• HZM Pump - Single or Multistage Sealless Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
    HZM Pump - Single or Multistage Sealless Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Magnetic driven HZM/HZSM pumps are designed to improve plant and personnel safety
  • Sanitary Discharge Systems
    Sanitary Discharge Systems The Sanitary Discharge System from Charles Ross & Son Company offers an all stainless steel construction of...
  • Valve Actuator
    Valve Actuator The company’s new manPOWER series of rotary valve actuators provides direct mounted, compact, powerful fail-safe spring return automation for a wide range of quarter turn valves.
  • CD-ROM Client Training
    CD-ROM Client Training This version of the PI Client Applications Interactive Tutorials on CD-ROM has been updated to include ProcessBook 2.0, including 5 hours of material on ActiveX Scripting, using ActiveX controls in ProcessBook, PI-BatchView, and PI Control Monitor
  • Compact Differential Pressure Flowmeters
    Compact Differential Pressure Flowmeters

    Differential pressure (DP) flowmeters are the most common type of flow measurement products in use today. ABB offers a wide range of flowmeters and primary elements to suit almost all applications.

  • Web Content and Marketing Services As Websites become the central marketing “hub”, many companies face the challenge of how to provide the value that will keep customer and prospects coming back
  • Filtration Equipment The K.F.S. Micronic Filter is designed for optimum performance with extended operational periods and a unique design that allows for easier change out of the filter elements
  • Liquid/Solids Separation System

    The LHS-350 is a complete, skid-mounted system that features integrated controls for sump, tank...

  • On-Site Nitrogen Generator The HPMB 6500 Series are skid-mounted, stand-alone nitrogen generators that use membrane technology to provide uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen...
  • Plated Parts/ Solutions
    Plated Parts/ Solutions Sabin recovers precious metals from plated and stamped components, plating racks, wires, hooks, solutions, resins, wipes, and sweeps...
  • Custom Polymer Seals
    Custom Polymer Seals Chesterton has been providing value-driven solutions to meet industry needs for years. We have been the manufacturer-of-choice for sealing solutions where reliability makes the difference.
  • PE-pipe/-coupling Connectors RG(r) connectors butt-fuse onto ends of polyethylene pipe fittings allowing their mechanical joining...
  • LevelMaster Intelligent Digital Level Sensor The TOTALFLOW LevelMaster Intelligent Digital Level Sensor is designed for custody transfer accuracy in demanding level measurement applications
  • Solenoid-Operated Pumps
    Solenoid-Operated Pumps Wilden's 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1-inch inlet pumps utilize a two-position, four-way solenoid valve that has a single operator and spring return
  • Analogue Input Module
    Analogue Input Module This 1771sc-IFE32 analog input module offers 32 channels of single-ended current or voltage input or 16 channels of differential analog input...
  • Non-Ferrous BiRotor Meter
    Non-Ferrous BiRotor Meter This compact, non-ferrous BiRotor meter is available in a variety of flange configurations permitting versatility in any piping arrangement
  • Profile Screens
    Profile Screens The Welde Wedge Profile Screen can be used for processes such as coal dewatering with sieve bends
  • ScrewPlug Immersion Heaters
    ScrewPlug Immersion Heaters Screwplug Immersion heaters include one, two or three hair-pin bent tubular element(s) joined to a threaded hex plug
  • Motor and Generator Coolers
    Motor and Generator Coolers Unifin International, Inc.’s Removable Cover Plate (RCP) Type Coolers also find application in Totally Enclosed Water Air Cooled Motors and Generators.
  • Carbon Monoxide and Syngas
    Carbon Monoxide and Syngas Air Products' engineering expertise is geared towards producing hydrogen, carbon monoxide (HyCO) and syngas in the most cost effective and reliable manner
  • Dianodic III Halogen Stable Treatment Program Corrosion, fouling, and scale can be controlled in neutral or near neutral pH cooling water systems
  • Hose Arms
    Hose Arms The Hemco hose arm is a product that is used to support a hose in the process of connecting a tank truck or tank car
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Screens
    Water/Wastewater Treatment Screens Demineralization, softening, filtration and ion exchange are common processes in water/wastewater treatment where Johnson screens are used
  • SCM 3000 Plus Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
    SCM 3000 Plus Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter This new device measures mass, volume, density, temperature, totalized mass flow and percent solids
  • Model 4800X Level Measurement System The 4800X is mounted externally to provide reliable point level indication for solids, liquids, and slurries
  • Di-225-D Industrial Data Collector: 2 Channel Analog Input
    Di-225-D Industrial Data Collector: 2 Channel Analog Input With a 2 channel high performance analog input board already embedded, the Di-225-D is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of various data acquisition applications.

