• Custom and Standard Bushings GRAPHALLOY ® Bushings are available in over 100 grades of material
  • SC311 Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor

    The SC311 delivers the latest technology advancements in infrared sensing of flammable gases in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments. Hydrocarbon gas LEL detection is fast, reliable and highly accurate with only periodic bump testing recommended and a simple annual calibration sequence. A full 5 year warranty is included with a typical sensor life of 8-10 years.

  • New Wear Strip for Sludge Collector Tracks FMC has developed a new, non-metallic floor rail system to compliment its J-Track non-metallic return track system. C-Rail...
  • Oxygen Oxygen can be supplied in three key ways: dedicated on-site cryogenic oxygen systems, PRISM® oxygen VSA
  • Hose Arms The Hemco hose arm is a product that is used to support a hose in the process of connecting a tank truck or tank car
  • NOx Reduction Technology Video This comprehensive video features NOx reduction technologies designed for coal, oil and gas-fired burners used by utility and industrial plants...
  • Hand-Held Sensor Kit The Hand-Held Sensor Kit is offered complete with the company’s L472 Digital Thermocouple Thermometer, separate detachable handle thermocouples, integral handle thermocouples and other accessories contained in a convenient carrying case.
  • Pipeline Pig Tracking The Directional Geo-Phone is a means by which field personnel can track a pipeline pig
  • Gamma Scanning and Radioactive Tracing The Process Diagnostic Division of the company evaluates the online performance of distillation columns, heat exchangers, reactors, and other process equipment.
  • Scalable Process System The Delta V Scalable System is designed to fully integrate "smart plant" capabilities
  • Barton ScanWin Windows Software ScanWin software provides easy-to-use user-interface and configuration software for Barton’s line of Scanner EFM/RTU flow computers for field operators, production engineers and marketing analysis
  • Metal CoFlo Tray Our newest trademark, the Metal CoFlo Tray, is a gas-liquid contacting device for use in distillation, absorption and stripping columns.
  • Zircon Level Sensing System The Zircon uses RF capacitance technology to measure point level in highly viscous or sticky liquids, bulk solids, moisturized powders, and slurries
  • SmartPlant Explorer Web-enabled SmartPlant Explorer makes design and engineering information available using Microsoft Internet Explorer...
  • LIQUISEP® Liquid-Liquid Separation Technology

    LiquiSep® technology has been implemented specifically to help separate emulsions that are not separable by conventional coalescers. Conventional coalescers are unable to provide the degree clarity associated with LiquiSep® technology due to the inability to capture and remove the most penetrating droplets that cause carry-over. LIQUISEP® can separate these dispersed and emulsified droplets from the hydrocarbon to practically nondetectable levels. Advances in the technology now permit horizontal installations, further reducing capital cost. The effluent from a typical LiquiSep® separation consist of two separate phases. One phase is a clear product hydrocarbon stream, and the second phase is a clear product aqueous stream.

  • Perforated Metal MarCo Specialty Steel is your prime source for "in stock" Perforated Metal
  • Di-225-PQ - Industrial Handheld Computing Platform The Di-225-PQ offers a powerful industrial mobile computing platform, particularly suited to users with field service, warehousing, inspection or other paper replacement applications.

    The 1/4 VGA size screen offers both keyboard and pen based data entry options, and has been selected to optimise both indoor and outdoor use. The incorporation of an embedded barcode or RFID reader and wireless connectivity further enhance its suitability for all manner of demanding field services, warehousing, and inspection applications.
    In addition, the Di-225-PQ has been customised and applied to the areas of automotive diagnostics and SPC data collection.
  • Process Transmitters Model 88C/D Full featured field adjustable transmitter suitable for use in process and industrial applications
  • 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator The 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator allows process technicians to simulate, source and measure a host of variables, including mA, voltage, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency and resistance...
  • Organic Oil Solidifier/Encapsulator HTP is an organic, non-toxic, non-biodegradable, lightweight hydrocarbon absorbent that is effective to use for spill control in a variety of industries, including pulp and paper
  • Right Angle Right Angle™ is an Integrated Trade Management Solution for the Liquid Hydrocarbons Industry
  • Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System A Bundle Waveguide Technology system gives drift-free, obstructionless flow measurement of the most difficult liquids, gases and steam.
  • Hairpin Heat Exchangers Based on modular principles, individual hairpin sections are arranged in proper series, parallel, or series-parallel combinations to achieve the required duty.
  • Particulate Respirator 8511 This Particulate Respirator 8511, N95 is uniquely designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker protection.
  • Transition Fittings Three CPVC-to-metal transition fittings are available that help professionals and do-it-yourself installers make proper, leak-free connections
  • Low-Pressure Manual Drip Trap The 246 series manually operated drip traps collect and remove condensate from biogas, which is necessary for protecting piping and equipment from potential damage from corrosion
  • Metal Fatigue And Fracture Mechanics Training Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), is pleased to announce a course on Metal Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics to be held September 22-24, 1999 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • CT4000 OEM Gas Analyzer

