• NMWR Pump - Hot Oil Horizontal Sealless Centrifugal Pump
    NMWR Pump - Hot Oil Horizontal Sealless Centrifugal Pump The magnetic driven NMWR pumps are designed for hot oil applications
  • Series 800 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve
    Series 800 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve The Series 800 modulating valve utilizes the most advanced design in pilot operated valves.
  • MMS-TaskMaster
    MMS-TaskMaster MMS-TaskMaster is a tool that helps operations personnel and engineers manage to-do lists and associated checksheets by making sure tasks are performed consistently
  • Oxyfire High-Temperature Series - Oxygen Sensor
    Oxyfire High-Temperature Series - Oxygen Sensor This in-situ oxygen sensor measures oxygen concentrations directly in the "high heat" zones of high temperature furnaces, boilers and incinerators
  • Combined Coupling and Sleeve The TR Tele Flex( ductile-iron coupling consists of two Xtra Flex( couplings (for deflection ...
  • Chemical Resistance Guide For North Safety's Chemical Handling Gloves
    Chemical Resistance Guide For North Safety's Chemical Handling Gloves North introduces the Chemical Resistance Guide to provide general advice for choosing North’s chemical handling gloves. This color-coded chart recommends gloves for everything from Acetaldehyde to Xylene, 138 hazardous chemicals in all; plus information on the glove’s physical performance. Hang it on your wall like a calendar or carry it in your safety resource binder.
  • ZeroLeak Neldisc High-Performance Butterfly Valves
    ZeroLeak Neldisc High-Performance Butterfly Valves The ZeroLeak Neldisc butterfly valve delivers repeatable zero leak sealing for long periods in emergency shutdown and high-cycle applications
  • M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter
    M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter

    Net Safety’s Millennium II BASIC (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

  • Process Meter
    Process Meter The Fluke 787 ProcessMeter is a combination of a digital multimeter (DMM) and a loop calibrator in a single handheld tool
  • RIS-Info (Reservoir Integrated System Information)
    RIS-Info (Reservoir Integrated System Information) RIS-Info is Windows based software that provides a complete composite presentation package for all types of logs
  • AC-9065
    AC-9065 Area Bare: 1632 square ft
  • Filter-Nozzles Specs The size, shape, installation, performance, and order information for KSH polypropylene filter nozzles for ...
  • Environmental Well Products
    Environmental Well Products Groundwater monitoring, remediation and recovery programs use Johnson screens use PVC for either wire wound or slotted pipe design
  • Rack and Pinion Actuators
    Rack and Pinion Actuators The company’s CSR Rack and Pinion Actuators feature corrosion resistant housings and end caps protected by an internal and external ceramic epoxy resin impregnated into the aluminum surface.
  • ISA: Miniature Data Loggers
    ISA: Miniature Data Loggers These high resolution (16 bit) data loggers come in a small size (54 x 35 x 15)to suit a variety of applications...
  • Hydraulic Metering Pumps
    Hydraulic Metering Pumps The company offershydraulic metering pumps for the pressure range up to 64 bar.
  • Above-ground Tank Management/Underground Piping Services A new turnkey tank and piping management service for large-diameter aboveground storage tanks and underground piping is now available...
  • Effective Thermal Insulation Of Liquefied Gas Pipes With BASF Foam Basotect
    Effective Thermal Insulation Of Liquefied Gas Pipes With BASF Foam Basotect BASF’s specialty foam Basotect is now for the first time used to insulate pipes in a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank terminal in Gwangyang, Korea
  • Corrosion Rate Transmitter
    Corrosion Rate Transmitter The RPX1 is a probe mounted four wire transmitter designed to measure corrosion rates on two electrode and three electrode probes...
  • Deep Bed Scrubber
    Deep Bed Scrubber The Deep Bed Scrubber contains multiple media beds housed within a single unit
  • SafeGuard Alarm Controller
    SafeGuard Alarm Controller

    The Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller is designed as a cost-effective mini-system controller alternative to expensive PLC systems. The SafeGuard comes standard with a centralized, easy-to-read LCD providing simultaneous status on 16 channel inputs as well as several expansion options including Mimic Display capabilities and HMI software packages. The SafeGuard can be equipped for any application, indoors or out, with your choice of a basic wallmount, a weather-proof fiberglass enclosure or rack panel mounting.