    Combined with an optional DSP co-processor, this platform offers the capability for real-time FFT analysis, acoustic measurement, or high speed analysis of any dynamic analog signal source. Other applications include measurement of strain, torque, pressure, temperature, etc. The platform offers both 1/8 VGA and 1/4 VGA (touchscreen) options.
  • S.I.F.T. Filter
    S.I.F.T. Filter The SIFT Filter is designed to be inserted below the grate of storm inlets to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants from storm water run-off, which is known to be the largest contributor to water pollution today.
  • Baghouse Filter
    Baghouse Filter Ducon's UNI-FLO Bag Filters are state of the art, high efficiency, modular pulse-air filters designed to handle gas volumes from several hundred to several thousand cubic feet per minute
  • Gamma Scanning and Radioactive Tracing
    Gamma Scanning and Radioactive Tracing The Process Diagnostic Division of the company evaluates the online performance of distillation columns, heat exchangers, reactors, and other process equipment.
  • LO-CAT®

    The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

  • Pipeline Leak Detection
    Pipeline Leak Detection Siemens leak detection systems use mass balance technology. A patented thermal model computes and corrects for liquid expansion due to pipeline temperature or pressure changes
  • Control Valves
    Control Valves These control valves offer precision valve stem guiding. Along with a specially designed valve seat, these valves achieve a rangeability of 50:1...
  • Stac-Flo
    Stac-Flo Stac-Flo air-cooled vacuum steam condensers are designed for steam turbines in the power generation and industrial applications.
  • Air Separation Membrane System
    Air Separation Membrane System The HPLC7000 air separation membrance system from MG Generon utilizes a computerized process control system to generate...
  • Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator
    Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator

    The Envirex Folded Flow® DAF system’s simple and innovative design “folds” the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced, resulting in a higher hydraulic loading rate.

  • CoriolisMaster FCB330 & 350 Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
    CoriolisMaster FCB330 & 350 Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

    They are some of the most compact coriolis mass flowmeters on the market. With no up or downstream piping requirements they can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before.

  • ISA: Big Blow Through Port Valves
    ISA: Big Blow Through Port Valves Big Blow valves (generic terms: slide gate valves, O-port valves or through port valves) replace ball valves in blow valve applications on batch digesters...
  • SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor
    SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor

    The SC310 provides versatile, robust and field proven performance in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments. For all flammable gas types, %LEL detection is fast and reliable with simplified field serviceability using the M2B, M21, or M22 universal transmitters. SensorGuard technology protects against catalyst poisons allowing a full 5 year warranty on the SC310 sensor.

  • Datacon
    Datacon The Datacon program turns real time process data into consistent and reliable information
  • Lubricants Training Courses offered in the "Lubricants" area include:
  • Rupture Disks
    Rupture Disks BS&B Safety Systems's rupture disk, which can be installed in new or existing pressure vessels equipment, provides full-bore...
  • Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies
    Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies GRAPHALLOY ® Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies are available
  • Tandem Filtration Media
    Tandem Filtration Media The family of products called Tandem combines the excellent filtration characteristics of P84 fibers along with the significant advantages of other polymers.
  • CT4000 OEM Gas Analyzer
    CT4000 OEM Gas Analyzer

    Cascade’s CT4000 system monitors in real time NO, NO2, SO2, CH4, H2O, CO and CO2 levels in ambient environments of up to 70 °C and gas temperatures of 190 °C. Applications for this system include ship emissions monitoring, power plant emissions monitoring, engine management, engine combustion tools, engine health management and carbon trading.

