• A182 Cartridge Single Seal
    A182 Cartridge Single Seal The Chesterton® A182 Cartridge Single Seal is designed specifically for stringent refinery applications, meeting the API 682 Standard, Type A pusher seal requirements.
  • High Flow Filters Ultipleat high flow filters provide filtration for high flow rate applications using fewer elements and smaller housings, combined with a large filter cartridge diameter
  • Nitric Acid Catalysts
    Nitric Acid Catalysts Sabin offers total capability PGM recovery products and refining services – from mesh to machinery...
  • Material Procurement and Controls
    Material Procurement and Controls Material Procurement and Controls
  • Multipulse Trimec Multipulse Positive Displacement Flowmeters provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of liquids
  • Pump Series
    Pump Series The Stallion pump is specifically manufactured to transfer slurries with heavy solids content
  • OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers
    OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers The Carbonair OS series packed column air strippers are forced draft air stripping columns designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water.
  • TDW Pipeline Cleaning Services With over 50 years of expertice in the development
    of cleaning pig technology, TDW provides an
    aggressive line of
  • U.S. TSCA Inventory Database
    U.S. TSCA Inventory Database The company offers the TSCA Tracker Version 2.0 which includes a major enhancement to the software’s “String Search” feature.
  • International Travel Medicine Beacon’s travel medicine expertise and services help ensure the safety and health of the client’s international business travelers
  • CADWorx/PIPE 3.10 Software for Piping and Plant Design
    CADWorx/PIPE 3.10 Software for Piping and Plant Design CADWorx/PIPE 3.10 is AutoCAD-based software for piping and plant design...
  • Rotating Disc Valves
    Rotating Disc Valves The quick opening valve handles boiler blowdown, scale, chemicals, high pressures

    NEOSEP® is a new generation membrane bioreactor that uses enhanced biological treatment (activated sludge) and immersed membrane filtration to produce water quality suitable for recycle and reuse in municipal and industrial applications.