  • Models 8000 / 8100 Btu / CV Transmitter
    Models 8000 / 8100 Btu / CV Transmitter The Model 8000/8100 Btu/CV Transmitter is designed to sample natural gas, determine its composition and store this and other information pertinent to natural gas quality
  • Site Reliability Program
    Site Reliability Program The company provides a site reliability program which includes dedicating an experienced technician to the customer’s plant site (or sites) on a full time basis.
  • Boiler Tube Life Assessment As power plant boilers age, superheater and reheater sections are often replaced when tube failures begin to impact unit availability
  • Air-Cooled Coolers
    Air-Cooled Coolers The company’s air-cooled coolers are used for the cooling and condensing of a variety of products.
  • Permeator Fact Sheet
    Permeator Fact Sheet ARID’s PERMEATOR gasoline vapor recovery system incorporates hydrocarbon selective membranes developed by GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH, a federally funded research institute located near Hamburg, Germany
  • Di-225-PQ - Industrial Handheld Computing Platform
    Di-225-PQ - Industrial Handheld Computing Platform The Di-225-PQ offers a powerful industrial mobile computing platform, particularly suited to users with field service, warehousing, inspection or other paper replacement applications.

    The 1/4 VGA size screen offers both keyboard and pen based data entry options, and has been selected to optimise both indoor and outdoor use. The incorporation of an embedded barcode or RFID reader and wireless connectivity further enhance its suitability for all manner of demanding field services, warehousing, and inspection applications.
    In addition, the Di-225-PQ has been customised and applied to the areas of automotive diagnostics and SPC data collection.
  • Mineral Processing Screens
    Mineral Processing Screens Johnson Mineral Processing Screens are said to have abrasion resistance, long wear life and high strength
  • RETOX® RTO Oxidizer Systems for Halogen VOC Control
    RETOX® RTO Oxidizer Systems for Halogen VOC Control Adwest Technologies’ RETOX® RTO regenerative thermal oxidizers provide 99% and greater VOC Abatement with a corrosion resistant ceramic heat exchanger rated at 95% primary heat recovery...
  • Control Software
    Control Software The Advant system offers three control packages that provide optimal implementation approaches
  • Single-Loop Temperature Controller
    Single-Loop Temperature Controller Chromalox® announces availability of its new Model 2110 Single-Loop Temperature Controller, the only microprocessor-based controller of this type that can be configured and operated without programming.
  • Magnetostrictive Probe
    Magnetostrictive Probe Offering precise level measurement in a variety of storage vessels, the Model 1002 MSP magnetostrictive probe is designed for applications with clean and finished products
  • Laboratory Discharge Systems
    Laboratory Discharge Systems Charles Ross & Son Company's laboratory discharge systems, for up to four gallon mix cans, are the...
  • A2382 Cartridge Dual Seal
    A2382 Cartridge Dual Seal The Chesterton® A2382 Cartridge Dual Seal is designed specifically for stringent refinery applications, meeting the API 682 Standard, Type A pusher seal requirements.
  • Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing
    Oxynator Safe and Efficient Oxygen/Air Mixing Air Liquide has developed and commercialized a patented gas-gas mixing device using crossflow radial injection.
  • ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve
    ARI-"ZESA" Butterfly Valve The ARI-"ZESA" offers you functionality and reliability under even the most demanding conditions.
  • Transformer Coolers
    Transformer Coolers The OFP forced oil, forced air transformer oil coolers can be standard units, or custom designed to dissipate any specified heat load
  • Asset Management Solutions Software
    Asset Management Solutions Software Performance Asset Management Solutions software uses information intelligence devices
  • Gas Chromatograph System Tools
    Gas Chromatograph System Tools The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system features new chromatography tools as compared to previous models.
  • Visio Technical 5.0
    Visio Technical 5.0 Visio Technical 5.0 uses a simple drag-and-drop drawing technique to create space plans, HVAC designs, process plant designs, electrical schematics, and mechanical drawings
  • Bowl Cleaner
    Bowl Cleaner The Raymond Bowl Mill is used for simultaneously pulverizing, classifying and drying coal for cement plants, lime plants, power plants, the steel industry and other industrial process applications
  • Infrared Camera For CO2 Leak Detection: FLIR GF343
    Infrared Camera For CO2 Leak Detection: FLIR GF343

    The GF343 is an infrared optical gas imaging camera designed to quickly and easily detect CO2 leaks from a safe distance. This non-contact CO2 detection technology helps prevent unplanned outages by permitting the inspection of equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations.

