• Level Sensor/Pump Controller Package CPC-2 is a duplex pump controller designed to work with the Metritape sensor’s variable resistance output
  • Flow Field Units TM10, DP20

    Whether your flow application is gas or liquid, Accutech field units provide a selection of options for measuring volumetric flow rate and totalised volume.

  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers Superchanger plate and frame heat exchangers from Tranter, Inc. feature a practical and efficient design...
  • NMR Fingerprinting NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy is an analytical technique that can quantitatively evaluate the carbon functional group composition
  • Plant Management System MMS-OnTarget! gives plant operations staff the ability to set up operating limits for a process unit
  • U.S. TSCA Inventory Database The company offers the TSCA Tracker Version 2.0 which includes a major enhancement to the software’s “String Search” feature.
  • In-Line Sampling Valve CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media.
  • Compact EW seals All welded construction, no bolt, gasketless design meets EPA 1990 Clean Air Act standards
  • Digital Multimeters The company, a world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, offers the Model 89 Series IV digital multimeter designed with the most advanced feature set to meet the needs of plant maintenance, electrical, control and process technicians.
  • Financial-Based Maintenance/Inspection Planning Course The company announces it's first course on Financial Risk Analysis for Planning Major Maintenance.
  • Emissions Solutions To enable plant operators to comply with ever-tightening safety, clean air and fugitive emission regulations, the company offers a selection of products which are specially designed to address the flow control needs of these users.
  • Rack and Pinion Actuators The company’s CSR Rack and Pinion Actuators feature corrosion resistant housings and end caps protected by an internal and external ceramic epoxy resin impregnated into the aluminum surface.
  • Rod Pump Replacement Parts We stock a complete line of API replacement parts for sucker rod insert pumps and tubing pumps
  • Information Management Solution Advant Enterprise Historian provides manufacturers with unparalleled access to plant-wide and corporate-wide data from business, production and control systems
  • RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes Adwest Technologies' RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Systems provide cost effective VOC abatement for large flow capacity (LFC) VOC laden processes from 60,000 to 80,000 cfm flowrates
  • Air Quality Consulting Trinity's air quality consulting credentials are, in a word, unmatched
  • DT-8300 Digital Ranges 50 to 450°F (-50 to 250°C) or 400 to 1500°F (200 to 800°C)
  • Longitudinal Fintubes A line of longitudinal fintubes includes longitudinal solid and longitudinal perforated designs
  • PC-Based Respirator-Selector Program The 3M Select Software SS program is a CD-ROM that contains information on the manufacturer's wide line of respirator products...
  • Activated-carbon Tester The activated carbon (AC) test apparatus is based on measuring adsorption heat.
  • UL Day Tanks A two hour fire protected day tank as tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • System 57 Takes Control Of Fire And Gas Zellweger Analytics offers a wide range of control systems from simple single channel systems to custom made multi
  • Risk Management/ Industrial Process Safety Trinity’s industrial safety services group, RISC, brings a cadre of world-class specialists dedicated exclusively to these areas
  • Market Managers Market Managers are Right Angle’s link to the liquid hydrocarbons industry
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Switch The Spectra 12T is a mechanical temperature switch designed for corrosive or explosion-proof applications found throughout the chemical processing industry
  • GAM 400 mobile bench-top mass spectrometer
  • Regard Gas Monitoring System Regard is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-driven, modular gas monitoring system
  • Cryolab Vacuum Jacketed Valves CHEM SHOW ’99: The Cryolab CV8 vacuum jacketed cryogenic valve series is engineered for use in liquid hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen systems.
  • Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions - for Hydrocarbon Processing

    Schneider Electric helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated, secure and reliable end-to-end Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions.

  • Series "K" Pneumatic Control Valve This Pneumatic Control Valve is designed for light industrial applications...
  • MVX Multivariable Smart Electronic Transmitter The new Barton MVX multivariable smart electronic transmitter not only provides process measurement variables
  • Dynamic Modeling Software For Plant Operations This Microsoft Windows 95/NT application assists with dynamic modeling throughout the plant operation and engineering organizations...
  • LO-CAT®

    The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

  • PRODOK 4.5 Engineering Software I&C-CAE System PRODOK 4.5 offers users features for BASIC engineering, functional design and document management...
  • Natural Gas Training The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training
  • Polytron IR The Polytron IR is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air
  • Multiple Kit Cats Among recent product announcements from EBPI are the two-page "Toxi-ChromePad Test Kit,"...
  • Desalination Technology

    Aquatech can supply ANY technology that is available in the world today to tackle desalination issues