  • Process Transmitters
    Process Transmitters The Barton/Fuji FCX-A and FCX-C “smart” process transmitters provide accuracy and stability, as well as an analog-to-digital upgrade path
  • Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System
    Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System A Bundle Waveguide Technology system gives drift-free, obstructionless flow measurement of the most difficult liquids, gases and steam.
  • Sanitary Ball Valves
    Sanitary Ball Valves Two-Way Igenix Series 5 sanitary ball valves features swing out and lift out capabilities
  • Reciprocating Equipment Dresser-Rand's positive displacement reciprocating gas compressors are computer-designed and precision-built
  • Activated Carbon Absorber
    Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and LEL Neutralizing Chemicals
    Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and LEL Neutralizing Chemicals Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of chemical agents that bind with solvents and hydrocarbons. Once the chemical is absorbed, the vapor pressure and flammability begin to drop
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production
    Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production Sabin recovers and refines spent catalysts from pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries
  • Aquamove Mobile Water Treatment Solutions
    Aquamove Mobile Water Treatment Solutions Aquamove™ is a mobile water treatment service for water utilities requiring temporary or supplemental treatment equipment and industries using purified water for their production lines or utilities.
  • Transition Fittings Three CPVC-to-metal transition fittings are available that help professionals and do-it-yourself installers make proper, leak-free connections
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
    Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams SmartPlant P&ID is a rule-based engineering solution that creates intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and other schematic drawings while building a comprehensive data model.
  • Double Port Regulator
    Double Port Regulator Model 180/181 double port regulators provide sensitive control needed by vapor recovery systems operating at atmospheric pressure
  • PI-SMT (Server) The PI System Management Tools (PI-SMT) are a set of Microsoft Windows-based graphical applications that are used to administer the PI System from client PCs.
  • Abrasive Blasting & Coating Facility
    Abrasive Blasting & Coating Facility RedHawk Industries can blast and apply a variety of paint and epoxy coating systems at our fabrication facility.
  • Turbine Flowmeter
    Turbine Flowmeter CHEM SHOW ’99: The 1-inch turbine flowmeter embodies a unique PVDF and Ceramic construction designed to resist aggressive chemicals.
  • Series 1204 and 1304 Piston Sensor
    Series 1204 and 1304 Piston Sensor This explosion-proof differential pressure switch or gauge-switch is recommended for liquid service or gas service where diaphragm sensors are incompatible with process fluids...
  • Industrial Gas Optimization
    Industrial Gas Optimization Air Products has developed a program to provide optimization services for industrial gas users
  • Turnkey Design, Fabrication & Installation
    Turnkey Design, Fabrication & Installation MicroEnergy Systems, Inc.'s staff of professional engineers, designers, and skilled technicians provide turnkey systems for complex energy & environmental programs.
  • CY3000 Cyclone Particle Collector
    CY3000 Cyclone Particle Collector The CY3000 Cyclone Particle Collector helps to protect sensitive environment by collecting and analyzing emitted particles...
  • Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Purification Process
    Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Purification Process Monoethylene glycol (MEG) purification process purifies the spent MEG produced during the polycondensation of the PTA/MEG ester
  • FCC Diagnostic Services The company specializes in the use of radioisotope and infrared technologies to provide on-line process investigation studies.
  • High Precision and High Speed Pressure Transmitters
    High Precision and High Speed Pressure Transmitters The high-precision pressure transmitters P-10 and P-11 ensure reproducible and highly precise measuring values up to 0.05%.
  • Pilot Extraction Columns
    Pilot Extraction Columns A broad range of laboratory and pilot plant liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) equipment is available to assist
  • In-Situ Gas Analyzer
    In-Situ Gas Analyzer The company has developed an in-situ gas analyzer based on telecom laser technology for measuring right at the heart of industrial processes.
  • Type UW-4
    Type UW-4 This Ducon Patented UW-4 Scrubber is a maintenance free unit, complete with integral wet fan, achieving high efficiency with medium pressure drop in applications involving heavy dust loads, and abrasive materials.
    TUF-LITE &TUF-LITE II Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite II fans are designed and manufactured of molded FRP to provide high efficiency axial flow fans for heat exchanger and cooling tower applications.
  • Protective Caps
    Protective Caps V-Gard protective caps and hats consist of a polyethylene shell and suspension system
  • The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems
    The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems Offer An Economical Method Of Pressurized Liquid Filtration
  • Two Gallon PowerMix
    Two Gallon PowerMix

    The Model PD-2 two-gallon PowerMix is for the development of viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow and high speed agitation

  • Small Radar Sensors
    Small Radar Sensors The company, a market leader in radar level measuring, offers a generation of small 4-20 mA two-wire radar sensors with a mounting thread of only 1½ in.
  • Engineering Visualization
    Engineering Visualization SmartPlant Review delivers in-depth analysis and review of complex 3D modules during engineering design, construction, retrofit, or maintenance.
  • Product Terminals
    Product Terminals Besides the daily design and maintenance functions at product terminals, PEI has extensive experience with designing fire protection systems, including direct negotiations with the local fire departments
  • CAESAR II Piping System Design and Stress Analysis CAESAR II incorporates capabilities from piping codes to expansion joint, valve and flange, and structural data bases to structural and buried pipe modeling, to equipment and vessel nozzle evaluation, to spectrum and time history analysis
  • Type A Pinch Valve
    Type A Pinch Valve Type A Pinch Valve is the original pneumatic valve consisting of two-piece body and an elastomer sleeve...
  • Industrial Gas Analyzer
    Industrial Gas Analyzer The Xentra 4000C is the latest version of the company’s Industrial Gas Analyzer.
  • Multi-Stage System
    Multi-Stage System This multi-stage system is designed for contaminated gas
  • Hood with Polycoated Tyvek
    Hood with Polycoated Tyvek The Hood with Polycoated Tyvek is used on Air-Mate HEPA, Breathe Easy and Supplied Air Hood Systems.
  • Plant Data Access
    Plant Data Access Web-enabled SmartPlant Explorer makes design and engineering information readily available using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Custom-Engineered Packages
    Custom-Engineered Packages We specialize in custom-engineered packages
  • Kneader Extruder
    Kneader Extruder The kneader extruder, from Charles Ross & Son, combines a double-arm mixer with an extrusion...
  • Engineering Services
    Engineering Services SFPC / Linde's commitment to continually improve the technology and operating efficiencies of our furnace designs is the cornerstone of our success
  • Mixproof Valve
    Mixproof Valve G&H Products Corp. has introduced the SMP-SC-PMO Mixproof Valve, a new single-bodied mixproof valve that complies with the
  • Pentair Dualsep™
    Pentair Dualsep™