  • DirectLine Sensor
    DirectLine Sensor The DL421 is the first of a series of DirectLine sensors. The DL421 is a unique type of pH measurement that combines the latest in microelectronics...
  • AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System
    AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System

    REDUCE CORROSION! REDUCE COSTS! Eco-Tec's AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System continuously removes heat stable salts from amine solutions, ensuring stable, consistent operation of the amine scrubbing solutions.

  • Lube-Free Air Distribution System
    Lube-Free Air Distribution System Wilden's Lube-Free air distribution system, for use with Wilden M1 and M2 air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps, requires no lubrication during assembly or while in operation
  • M22 Dual Channel Universal Transmitter
    M22 Dual Channel Universal Transmitter

    The Millennium II (M22) dual channel universal transmitters have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that managers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation, even in the most extreme conditions. The Millennium II redefines what you expect from a fixed gas detection solution.

  • Process Engineering
    Process Engineering Our Process Engineering Department is uniquely positioned to service the process engineering needs of the refining and chemical industries
  • Turbine Flowmeter
    Turbine Flowmeter CHEM SHOW ’99: The 1-inch turbine flowmeter embodies a unique PVDF and Ceramic construction designed to resist aggressive chemicals.
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Softeners
    WATERTRAK™ Softeners A water softener utilizes the ion exchange process, which exchanges calcium and magnesium "hardness" ions for sodium a "soft" ion
  • Textured Geomembrane for Enhanced Welding A textured, high-density polyethylene geomembrane liner reportedly permits increased welding rates...
  • Direct Drive Pumps
    Direct Drive Pumps The Sundyne Direct Drive pumps feature a single-stage centrifugal design for service in API-610 and general industrial applications
  • Consulting and Laboratory Support Services
    Consulting and Laboratory Support Services Air Products is a chemical company as well as an industrial gas company
  • Metrology Xplorer Web Server
    Metrology Xplorer Web Server The new Metrology Xplorer Web server allows users to browse their calibration database and retrieve MET/CAL, 5500/CAL and MET/TRACK data over the Internet or corporate intranet...
  • ChromaTrace 2.0 Software for Designing Electrical Heat Tace Systems ChromaTrace 2.0 software for designing electrical heat trace systems allows to specify heat trace cable for applications such as freeze protection and process temperature maintenance...
  • 3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427
    3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427 Play the 3M Ear Muff Game and you could win a TV or a CD System! ...
  •  Precision Machine Valves
    Precision Machine Valves The Precision Machine Valve, or PMV, employs modular concept and establishes top quality fabrication and materials...
  • ISA: 2350 Series Manual Adjustable Pressure Regulator
    ISA: 2350 Series Manual Adjustable Pressure Regulator The 2350 design offers precision control of pressures from 0 to 6,000 psi...
  • T Series Specialty Pump
    T Series Specialty Pump 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy; Flow rates to 438 gph (1657 L/hr), differential pressures to 200 psi (13.8 bar), system pressures to 500 psi (34.5 bar), temperatures to 350°F (176°C), viscosities to 2000 cps
  • PI-SMT (Server) The PI System Management Tools (PI-SMT) are a set of Microsoft Windows-based graphical applications that are used to administer the PI System from client PCs.
  • Flue Gas Analyzer
    Flue Gas Analyzer Flue Gas Analyzer 411 uses miniaturized zirconia sensor with a sealed internal reference chamber to determine flue gas oxygen content and respond to process changes...
  • 30 Foot Wide Ramp
    30 Foot Wide Ramp This 30 foot wide ramp is designed for the uninterrupted access to the top of tank trucks and hopper cars
  • 1746sc  Analog Input Module
    1746sc Analog Input Module The 1746sc-INI4iv monitors four isolated channels of current or voltage...
  • Pneumatic Control Valve
    Pneumatic Control Valve CHEM SHOW ’99: The Intimidator Pneumatic Control Valve provides precise control through a newly designed 36 and 60 square inch actuator/yoke assembly.
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers These standard vessels have up to 13,600 pound carbon capacity...
  • One Way Valve Rescue Breather
    One Way Valve Rescue Breather Emersafe rescue breather
  • Decanter
    Decanter The Hysep decanter features optimum capability for both dewatering and thickening at high capacity
  • Trash Pumps
    Trash Pumps Trash pumps are available in centrifugal, diaphragm, and submersible configurations
  • TracMaster Pig Tracking and Locating system TDW's TracMaster Pig Tracking and Locating system eliminates hassles
  • Specialized Radial Seals
    Specialized Radial Seals Specialized radial seals combine elastomers and metal shells for superior
  • Mechanical Rotamix System
    Mechanical Rotamix System The Rotamix System is a mechanical mixing system designed for complete tank mixing, in lieu of conventional gas or draft tube type mixing...
  • Expanded Metal Expanded Metal products have hundreds of applications
  • Transformer Pumps
    Transformer Pumps Cardinal Transformer Oil Pumps are offered in both centrifugal and axial flow models
  • 8246 R95 Respirator
    8246 R95 Respirator The 8246 R95 Respirator provides reliable worker protection against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases..
  • Partner Search Services Finding the right partner in a new application area or in a country or region you are not familiar with can be a very time consuming and challenging task
  • Oil and Gas Well Screens
    Oil and Gas Well Screens The company offers wire wrap and prepack screens for standard and advanced sand control applications
  • Refining/Petrochemical Processing Screens
    Refining/Petrochemical Processing Screens Catalytic reforming, ammonia conversion, hydrodesulpherization, isomerization, and styrene dehydrogenation are typical processes using Johnson screens
  • Plant Document Management
    Plant Document Management Directa is a document-centric application set combining numerous capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution for common industry problems.
  • NOVA 376WP Portable Gas Analyzer
    NOVA 376WP Portable Gas Analyzer The NOVA 376WP is a portable gas analyzer measuring carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and oxygen
  • Construction Management & Inspections
    Construction Management & Inspections Construction Management & Inspections
  • Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing
    Accutech Wireless Instrumentation for Hydrocarbon Processing