  • Weighfeeders The Series 400 Weighfeeders are used to add lime during the water treatment process
  • PP 1: Hydrotreating/Hydrocracking Reactors PP-1 (hydrotreating/hydrocracking reactors) is a bench-scale reactor system that consists of two reactors, an interstage sampler, a high pressure separator, a continous distillation column, and a stabilizer
  • R5 Series - Oil Recirculating The modular, simply designed Busch R5 series, rotary vane vacuum pumps are single stage, air-cooled, and direct
  • Reformers SFPC has developed an incremental kinetic model of the reforming process for a variety of feed stocks
  • Reciprocating Equipment Dresser-Rand's positive displacement reciprocating gas compressors are computer-designed and precision-built
  • Thermal Oxidizers NAO thermal oxidizers, convert combustible wastes to carbon dioxide, water vapor and innocuous components, safely and dependably. Every unit is a completely packaged, fully integrated waste-disposal system.
  • Metrology Xplorer Web Server The new Metrology Xplorer Web server allows users to browse their calibration database and retrieve MET/CAL, 5500/CAL and MET/TRACK data over the Internet or corporate intranet...
  • Medical Exams Beacon creates job-focused, cost-effective exam protocols that ensure regulatory compliance and relevant health assessment of your employees
  • Hydraulic Operated Ramps The EHO Series Ramp provides access to the top of the vehicle at any point along the full length of the rack
  • Expanded Metal Expanded Metal products have hundreds of applications
  • Two Component Epoxy Resin The company’s flexible two component epoxy resin system, EP21LV, has obtained full USP Class VI Certification for the assembly of disposable and reusable medical devices.
  • Driver Set This driver set is designed to easily integrate the Masoneilan Smart Valve Interface (SVI) Digital Positioner and Controller to existing or planned Asset Management Solutions (AMS)
  • API Process Pump Upgrades This company offers upgrades, retrofits, and re-rates for singles stage overhung process pumps
  • R-Series Segment Ball Rotary Control Valves A trunnion mounted segment rotary control valve with spring-loaded metal seats, the R-Series has a one-piece body that eliminates the effects of piping forces
  • Mid Infrared Spectrometer The world’s fastest and only available imaging spectrometer in the Mid Infrared region for Online Process Control
  • 56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer

    The Smart Way to pH
    56 Advanced Input Analyzer - Click here for an informative article on Smart pH!

  • Detonation/Flame Arrestors Detonation Arrestors deflecting baffle detonation breakers put the brakes on sonic and supersonic velocity detonation waves.
  • Ozone Sensors At high concentration levels ozone is toxic, which makes the company’s ozone sensors invaluable.
  • Control Software The Advant system offers three control packages that provide optimal implementation approaches
  • XP Series Variable Frequency Drives Current VFD horsepower range for the XP Series Variable Frequency Drives is from fractional up to higher horsepower ratings 600v or less. Additionally, the XP Series is UL listed for safety code compliance
  • Ground Flare This ground flare technology concept is comprised of three principal items, the burner, the windfence and the refractory lining
  • Distributed Control System, Siemens PCS7

    SIMATIC PCS 7 is more than only a DCS (Distributed Control System). Our innovative process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 combines a unique scalable architecture with high performance engineering tools and comprehensive additional functions such as Alarm Management, Process Safety or Asset Management, so that you can operate your plant more efficiently.

  • Pilot/Ignition Systems If a flare cannot be ignited reliably and a stable flame maintained at all times to burn a waste gas or offgas, we do not have a flare, we have a vent pipe -- where heavy unburned hydrocarbons and other combustible gases can descend to grade level and become ignited to produce a flashback, a fire, and possibly a catastrophic explosion.
  • PFA and FEP Linings The PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and FEP (fluorinated ethylene-propylene) primary valve lining materials are used because of their chemical inertness.
  • Flare Pilots The Hot Rod flare pilot system with by-pass fuel jets has an inverted nozzle arrangement, with top and bottom diversion plates, was designed to allow the spent nozzle gas to continuously clean the pilot nozzle
  • Sapphire Liquid Level Sensing System With a dual compartment housing, manual loop test (in addition to a continuous self-test), easy installation, and a low installed cost, the Sapphire is well suited for ultrasonic point level measurement
  • API Gravity Oil / Water Separators

    The SUEZ poseidon® gravity Oil/Water separators are fabricated in different stainless steel grades, designed to meet strict industry standards, and facilitate compliance to environemntal regulations. SUEZ poseidon® API Oil/Water separators are prefabricated packaged units allowing for reduced installation costs.