    Two efficient filter elements joined together on one core make up DualSep™. Compax®, a proven industry leader in particulate filtration with more surface area than its competitors and APEX®, the tapered coalescing element which keeps annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element. The annular space on the outside of APEX® gradually increases from the bottom to top of the element, keeping pace with the external gas flow as it exited the element.

  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve with Pipe-Away Feature
    Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve with Pipe-Away Feature Model 1220A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve with Pipe-Away Feature is used for pressure and vacuum relief where
    CAEPIPE CAEPIPE is an integrated system of software that performs linear and non-linear static and dynamic analyses, and design of three dimensional piping systems in accordance with ANSI B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8, BS 806, Canadian (Z183 and Z184), RCC-M, SNCT, Norwegian, Swedish, Stoomwezen, ASME Section III Classes 2 and 3 codes
  • M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter
    M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter

    Net Safety’s Millennium II BASIC (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

  • ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve
    ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve The ARI-"ZESA" offers you functionality and reliability under even the most demanding conditions.
  • DESS Design/Management Suite
    DESS Design/Management Suite DESS is an integrated software package for the design, management, and optimization of electrical distribution systems...
  • 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator The 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator allows process technicians to simulate, source and measure a host of variables, including mA, voltage, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency and resistance...
  • Rentals & Emergency Services
    Rentals & Emergency Services Self-contained systems, ready for emergency response to leaks and spills, plant turnarounds, capacity upgrades, soil remediation/reclamation projects.
  • Merger and Acquisition Services Analysts can assist in evaluation of M&A initiatives, providing market intelligence that is often unavailable to in-house staff
  • Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions
    Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions The company has produced a brochure that provides an overview of the company’s Control Systems group, which integrates and manufactures products related to SCADA, telemetry, power equipment integration, automation and measurement.
  • High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's high pressure liquid phase carbon vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with engineering standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator
    Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator

    The Envirex Folded Flow® DAF system’s simple and innovative design “folds” the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced, resulting in a higher hydraulic loading rate.

