• ISA: The Petrolab Minivap On-Line The Petrolab Minivap On-Line is designed for the direct process vapor pressure analysis of non-viscous liquids including hydrocarbons like gasoline and gasoline blends, crude oil or LPG...
  • Clarifying Decanters The CB 300, CA 450, 458, 505, and 755 are clarifying decanters
  • Reciprocating Plate Column The Karr Reciprocating Plate Column consists of a series of perforated plates with large diameter holes and high
  • Steam Scrubber Sanitary Steam Filter The Steam Scrubber line of Steam Filters are designed to meet the exacting requirements of sanitary and culinary steam lines by removing any rust or particulate matter from the steam.
  • Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Purification Process Monoethylene glycol (MEG) purification process purifies the spent MEG produced during the polycondensation of the PTA/MEG ester
  • Control Simulator ProcessSuite control simulator is a software package that emulates controller hardware for APACS+ system configurations,
  • Intelligent NIR Gauges MM710 intelligent near infrared (NIR) gauges deliver “fit-and-forget” high performance measurement.
  • Filter-Nozzles Specs The size, shape, installation, performance, and order information for KSH polypropylene filter nozzles for ...
  • Valves and Controls This line of flow control tools caters to flow control requirements of industries operating within hygienic environments...
  • E-413-843 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Aviation Training Courses offered in the "Aviation" area include:
  • ARC HT-T An advanced ceramic composite formulated to protect equipment from corrosion and erosion in elevated temperature water solution immersion.
  • Hudson Cooling Solutions Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance Enhancement Service
  • UltraTap Gas Flow Meter The Daniel UltraTap Gas Flow Meter measures the transmit times of ultrasonic waves passing through the flowing gas in a pipeline to determine the mean velocity of the gas movement
  • Flanged Turbine Flowmeter Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. has various types of turbine flowmeters available today
  • Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers Brochure A 12-page brochure on Gardner Denver's GDH series of heatless regenerative compressed air dryers from 50 to 2070 scfm is available from Gardner Denver
  • Premo Plus Filters PREMO PLUS filters are constructed with synthetic fibers in a gradient-pore matrix and are rated at BETA3=75. This means high efficiency for your system.
  • Magnetic Level Gauge Switch: LMS100

    The LMS100 is a magnetically actuated single pole double throw switch. When the LMS100 is mounted on a KM26 Magnetic liquid level indicator, LS Series Cage Level switch or an external chamber that contains a magnetic float, it can sense high or low point levels within a vessel.

  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Model 1200A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to protect your tank from damage created by over-pressure or excessive vacuum
  • Technical Assistance RPS engineers provide assistance to refiners in order to solve technical operating problems
  • Laboratory Software This system has been specifically designed for routine testing and trouble shooting in
  • Input/Output Field Units AI10, SI10, 4AO8SW

    Flexible and economical, Accutech's line of dedicated field units provide analog and discrete I/O and turbine meter interfaces for common control components such as contact-closure, radar tank gauges and flow meters. And because Accutech wireless instrumentation is made to work in hard-to-wire locations, costly hard-wired I/O installations are a thing of the past.