  • Transition Fittings Three CPVC-to-metal transition fittings are available that help professionals and do-it-yourself installers make proper, leak-free connections
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Media Filters
    WATERTRAK™ Media Filters A media filter is used to remove suspended solids and turbidity from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc.
  • CO2 Detector
    CO2 Detector Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
  • Turbine Meters
    Turbine Meters Gas Turbine Meters are available in 4-12" sizes
  • Silicone Laminate /Flexible Component Heaters
    Silicone Laminate /Flexible Component Heaters Silicone Laminate/Flexible heaters are versatile and provide solutions to a vast number of low to medium temperature applications
  • Pivoting and Leveling Gangways
    Pivoting and Leveling Gangways XH Series Gangways provide access to the top of any size tank car or tank truck
  • ARC-MET 930
    ARC-MET 930 With its introduction in 1991, the Metorex's ARC-MET 900 represented a radical departure from the conventional design
  • Low NOx Burners
    Low NOx Burners The company offers a wide selection of standard and special burners, designed and manufactured to ISO-9001 quality standards, very low noise, very low NOx and very low CO.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Piping Systems
    Corrosion-Resistant Piping Systems Corzan X10 CR piping systems provide both high temperature performance and corrosive resistance in chemical processing and metal finishing operations
  • Nitrogen Generation On-Site Plants
    Nitrogen Generation On-Site Plants Nitroswing Psa Nitrogen Generation On-Site Plants provide high-purity, high-volume nitrogen for applications such as small- to medium-sized steel mills...
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Carbon Filters
    WATERTRAK™ Carbon Filters An activated carbon filter is used to remove free chlorine or color and organics from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc
  • AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter
    AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter features modular-designed round converter housing that meets the requirements of the IP 67 standard...
  • The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems
    The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems Offer An Economical Method Of Pressurized Liquid Filtration
  • Polythylene-To-Ductile Iron Pipe Connector A new adapter that allows ductile iron pipe and fittings to be joined to polyethylene pipe...
  • Product Terminals
    Product Terminals Besides the daily design and maintenance functions at product terminals, PEI has extensive experience with designing fire protection systems, including direct negotiations with the local fire departments
  • Support Grids
    Support Grids Hendrick Support Grids are designed to take loads above 50 psi while maintaining tolerances on slot openings from 0.005 in. and up
  • Process Analytics
    Process Analytics Siemens Process Analytics is a leading provider of process analyzers and process analysis systems. We offer our global customers the best solutions for their applications based on innovative analysis technologies, customized system engineering, sound knowledge of customer applications and professional support.
  • Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course
    Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course This five day course, “Take the Mystery out of Pumps and Mechanical Seals”, will provide the attendee with a strong understanding of both centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals
  • Tank Side Indicator, TSI
    Tank Side Indicator, TSI The compact Tank Side Indicator (TSI) is a digital display unit that provides a safe and convenient way to read gauging data from industry standard Enraf ATG and XTG servo gauges at ground level
  • Genetic Analysis Tool
    Genetic Analysis Tool The MBA 2000 system is a productivity tool for genetic analysis, biotechnology and
  • Webcast Seminar Series The Webcast seminar series, focusing on e-business and e-manufacturing technologies, will combine the in-depth research and consulting capabilities of ARC with the editorial and market strengths of Managing Automation
  • Polymer Seals
    Polymer Seals EnerSeal spring-energized polymer seals are designed as an alternative to urethane-based and elastomeric seals...
  • See Through Burner Pilot
    See Through Burner Pilot A burner operator will appreciate the value of this “See Through” pilot. With a rear view port window, proper pilot operation is safe and completely tunable.
  • ISA: SIZE-SAF 2000 software
    ISA: SIZE-SAF 2000 software SIZE-SAF 2000 software provides the tools needed to select the correct Rupture Disk size, or determine the flow capacity of a pre-selected size...
  • Thermal Oxidizers
    Thermal Oxidizers NAO thermal oxidizers, convert combustible wastes to carbon dioxide, water vapor and innocuous components, safely and dependably. Every unit is a completely packaged, fully integrated waste-disposal system.
  • Medical Accounting Beacon’s medical accounting process controls costs and alleviates the burden of multiple accounts payable
  • MULTIFLO&trade;: High Rate Clarification And Softening Process
    MULTIFLO™: High Rate Clarification And Softening Process

    Veolia Water Technologies’ premier clarification process MULTIFLO™ has been innovated to include a Turbomix™ draft tube reactor and water softening chemistry for a new High-Rate Softening solution.