  • Plant Data Warehouse
    Plant Data Warehouse Notia is a commercially available, process industry-standard data warehouse using a business object data model for plant information management.
  • Polymer Adhesive
    Polymer Adhesive Polymer Adhesive EP21ND is a two component epoxy adhesive for general purpose bonding
  • Natural Gas Training The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training
  • Air/Gas Driven Chemical Injection Pumps
    Air/Gas Driven Chemical Injection Pumps This company hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of a range of air driven liquid pumps
  • Data Instruments Pressure & Displacement Transducers, Linear & Rotary Position Transducers
  • Pneumatic Actuator
    Pneumatic Actuator The company offers Access, an integral pneumatic actuator, and accessories package , with full digital protocol compatibility to DeviceNet, Modbus or AS-interface(ASI) networks.
  • PlantScape System Traditionally, hybrid control meant being able to control batch, continuous, and high speed discrete/machine operations
  • Digital Thermometers
    Digital Thermometers The 50 Series II Digital Thermometers are small, fast and accurate, and feature an exceptionally large dual display with a bright backlight.
  • LGA 522
    LGA 522 lamp gas analyzer for the analysis of lamp fillings
  • Differential Products
    Differential Products Daniel Senior® Orifice Fittings offer easy, rapid removal and/or replacement of orifice plate without interrupting line flow
  • Genetic Analysis Tool
    Genetic Analysis Tool The MBA 2000 system is a productivity tool for genetic analysis, biotechnology and
  • Evaluation Services Evaluation Services employs the expertise of Cetek’s own and UOP’s fired heater specialists to determine the benefits to be gained from using the range of coating services offered
  • Immersion Heater Packages The new intelliTHERM is a series of 2 ½” screw plug immersion heater packages with integral closed loop control...
  • Product Services Dresser-Rand provides technical support, as well as parts, field service, repairs, and overhauls
  • Multielement Analysis Spectrometer
    Multielement Analysis Spectrometer The Model 4110 ZL is an automated, sequential, multielement analysis system using THGA technology
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
    Gas Compressor Coolers Three stage Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) compressor package with compressor oil cooling loop incorporated into the air cooler
  • Heli-Drill Capabilities
    Heli-Drill Capabilities The Heli-Drill technology is specifically designed to assist in source point drilling and soil sampling
  • Bearing Reliability
    Bearing Reliability Bearing reliability can be greatly improved by using the correct grease, applied in the correct time and amount.
  • Fluke 744 Documenting Process Calibrator
    Fluke 744 Documenting Process Calibrator Until now, instrument technicians have had to use two separate units to calibrate and maintain HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) transmitters
  • Gas Turbines
    Gas Turbines Dresser-Rand, a recognized leader in gas turbine packaging, offers a variety of gas turbines which support the driver needs of its various centrifugal compressor product lines.
  • Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS)
    Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS)

    Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS’s) provide economical and effective removal of oil and solids from wastewater by gravity, in a smooth, efficient automatic flow. With thousands of installations in operation, this proven design has no moving parts and provides consistent operating results for simple and better separation.

  • Wireless Data Logger For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring
    Wireless Data Logger For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring Dickson D250 and D251 Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring offer flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever, and are ideal for Gas and Petroleum processors seeking easy-to-use tools for better process control
  • Process Gas Chromatograph System
    Process Gas Chromatograph System A "plug and play" process gas chromatograph system, designated the Advance Maxum, features modular oven and electronic components as well as software and communication networks.
  • Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery System
    Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery System The Kaldair hydrocarbon vapor recovery system is designed to turn environmental responsibilities into opportunities.
  • Polish Rods Tri-alta manufactures and stocks a full line of Polish Rods for any application in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameters from 22' to 36' lengths
  • Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauges
    Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauges Designed for heavy duty service in process and industrial applications such as chemical, petrochemical, power, food processing and biotechnology.
  • Infrared Predryers for Fabrics and Nonwovens Make Process Speed Gains Possible Manufacturers of textiles and nonwovens can increase the speed of many heat-processing operations by adding infrared...
  • Actuator-Ready Ball Valve
    Actuator-Ready Ball Valve The Apollo AR actuator-ready ball valves are shipped without handles and feature an ISO-5211 style mounting pad to simplify actuator mounting.
  • Mid Infrared Spectrometer
    Mid Infrared Spectrometer The world’s fastest and only available imaging spectrometer in the Mid Infrared region for Online Process Control
  • API Consoles
    API Consoles We have provided an economical solution to OEM’s who were searching for an assembly shop to relieve their
  • Stabilized Enzymes and Selected Bacterial Strains B200 is described as containing a blend of enzymes and fresh bacterial strains developed and adapted to digest non-biodegradable compounds...
  • MMS-TaskMaster
    MMS-TaskMaster MMS-TaskMaster is a tool that helps operations personnel and engineers manage to-do lists and associated checksheets by making sure tasks are performed consistently
  • Micropower Impulse Radar
    Micropower Impulse Radar The Barton TankScan MIR (Micropower Impulse Radar) direct level measurement system incorporates a fully solid state sensor for high resolution continuous sensing of tank fluid level
  • Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing
    Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing

    Harness the power of innovative wireless technology for your oil and gas control instrumentation needs.

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