    Cascade’s CT4000 system monitors in real time NO, NO2, SO2, CH4, H2O, CO and CO2 levels in ambient environments of up to 70 °C and gas temperatures of 190 °C. Applications for this system include ship emissions monitoring, power plant emissions monitoring, engine management, engine combustion tools, engine health management and carbon trading.

  • Scanner 1131 EFM/RTU Flow Computer Scanner 1131 features improved computation ability and remote terminal unit (RTU) functionality
  • Demineralized Water Systems

    SUEZ' Demineralized Water Systems are custom engineered in accordance with industry codes and owners’ specific requirements, and manufactured to exacting standards, all to produce the highest purity demineralized water for a broad range of industrial applications.

  • Ultra-Frac Technology Ultra-Frac trays from Koch-Glitsch provide phenomenal capacity advantages over conventional trays
  • Nitrogen/Sulfur GC Detector The Model 7090 Nitrogen/Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (CLND/SCD) from ANTEK Instruments is the only simultaneous nitrogen/sulfur chemiluminescence detector for GC and SFC
  • Gastech 1238ME Hydrocarbon Surveyor The Gastech 1238ME Hydrocarbon Surveyor is a Highly-sensitive, portable instrument with a dual-range indicator for LEL and PPM hydrocarbon levels
  • Fuel Cell Catalysts Sabin keeps the fuel cell revolution turning with fast turnaround recovery and refining of precious metals from spent fuel cell catalysts...
  • ISA: Miniature Data Loggers These high resolution (16 bit) data loggers come in a small size (54 x 35 x 15)to suit a variety of applications...
  • Gamma Scanning & Column Troubleshooting When a process column develops a problem, your engineering and operations personnel need to know what is happening with the tower
  • FCC Test Run Services Refining Process Services has perfected the art of reactor effluent overhead line sampling (often called Reaction Mix Sampling or RMS) so that the difficult task of accurately determining yields from your FCC operat ion can be overcome
  • Type A Pinch Valve Type A Pinch Valve is the original pneumatic valve consisting of two-piece body and an elastomer sleeve...
  • Vapor Control Units NAO vapor control units oxidize volatile emissions from gasoline, benzene and other flammable gases -- at ship-, barge- and tank-car terminals.
  • Distance, Area and Volume Laser Measurement Tool The LEM 30 tool measures distance, area and volume without contact within a range of 8 in. (0.2m) to 100 ft. (>30m) without reflector...
  • Smart Pilot Technologies Plasma Resonance Flame Detection, Plasma Ignition Technology, Micro Flame Front Technology
  • Level Field Units - GL10 Gauge, SL 10 Submersible & FL 10 Float Level

    Accutech accommodates most level applications with a selection of hydrostatic pressure and float level field units that are available in flexible mounting variants, including integrated, remote and submersible sensor.