    Harness the power of innovative wireless technology for your oil and gas control instrumentation needs.

  • MET/CAL Plus Version 6.1Calibration Management Software
    MET/CAL Plus Version 6.1Calibration Management Software The MET/CAL Plus 6.1 suite of applications automates the operation and management of calibration facilities, assisting the performance...
  • Temperature/Level Sensor
    Temperature/Level Sensor Drexelbrook Engineering Co. has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level
  • PI Integration Tools - Overview PI is commonly used as the underlying infrastructure for plant information integration projects.
  • Zx10 Server
    Zx10 Server The Zx10 Server combines Intel's newest, fastest, most cost-effective Pentium III processors with the company’s revolutionary Wahoo Technology to deliver unprecedented performance for departmental serving needs.
  • Laboratory Separator The Raymond Laboratory Separator is a small capacity air classifier, used for the extracting of a fine fraction of solid, dry material
  • Custom Built Adsorbers
    Custom Built Adsorbers High flow rate systems, small carbon beds and portable units can be designed to meet specific site needs
  • Poduct Monitoring System
    Poduct Monitoring System The new adaptive "in line" product monitoring system with pipe probes verifies the kind and quality of the different organic and/or solvent products directly in the pipe...
  • PSR Series Actuators
    PSR Series Actuators PSR series actuators contain a maintenance-free, low-wear and low-noise spur gear resulting in high efficiency and long lifetime...
  •  Odor Control Chemicals
    Odor Control Chemicals Vapor Tech manufactures a unique line of chemicals that counteract a variety of unpleasant odors
  • Manually Operated Ramps
    Manually Operated Ramps The MO series ramps are manually operated with an overboard protective rail for truck and hopper car access
  • Critical Transmitter
    Critical Transmitter XTC Critical Transmitter is a pressure transmitter developed for critical processes
  • IT Junction Box The IT junction box is for use with the HI 2151/30WC multi-purpose weight controller
  • Hoffer Oval Gear
    Hoffer Oval Gear Designed for industrial use, the flowmeter series is constructed of 316 stainless steel or aluminum with other material of construction optional
  • Plant Data Warehouse
    Plant Data Warehouse Notia is a commercially available, process industry-standard data warehouse using a business object data model for plant information management.
  • Samos - Regenerative Blowers
    Samos - Regenerative Blowers The Busch Samos regenerative blowers is a 100% oil-free side channel type dynamic blower that is capable of
  • Filtration Equipment The K.F.S. Micronic Filter is designed for optimum performance with extended operational periods and a unique design that allows for easier change out of the filter elements
  • API Consoles
    API Consoles We have provided an economical solution to OEM’s who were searching for an assembly shop to relieve their
  • Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR)
    Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR) Aquatech Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (Aqua-EMBR) system consists of an activated sludge extended aeration biological treatment process and an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system for the separation of activated sludge from treated effluent.
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