  • Industrial Actuator The 10260A industrial actuator provides rotary modulation of final control devices, such as valves and dampers
  • Plant Data Warehouse Notia is a commercially available, process industry-standard data warehouse using a business object data model for plant information management.
  • GCMS-QP2010 The QP2010 provides optimum performance analysis for all GCMS measurements. High-speed GCMS capability and optimum separation are standard with every QP2010...
  • Advisory Services The company’s Advisory Services deliver a portfolio of knowledge-based products and services that keep customers abreast of the latest developments in IT, enterprise applications and plant systems
  • LCp-104 Process Weighing System LCp-104 Process Weighing System technology features synchronous digital measurement of system load cells with weighment accuracy regardless of process induced vibration, agitation, and thermal expansion...
  • Bimetal Thermometers The company manufactures a complete line of bimetal thermometers in accordance with ASME B40.3 Standards.
  • HydroSense Oil-in-Water Monitor The HydroSense oil-in-water monitor uses a fluorescence technique to detect and monitor ppm levels of hydrocarbons in water
  • High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's high pressure liquid phase carbon vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with engineering standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Electronic Catalog The Groth Electronic Catalog, allowing access to all catalog information on IBM compatible computers,
  • Assaying / Sampling Sabin’s analytical laboratory uses classic volumetric, gravimetric, and fire assay techniques, advanced X-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption (AA), and inductively coupled plasma (ICP), emission spectroscopy...
  • Hazardous Location Pumps For a Wide Range of Sampling, Flushing, and Dispensing Applications
  • Pump Series The Stallion pump is specifically manufactured to transfer slurries with heavy solids content
  • Metal Detector For Buried Utility Boxes Fisher Research Laboratory has introduced a new valve, pedestal and box locator¾the M-96.
  • Fixed Monitoring System With more than 30 different sensors to choose from, the Controller 8000 fixed monitoring system can be configured to meet most monitoring needs
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES Special Crossing Design
  • Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration are several of the membrane systems that Aquatech International Corporation offers.
  • ZeroLeak Neldisc High-Performance Butterfly Valves The ZeroLeak Neldisc butterfly valve delivers repeatable zero leak sealing for long periods in emergency shutdown and high-cycle applications
  • Pump/Compressor Station PEI has designed many pump/compressor stations
  • High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubes These high pressure valves, fittings and tubing offer a comprehensive range in the industry combining simple principles of operation with rugged construction suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Package AutoPIPE V6.0 is a program that allows users to graphically insert, modify, and delete pipe properties, components, loads and other data
  • PFA and FEP Linings The PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and FEP (fluorinated ethylene-propylene) primary valve lining materials are used because of their chemical inertness.
  • Series BP OMNI-TRIM Pressure Relief Valve Series BP is a reliable pressure relief valve for gas, vapor and liquid applications involving variable back pressure without the use of a bellows.
  • Model Based Control This training course instructs control professionals on practical implementation and use of control technology...
  • Ultra-Frac Technology Ultra-Frac trays from Koch-Glitsch provide phenomenal capacity advantages over conventional trays
  • Speed Reducers 700 Series worm gear speed reducers are available with keyways; reduced diameters; threaded, drilled and tapped ends
  • Multiplexer The Model 1281 is a computer-controlled multiplexer with eight channels for use with a laboratory potentiostat /galvanostat...
  • Business Process Automation Services Business Process Automation is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes
  • High Energy Venturi Scrubber The High Energy Venturi Scrubber is suitable to capture small particles between 0.5 and 3 microns
  • Gamma Scanning & Column Troubleshooting When a process column develops a problem, your engineering and operations personnel need to know what is happening with the tower
  • Instrumentation: Model 5081 Two-Wire Transmitter The Model 5081 family of transmitters can be used to measure pH, ORP, conductivity (using either contacting or toroidal sensors), resistivity, oxygen (ppm and ppb level), free chlorine, total chlorine, and ozone in a variety of process liquids.
  • Petroleum Sorbent Roll The Petroleum Sorbent Roll, High Capacity is a selective sorbent which will "sorb" hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous based liquids (hydrophobic).
  • 744 Documenting Process Calibrator The Fluke 744 Documenting Process Calibrator calibrates and maintains HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) transmitters
  • Dual Test Measure Cart The company’s Dual Test Measure Cart easily transports up to two full 5 gallon or 20 liter test measures.
  • Samos - Regenerative Blowers The Busch Samos regenerative blowers is a 100% oil-free side channel type dynamic blower that is capable of
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Products

    Aquatech's wide range of water treatment technologies makes us one of the only companies in the world that can take single point responsibility on an industrial water treatment project.

  • Hydrogen Outsourcing can lower a refiner's and chemical processor’s hydrogen cost
  • Weighfeeders The Series 400 Weighfeeders are used to add lime during the water treatment process
  • Chemical Feed System Neptune Chemical Pump Company provides chemical feed systems built according to customer specification....
  • CoriolisMaster FCB330 & 350 Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

    They are some of the most compact coriolis mass flowmeters on the market. With no up or downstream piping requirements they can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before.

  • ScreenMaster RVG200 Paperless Recorder

    The ScreenMaster RVG200 is a secure, easy-to-use paperless recorder. Up to 24 process signals can be connected directly to the RVG200's analog inputs or transferred to it via digital communications. All process data, including alarm conditions, math calculation results and totalizer values, are displayed clearly to the operator and archived securely in an encrypted format for review using the accompanying DataManager Pro PC software.

  • GWT Specialized Electrocoagulation System

    GWT electrocoagulation (EC) technology has become a valuable solution in the treatment of water and wastewater due to its ability to remove contaminants that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems, such as emulsified oil, silica, total petroleum hydrocarbons, refractory organics, suspended solids, and heavy metals.

  • Tank Protection Catalog Groth Corp. offers a free 270-page catalog that includes
  • Unstabilized Reformate Reformer Product Streams containing ammonium chloride and hydrochloric acid are a result of the refining process when the low octane refinery naphthas are converted into high octane liquid products.
  • 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator The 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator allows process technicians to simulate, source and measure a host of variables, including mA, voltage, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency and resistance...
  • Split Seals Oil seals offer faster repair, which decreases downtime, easier installation that requires no special tools or skills, and no back-up plates
  • Sieve Bends We've solved the problem of blinding of the screen by designing and building a line of screen sieve bends using wires as narrow as 0.020"
  • WATERTRAK™ Carbon Filters An activated carbon filter is used to remove free chlorine or color and organics from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc
  • Large Display Temperature Meters The company offers three Large Display Temperature Meters designed for use in any large, wide open area and hostile or hazardous environment where a large, bright display will contribute to safe operating procedures and productivity enhancements.
  • Pentair InterSep

    The InterSep® high performance separation system is designed and manufactured to separate particulate contaminants from natural gas/vapor streams.

