneader Extruder The kneader extruder, from Charles Ross & Son, combines a double-arm mixer with an extrusion...
  • N-485 Panel Interface
    N-485 Panel Interface N-485 interface is designed to increase communication speed as well as data integrity...
  • Tower Filter Press
    Tower Filter Press This Automatic Tower Filter Press is fully automated with no operator needed...
  • Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauges
    Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauges Designed for heavy duty service in process and industrial applications such as chemical, petrochemical, power, food processing and biotechnology.
  • ISA: S7000 Series HIgh Pressure Solenoid Valves
    ISA: S7000 Series HIgh Pressure Solenoid Valves S7000 High pressure solenoid valves is recommend for applications where dead-tight shutoff is required in pressures up to 6,000 psi...
  • Differential Products
    Differential Products Daniel Senior® Orifice Fittings offer easy, rapid removal and/or replacement of orifice plate without interrupting line flow
  • Sanitary Thermostatic Steam Trap
    Sanitary Thermostatic Steam Trap The CDH Thermostatic Steam Trap is a free draining sanitary trap that does not require vertical installation.
  • Power Line Transducers
    Power Line Transducers Power Line transducers provide an analog DC output proportional to the AC input received from the secondary side of a potential and/or current transformer...
  • Flue Gas Analyzer
    Flue Gas Analyzer Flue Gas Analyzer 411 uses miniaturized zirconia sensor with a sealed internal reference chamber to determine flue gas oxygen content and respond to process changes...
  • IR2100: Infrared Point Detector
    IR2100: Infrared Point Detector The Model IR2100 Infrared Point Detector is a microprocessor-based hydrocarbon gas detector that continuously monitors combustible gases and vapors within the lower explosive limit (LEL) and provides alarm indication
  • Gas & Smoke Aspirator Systems
    Gas & Smoke Aspirator Systems

    The sample being measured is pulled under an adjustable vacuum created by an air driven eductor. Flow rates are controlled by an integral needle value with the velocity being indicated on a flow meter. The sample is passed across the sensor and exhausted, along with instrument air, via the exhaust port. If the aspirator is positioned in a “safe” area, it is advisable to pipe the exhaust back to the area it has come from. Sample line dross can be cleared by pressing the line purge button, diverting full pressure instrument air down the sample line.

  • Gas Chromatograph System Graphical Panel
    Gas Chromatograph System Graphical Panel The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system includes a new operator maintenance panel.
  • PD Plus Blower
    PD Plus Blower PD Plus process and utility gas-tight blower features flow ranges to 10,000 CFM (17,000 m³/h), single stage performance as high as 25 psig(1.72 bar g), or 50 psig (3.45 bar g) two-stage...
  • Hydrocarbon Refining
    Hydrocarbon Refining Catalytic Reforming refers to the octane improvement of straight run gasoline and cracked refinery naphthas...
  • ISA: Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP Support for IOWorks 3.0 Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP support for IOWorks 3.0 enables a standard or real-time controller to communicate via a TCP/IP Ethernet connection with Modbus-compatible controllers...
  • Cascade Bio-Rings
    Cascade Bio-Rings Jaeger Cascade Bio-Rings are used by wastewater facilities with biological filters.
  • RETOX Oxidizers
    RETOX Oxidizers Adwest's RETOX dual chamber regenerative RTO oxidizer design provides more than 98% VOC/Odor Control with 95% primary...
  • Immersion Heaters
    Immersion Heaters Screwplug Immersion heaters include one, two or three hair-pin bent tubular element(s) joined to a threaded hex plug
  • Siemens’ Revive™ Oily Water Membrane Systems
    Siemens’ Revive™ Oily Water Membrane Systems

    Siemens’ Revive™ oily water membrane systems replace both filtration and flotation with a single step, eliminating the need for polymers and allowing for better oil recovery. Revive™ systems can achieve Oil & Grease and Total Suspended Solids levels of <1 mg/L, and Silt Density Index of <3.

  • The DL7100 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    The DL7100 Digital Storage Oscilloscope The DL7100 Digital Storage Oscilloscope features a 500 MHz bandwidth and 1GS/s sampling rate...
  • Puck 4X Monitor
    Puck 4X Monitor Puck 4X is a puck position, corrosion resistant monitor features high impact resin enclosure that mounts directly to an ISO/NAMUR valve actuator...
  • Product Services Dresser-Rand provides technical support, as well as parts, field service, repairs, and overhauls
  • High Hat Style Funnels
    High Hat Style Funnels The Model 3 funnel features five gallon capacity, galvanized steel construction, and a spark resistant rigid seamless copper spout.
  • Carbon Steel Lubricated Plug Valves
    Carbon Steel Lubricated Plug Valves Cast from carbon steel that exceeds applicable ASTM standards, Resun Carbon Steel Lubricated Plug Valves are built for extended service under harsh conditions.
  • Brochure for GHPD Line of Pumps
    Brochure for GHPD Line of Pumps G and H Products introduces a brochure featuring its GHPD line of positive displacement pumps, highlighting how they can pump viscous product through a
  • T Series Specialty Pump
    T Series Specialty Pump 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy; Flow rates to 438 gph (1657 L/hr), differential pressures to 200 psi (13.8 bar), system pressures to 500 psi (34.5 bar), temperatures to 350°F (176°C), viscosities to 2000 cps
  • Process and Wastewater Treatment
    Process and Wastewater Treatment

    The treatment of process water can have a substantial and serious impact on a facility’s bottom line results in the short term as well as over the life of the equipment.

  • Process Safety Systems
    Process Safety Systems With over two decades of safety technology experience, Siemens has been a reliable industry partner providing solutions for SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) applications. We can offer the largest portfolio of SIL 3 IEC 61508 certified products of any automation supplier.
  • DualPro - Heat Treat
    DualPro - Heat Treat The DualPro is a dual-loop process controller
  • Scraper Strainers
    Scraper Strainers Acme Engineering Products, Inc. introduced their line of automatic scraper-strainers. The
  • Automated Task Tracking System
    Automated Task Tracking System MMS-TaskMaster is an automated system that lets operations staff and engineers make sure that tasks are completed on time and by the right people using the right procedures
  • Magnetostrictive Probe
    Magnetostrictive Probe Offering precise level measurement in a variety of storage vessels, the Model 1002 MSP magnetostrictive probe is designed for applications with clean and finished products
  • Zircon Level Sensing System The Zircon uses RF capacitance technology to measure point level in highly viscous or sticky liquids, bulk solids, moisturized powders, and slurries
  • High Energy Venturi Scrubber
    High Energy Venturi Scrubber The High Energy Venturi Scrubber is suitable to capture small particles between 0.5 and 3 microns
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
    Residual Gas Analyzer The VGQ series consists of low cost, general-purpose
  • Spectrometer
    Spectrometer The AAnalyst 100 spectrometer includes a double-beam optical system, automated wavelength and slit selection, a burner system, and a large sample compartment
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