  • IRaptor Ruggedized, Portable Camera Kaldair's newest product, the KalCam IRaptor uses microbolometer infrared technology to detect hotspots, liquid levels, potential stress points, refractory fall-away, and countless other problem areas.
  • Heavy-Duty Gas Compressor The HOS Compressors are engineered for higher horsepower applications
  • Control Systems Established in 1959, Dresser-Rand Control Systems designs and manufactures high quality, reliable, state-of-the-art control systems for
  • Support for Corporate Management Beacon combines its medical expertise with understanding of the corporate environment to support the client’s various internal operations
  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps Liquiflo Equipment Company unveiled a new series of Centry centrifugal pumps and a new Vantage series of positive displacement rotary pumps
  • 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator The 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator is designed to protect the worker against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases
  • Multiplex System Perstorp Analytical's NIRSystems Process Analytics Bundle Multiplex System combines an industrially hardened on-line spectrophotmeter with a patented optical switching system
  • neles ValvGuard Safety System and ESD Valves The neles ValvGuard testing and monitoring system for emergency valve applications is a new generation safety and management system
  • Rentals & Emergency Services Self-contained systems, ready for emergency response to leaks and spills, plant turnarounds, capacity upgrades, soil remediation/reclamation projects.
  • WATERTRAK™ Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis uses a semi-permeable spiral wound element to remove up to 99% of dissolved solids and bacteria from the feed water source
  • Critical Transmitter XTC Critical Transmitter is a pressure transmitter developed for critical processes
  • Four-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter The 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter offers all the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter in a two-wire design.
  • Ceramic Fiber Modules Ceramic fiber modules are for furnaces with electric heating elements
  • 656T Temperature Transmitters 656T contains two temperature transmitters in a single, inch-wide device...
  • PI Client Applications - Overview Delivering Live, Streaming Plant Information to The Industrial Desktop
  • Ethylene And Refinery Spent Caustic

    In the last 10 years, we have successfully installed over two dozen spent caustic wet oxidation systems, with capacities varying from 0.5 to 18.5 m3/h (2 to 81 gpm). Our systems are the industry standard and are included in many of the new world-scale ethylene plants.

  • Web Viewer Service Web Viewer Service is designed to convert TPS GlobalUser Station (GUS) operator displays into Web images that become populated with process data from Uniformance Information Management System...
  • Pleated Backwash Filters Septra backwash filters provide removal of contaminants from liquid process streams using fewer filter elements and a compact system than is typically required in water and chemical process applications
  • In-Line Sampling Valve CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media.
  • PI-Batch (Server) The PI-Batch server system detects and records batch activity.
  • G-150 Tube Testing Gun G-150 Tube Testing Guns are designed to pneumatically test individual tubes in a heat exchanger for pinhole leaks.
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Products

    Aquatech's wide range of water treatment technologies makes us one of the only companies in the world that can take single point responsibility on an industrial water treatment project.

  • V-41380 Capacity: 90,000 gallons
  • Advanced Paramagnetic Oxygen Transmitter The APX Advanced Paramagnetic Oxygen Transmitter is specially designed with advanced background gas compensation that makes it suitable for applications with defined or undefined hydrocarbon gases including vapor recovery, flare gas and refinery gas.
  • Air Preparation Accessories The RuppTech Filter/Regulator supplies clean, dry, air to optimize diaphragm pump operation and service life...
  • Refining/Petrochemical Processing Screens Catalytic reforming, ammonia conversion, hydrodesulpherization, isomerization, and styrene dehydrogenation are typical processes using Johnson screens
  • Protective Carrying Case Optional protective carrying cases help maintain both the integrity and cleanliness of test measures during moving and storage.
  • GCMS-QP2010 The QP2010 provides optimum performance analysis for all GCMS measurements. High-speed GCMS capability and optimum separation are standard with every QP2010...
  • Actuators & Positioners

    Our ever-expanding family of products includes a complete line of actuators, positioners, damper drives, and converters with a variety of features and functions. Whether electric or pneumatic, intelligent or conventional, part-turn or linear movement - ABB is your supplier of choice

  • Gas Chromatograph System Workstation

    The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system uses a personal computer (PC)-based, network workstation for programming and data processing.

  • Turbo Equipment Dresser-Rand offers products including multistage turbocompressors, pipeline boosters, hot gas expanders
  • The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems Offer An Economical Method Of Pressurized Liquid Filtration
  • Endura AZ20

    The Endura Combustion Gas Oxygen Analyzer AZ20 is the latest in a long line of high-quality, combustion gas analyzers from ABB. The sensor, based on a zirconium oxide cell, is mounted at the tip of the probe that is inserted in the flue duct.