  • I/A Series Softpack The SoftPack I/A Series system is unbundled and available to run directly on your PC
  • Carbon Steel Lubricated Plug Valves Cast from carbon steel that exceeds applicable ASTM standards, Resun Carbon Steel Lubricated Plug Valves are built for extended service under harsh conditions.
  • DirectLine Sensor The DL421 is the first of a series of DirectLine sensors. The DL421 is a unique type of pH measurement that combines the latest in microelectronics...
  • L120 Series Broad ranging modular design supporting all controls, options and modular stocking programs with distributors
  • Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • RTO - Regenerative Oxidizer Systems The Retox regenerative incinerator systems that CEE installs have higher destruction efficiencies (99% and higher) without using any expensive catalysts or metal heat exchangers
  • Actuator-Ready Ball Valve The Apollo AR actuator-ready ball valves are shipped without handles and feature an ISO-5211 style mounting pad to simplify actuator mounting.
  • Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps SandPIPER Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps (1 in. and larger) now feature ESADS+Plus, a tough, new air system...
  • The ROSS™ - System Ceramic Membrane-Based Produced Water Treatment

    Veolia's ROSS Technology generates high-quality water suitable for fracking operations with high system recovery rates that minimize liquid waste generated.

  • Control Valves These control valves offer precision valve stem guiding. Along with a specially designed valve seat, these valves achieve a rangeability of 50:1...
  • WATERTRAK™ Mixed Bed Mixed Bed deionizers are quite superior to two column deionizers in terms of the water quality they produce. As water passes through the mixed bed it has millions of chances to contact a cation bead, then an anion, then another cation and so on
  • Max-Amine GT-741C Corrosion Inhibitor The Max-Amine GT-741C corrosion inhibitor was developed specifically for use in amine systems
  • Cartridge Seal Family The ISC Series seals are designed for general purpose applications on ANSI and DIN process pumps serving chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and refining, food and beverage, water and wastewater, and other industries
  • Absorbents Absorbents for industrial fixed bed heterogeneous reactors.
  • VORTEX-4 Flowmeter - Model VT/VR Flowrates of steam, gases or liquids can be metered with the VORTEX-VT over a wide range, independent of fluid properties
  • XP-S Precision Balances Excellence Plus XP precision balances offer maximum security in regulated environments. The touchscreen display guides the user through applications and warns with color if tolerances are violated
  • Medical Accounting Beacon’s medical accounting process controls costs and alleviates the burden of multiple accounts payable
  • Air Preparation Accessories The RuppTech Filter/Regulator supplies clean, dry, air to optimize diaphragm pump operation and service life...
  • Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • Contract Compression Dresser-Rand is positioned to provide the up-front financing for complex compression projects
  • Barton Scan Win Windows Software ScanWin software provides easy-to-use user-interface and configuration software for Barton’s line of Scanner EFM/RTU flow computers for field operators, production engineers and marketing analysis
  • ISA: 5040/5080 Manual Shutoff Valves The 5040/5080 design offers zero leakage over the complete pressure range of 0 to 6,000 psi...
  • Thermal Imaging Camera For Continuous Gas Leak Detection: FLIR A6604

    The FLIR A6604 optical gas infrared imaging camera is designed for continuously scanning installations in remote areas or zones that are difficult to access. These cameras are widely used in industrial settings, such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, offshore platforms, chemical/petrochemical complexes, and biogas, and power generation plants. They are also able to detect harmful greenhouse gases that can seriously harm the environment.

  • Tank Components

    This single-page, single-sided, black-and-white product sheet describes the Gar-Dur wear shoes, wear rails, and...

  • Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing

    Harness the power of innovative wireless technology for your oil and gas control instrumentation needs.

  • Air-cooled Condensers Air-cooled A-frame condenser systems are used for condensing steam...
  • In-Situ Gas Analyzer The company has developed an in-situ gas analyzer based on telecom laser technology for measuring right at the heart of industrial processes.
  • ISA: Pneumatic-to-Hydraulic Actuator PneuDraulics pneumatic-to-hydraulic actuator is designed for control valve applications with existing pneumatic controls but require hydraulic operation for control, thrust and speed...
  • PMI - Positive Material Identification / Alloy Verification It is estimated that between 14% and 22% of all alloy material in the U.S. is misidentified