  • Bowl Cleaner
    Bowl Cleaner The Raymond Bowl Mill is used for simultaneously pulverizing, classifying and drying coal for cement plants, lime plants, power plants, the steel industry and other industrial process applications
  • Rotary Screw Dry Vacuum Pumps
    Rotary Screw Dry Vacuum Pumps CHEM SHOW ’99: The KDPH Series of rotary screw dry vacuum pumps extends the company’s KDP series dry vacuum pump offerings and meets the needs of customers for a dry vacuum pump with low internal gas temperatures, low power consumption and compact size.
  • Pipeline Engineering
    Pipeline Engineering Petersen Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is the first choice for pipeline engineering in the Midwest
  • Methane Specific The MDU420 dual-range methane monitor is a portable instrument designed for use at landfills.
  • H O U W I R E Category 5/5E Cables
    H O U W I R E Category 5/5E Cables Houston Wire & Cable Company's HOUWIRE brand now includes Category 5 and Category 5E cables, as well as a broad range of security and fire alarm cables.
  • Downstream Logistics & DistributionTraining
    Downstream Logistics & DistributionTraining Courses offered in the "Downstream Logistics & Distribution" area include:
  • Evaporative Processes
    Evaporative Processes Aquatech’s experience with evaporative systems for the concentration of various industrial products is vast. Their experience includes a wide range of technologies that meet specific applications for thermal processes that are used for product concentration or re-concentration or process fluids.
  • Onsite Plant Services (Operations Consulting)
    Onsite Plant Services (Operations Consulting) Optimizing plant operations performance raises new questions and requires new approaches as plants face depleted budgets for upgrades or new generation, and competition with other divisions for scarce O&M dollars
  • ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve
    ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve The ARI-"ZESA" offers you functionality and reliability under even the most demanding conditions.
  • Motorola MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant
    Motorola MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant The MC75 re-defines the standard for EDA mobile computers with simultaneous voice, data and GPS services as well as an unprecedented number of enterprise class features.
  • FIDAP 8.5 Software
    FIDAP 8.5 Software The company, a supplier of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)flow modeling software, offer the FIDAP 8.5.
  • PI Server Applications PI Server Applications handle the collection, storage, and retrieval of numerical and string data
  • Oil Industry Overview Training
    Oil Industry Overview Training Courses offered in the "Oil Industry" area include:
  • Enduro-Flo Drag Conveyor
    Enduro-Flo Drag Conveyor The Enduro-Flo drag conveyor is completely enclosed to eliminate dusting and product contamination
  • SolarSmart Hydrogen Sulfide Detection SolarSmart on-line high technology hydrogen sulfide detection and concentration analysis system integrates microprocessor executed software algorithms, LED illumination sources, optical coupling, analytical colorimetry, and electromechanical actuators...
  • Demineralization

    Ion Exchange is one of the most common methods of demineralizing water. Ion Exchange is also used to polish condensate, which is commonly returned for reuse in the processes. Our systems remove dissolved minerals from process water used in steam generation and other industrial applications.

  • Process Gauges (Solfrunt 6)
    Process Gauges (Solfrunt 6) Series #1900 6" Solfrunt gauges are used where the distance between operator and gauge requires expanded dial graduations for increased readability
  • XP-S Precision Balances
    XP-S Precision Balances Excellence Plus XP precision balances offer maximum security in regulated environments. The touchscreen display guides the user through applications and warns with color if tolerances are violated
  • Indair Flares
    Indair Flares Indair is an advanced flare system that was developed out of the need for smoke free, low radiation flare systems
  • Test Gauges
    Test Gauges Designed as a master reference for checking the accuracy of other pressure instruments.
  • RETOX Dual Chamber Oxidizer Systems
    RETOX Dual Chamber Oxidizer Systems The RETOX dual chamber RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) system provides a way for solvent-laden gas to be converted into CO2 and H2O vapor...
  • Bio-Gold Liquid Mitigation Agent Bio-Gold is created from the same formula originally developed for the US Navy to provide land and water mitigation of released hydrocarbons
  • Fired Heater Pilots
    Fired Heater Pilots The Fired Heater pilot system has an inverted nozzle arrangement designed to allow the spent nozzle gas to continuously clean the pilot nozzle
  • Virtual Lab CD-ROM Tour The Virtual Lab Tour is an interactive CD-ROM designed to provide insight into environmental applications, technologies and support
  • PPM AC Power Monitor and Display
    PPM AC Power Monitor and Display PPM AC Power Monitor and Display is designed for a continuous monitoring of three-phase power systems...
  • Flow Conditioning Devices
    Flow Conditioning Devices CRV and LAD flow conditioning devices are designed to correct uneven flow distribution problems and produce uniform velocity profiles
  • PI-ODBC (Integration) PI-ODBC extends the reach of the Plant Information (PI) System, enabling a PI System to interoperate with all major, established database systems.
  • Non-Linear Production System
    Non-Linear Production System Combining the company’s StudioZ GT for SOFTIMAGE|DS with the SOFTIMAGE|DS application provides customers with an excellent non-linear production system (NLP) for creating, editing and finishing high-end productions.
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