  • Stroke-to-GO Cylinder Switches Stroke-to-GO Cylinder highly durable switches provide accurate end-of-stroke position indication on pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders...
  • Petroleum Sorbent Roll The Petroleum Sorbent Roll, High Capacity is a selective sorbent which will "sorb" hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous based liquids (hydrophobic).
  • Non-Ferrous BiRotor Meter This compact, non-ferrous BiRotor meter is available in a variety of flange configurations permitting versatility in any piping arrangement
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Switch The Spectra 12T is a mechanical temperature switch designed for corrosive or explosion-proof applications found throughout the chemical processing industry
  • Beta Chemical Metering Pumps The beta pump series is a solenoid-driven, diaphragm-type metering pump that is microprocessor based and has external access to options...
  • ISA: Remote Monitoring System Messenger 570, a remote monitoring system, combines high-speed data, recordable voice, and fax communications mode in a single unit...
  • Pilot / Ignitor Design If a flare cannot be ignited reliably and a stable flame maintained at all times to burn a waste gas or offgas, it is not have a flare, it is a vent pipe- where heavy unburned hydrocarbons and other combustible gases can descend to grade level and become ignited to produce a flashback, a fire, and possibly a catastrophic explosion.
  • Air Separation Membrane System The HPLC7000 air separation membrance system from MG Generon utilizes a computerized process control system to generate...
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES Pro Plus, Inc. is a full service professional plus engineering corporation serving the energy, telecommunications and related industries
  • The X-Force Conveyor is a Differential Horizontal Motion Conveyor The X-Force(r) Conveyor, from Food Engineering Corporation, is a differential horizontal motion conveyor. The slow advance, quick return motion...
  • FCC Diagnostic Services The company specializes in the use of radioisotope and infrared technologies to provide on-line process investigation studies.
  • Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Thermflo Thermflo tank and vessel heaters can replace conventional fire-tube heaters burning natural gas providing efficient reliable and safe heating of oil storage tanks, treaters, reboilers, free-water-knock-out drums and line heaters.
  • CADWorx/PIPE CADWorx/PIPE has been developed by designers and engineers for designers and engineers
  • Two Gallon PowerMix

    The Model PD-2 two-gallon PowerMix is for the development of viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow and high speed agitation

  • Biofilm Removal Chemicals Johnson Screens' family of well-cleaning chemicals include
  • Motorola TCO Mobility Toolkit: Looking Beyond Acquisition Consumer-class devices simply can't compete with rugged, enterprise grade mobile devices — especially for enterprise, field-based applications. With budget cuts and capital investment challenges, you need to make every dollar count today, and tomorrow. Motorola has answers. Our TCO Mobility Toolkit, including four downloadable resources, will provide the answers you need to justify — and protect — your investments.
  • M21 Transmitter

    The Millennium II (M21) single channel universal transmitters have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that managers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation, even in the most extreme conditions. The Millennium II redefines what you expect from a fixed gas detection solution.

  • Flash Point Flash Point Monitor Models 45607D and 45607H
  • CAESAR II Piping System Design and Stress Analysis CAESAR II incorporates capabilities from piping codes to expansion joint, valve and flange, and structural data bases to structural and buried pipe modeling, to equipment and vessel nozzle evaluation, to spectrum and time history analysis
  • Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System For field alignments of rotating equipment-even where intrinsically safe instruments are required, the Rotalign Pro is water-, shock- and dust-proof
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Unifin’s air cooler products typically consist of a bundle of finned tubes, or core, fabricated most often with “Hifin” tubing which offers a combination of ruggedness and thermal efficiency.
  • Wireless Data Logger For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring Dickson D250 and D251 Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring offer flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever, and are ideal for Gas and Petroleum processors seeking easy-to-use tools for better process control
  • MEGRA Multiphase Flow Meter The Daniel "MEGRA" Multiphase Flow is a unique flow metering device capable of measuring the individual flow-rates of oil, gas and water in a three-phase fluid flow
  • Protocol Inspector Application Protocol Inspector, Standard Edition, is a Windows-based software application designed for network analysis, monitoring tools and troubleshooting protocol interoperability...