  • PD meter Donovan Enterprises, Inc. introduces the PD meter
  • Jet Venturi Scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower
  • Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers Brochure A 12-page brochure on Gardner Denver's GDH series of heatless regenerative compressed air dryers from 50 to 2070 scfm is available from Gardner Denver
  • Gas Compressor Coolers Three stage Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) compressor package with compressor oil cooling loop incorporated into the air cooler
  • PI-Manual Logger (PI-ML) PI-Manual Logger is a PC based PI client application used to manually log data into the PI system that are not collected automatically from instruments and control systems.
  • Pressure Transmitters The rugged and compact D80 and D90 pressure transmitters are protected against humidity and condensation.
  • Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps The EV-2 and EV-3 metering pumps feature a special, heavy-duty design capable of handling all high-pressure chemical, viscous and slurry services.
  • Inducers Every Cryodynamics pump is fitted with a high solidity helical inducer as the first hydraulic stage...
  • Non-Linear Production System Combining the company’s StudioZ GT for SOFTIMAGE|DS with the SOFTIMAGE|DS application provides customers with an excellent non-linear production system (NLP) for creating, editing and finishing high-end productions.
  • Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps SandPIPER Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps (1 in. and larger) now feature ESADS+Plus, a tough, new air system...
  • Polish Rods Tri-alta manufactures and stocks a full line of Polish Rods for any application in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameters from 22' to 36' lengths
  • LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) The LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) package offers a complete positive displacement meter assembly
  • High -Temperature Plugging Service TDW Services, Inc., offers a plugging service designed specifically for 2" through 24" high-temperature steam piping
  • Web Content and Marketing Services As Websites become the central marketing “hub”, many companies face the challenge of how to provide the value that will keep customer and prospects coming back
  • TS 01 Temperature Transmitter SENSYCON, a division of Bailey-Fischer & Porter, is launching the new TS 01 HART-compatible Temperature Transmitter
  • Micro Flame Front Ignition The Micro Flame Front Ignition can be described as ignition at a distance; therefore, the sparking device is located out of the hot zone of the pilot prolonging its useful life
  • RP&C Class 1500 Globe Valves The RP&C Class 1500 forged steel globe valves are capable of delivering extended service under severe pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Single-Loop Temperature Controller Chromalox® announces availability of its new Model 2110 Single-Loop Temperature Controller, the only microprocessor-based controller of this type that can be configured and operated without programming.
  • Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom The Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom will "sorb" most non-aggressive liquids and is used in maintenance applications.
  • Abrasive Blasting & Coating Facility RedHawk Industries can blast and apply a variety of paint and epoxy coating systems at our fabrication facility.
  • Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  • Oxygen Oxygen can be supplied in three key ways: dedicated on-site cryogenic oxygen systems, PRISM® oxygen VSA
  • Steam Trap Monitoring Device BiTherm International's SteamWatch eliminates the need for external energy or human intervention in monitoring steam loss
  • Hose Arms The Hemco hose arm is a product that is used to support a hose in the process of connecting a tank truck or tank car
  • Covered Loading Racks These covered loading racks offer a pre-engineered complete package
  • Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • Heatflo Heatflo heat pipe air heaters recapture a portion of energy savings for the hydrocarbon processing industry with combustion air preheating.
  • Millennium SC1100 Catalytic Bead LEL Gas Detector

    The SC1100 Catalytic Bead gas detector continuously monitors your site for the presence of combustible gases. Net Safety's proprietary SensorGuard feature protects sensors from damage caused by extended exposure to high concentrations of combustible gas.

  • Mechanical Rotamix System The Rotamix System is a mechanical mixing system designed for complete tank mixing, in lieu of conventional gas or draft tube type mixing...
  • Mineral Processing Screens Johnson Mineral Processing Screens are said to have abrasion resistance, long wear life and high strength
  • TDW Pipeline Cleaning Services With over 50 years of expertice in the development
    of cleaning pig technology, TDW provides an
    aggressive line of
  • The Optimum Flammable Gas Detector ZellwegerAnalytics Ltd., the first choice for fixed and portable gas detection equipment, have launched the latest
  • GAA630-M Emission Monitoring System

    The GAA630-M is based on a dry and extractive approach. The system is designed as a two housing solution. The continuous gas analyzers are engineered to fit in a small footprint IP65 compact cabinet, while the sampling system is mounted in a separate IP65 enclosure. The design complies to IMO MARPOL ANNEX 14 Res. MEPC 177 (58) (NTC) & IMO MARPOL ANNEX 9 Res. MEPC 184 (59). The sampling system is based on a continuous extraction cooling device, removing the moisture from the sample gas. Both cabinets are equipped with antivibration devices to reduce vibrations effects, maximize measuring performance and extend lifetime of the analytical and pneumatic components

  • Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing

    Harness the power of innovative wireless technology for your oil and gas control instrumentation needs.

  • Globe Valves Newman's offers a complete line of forged "Safe-O-Seal" valves from 2 to 24 NPS in Class 600, 900, 1500 and 2500.