• Di-225-P  Industrial Handheld Computing Platform
    Di-225-P Industrial Handheld Computing Platform The Di-225-P offers a powerful industrial mobile computing platform, particularly suited to user specific tasks in a demanding environment.

    The 1/8 VGA size screen lends itself to an efficient WAP style user interface, which is effective in simplifying displays and providing single handed usage via the units configurable fast action keys. The Di-225-P is already a popular choice of platform with customers operating in awkward spaces.
  • SCM 3000 Plus Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
    SCM 3000 Plus Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter This new device measures mass, volume, density, temperature, totalized mass flow and percent solids
  • WTC-815  Treatment Chemistry
    WTC-815 Treatment Chemistry This contentrated liquid material produces stronger coagulation and floc action than is possible from inorganic iron and aluminum salts...
  • TS400: Toxic Gas Detector
    TS400: Toxic Gas Detector The TS400 Toxic Gas Detector continuously monitors toxic gases in the ppm range, delivering highly accurate detection and protection. The TS400's design is based on electrochemical cell technology
  • AquaTrans AT868 Flowmeter
    AquaTrans AT868 Flowmeter AquaTrans AT868 Flowmeter is a transmitter-based measuring package for pipe water and waste water applications...
  • Series 60 & 80 PRV Pressure Relief Valves
    Series 60 & 80 PRV Pressure Relief Valves Types 81 and 83 are direct spring operated valves designated with special patented internals and soft seats to provide superior performance.
  • Turnkey Design, Fabrication & Installation
    Turnkey Design, Fabrication & Installation MicroEnergy Systems, Inc.'s staff of professional engineers, designers, and skilled technicians provide turnkey systems for complex energy & environmental programs.
  • Photovac Snapshot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer
    Photovac Snapshot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer The SnapShot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer identifies and quantifies specific groups of compounds
  • Sleeve Material
    Sleeve Material Tufline-475 is sleeve material for valves designed to provide use in a range of operating pressures and temperatures
  • Series 200 Pilot Operated Safety Valve
    Series 200 Pilot Operated Safety Valve The Series 200 is a no-flow, pop action pilot operated safety valve design principally intended for and mixed phase gas applications.
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Mixed Bed
    WATERTRAK™ Mixed Bed Mixed Bed deionizers are quite superior to two column deionizers in terms of the water quality they produce. As water passes through the mixed bed it has millions of chances to contact a cation bead, then an anion, then another cation and so on
  • Suction Vessel Mounted Pump - Type ECC Enclosing the entire pump and motor unit within a suction vessel built to the appropriate pressure vessel code, makes the installation simple and safe...
  • Wide Access Gangways
    Wide Access Gangways The FE-Series Gangway provides safe, efficient access to tank cars, tank trucks and hopper cars
  • H.O.G. Positive Displacement Flowmeter Designed for industrial use, this flowmeter series is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel with other materials of construction optional.
  • Software Engineering Right Angle software engineers are industry experts from major companies boasting many years of client server experience
  • Flue Gas Analyzer
    Flue Gas Analyzer Flue Gas Analyzer 411 uses miniaturized zirconia sensor with a sealed internal reference chamber to determine flue gas oxygen content and respond to process changes...
  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps
    Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps Liquiflo Equipment Company unveiled a new series of Centry centrifugal pumps and a new Vantage series of positive displacement rotary pumps
  • PF-400 Filtration System
    PF-400 Filtration System Dual bag and cartridge filtration
  • Strategy Forums Each year ARC hosts a number of forums and conferences in major cities around the world
  • Base Radios BR10 & BR20
    Base Radios BR10 & BR20

    Central to the collection and distribution of process data from field-based instrumentation is the Accutech Base Radio. This device automatically communicates over a 900MHz license-free link with field units deployed in a local area star network and makes the field data available to existing control or data collection systems via a local serial Modbus interface.

  • Pipe Liner Subtitled, "U-Liner(The Pipe Within A Pipe)", this four-color, four-page product literature describes the ...
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES Pro Plus, Inc. is a full service professional plus engineering corporation serving the energy, telecommunications and related industries
  • MaxiDAF Industrial Clarifiers
    MaxiDAF Industrial Clarifiers MaxiDAF is an advanced system which uses combined settling and dissolved air flotation (DAF) techniques in an extremely efficient and economical way...
  • Sulfidic Caustic/Naphthenic Caustic/Phenolic Caustic
    Sulfidic Caustic/Naphthenic Caustic/Phenolic Caustic Partial or total wet air oxidation of sulfidic or mixed spent caustics or neutralization of phenolic, naphthenic or mixed spent caustics to reduce BOD, COD, reactive sulfur, impurities, organics and odor before transfer to the waste water treating facilities for plant effluent.
  • Sieve Bends
    Sieve Bends We've solved the problem of blinding of the screen by designing and building a line of screen sieve bends using wires as narrow as 0.020"
  • pH Analysis: PERpH-X pH Sensor
    pH Analysis: PERpH-X pH Sensor

    The Rosemount PERpH-x high performance pH sensors incorporate SMART technology and design innovations that prolong the life of the sensor in various applications.

  • Microbial Cultures/Enzymes The following biologic products are available for wastewater treatment and bioremediation: "BR": degrades oil,...
  • Series 9700 Severe Service Vents
    Series 9700 Severe Service Vents The Type 9700 is designed for emergency vent applications and combines the simplicity of a weight loaded device with the performance of a pilot operated pressure relief valve.
  • Bus System Products for On/Off Batching
    Bus System Products for On/Off Batching StoneL's AS-interface (Actuator Sensor interface) is a standardized protocol well suited to On/Off batching processing applications
  • Liquid Graduates
    Liquid Graduates The Series F extremely accurate graduates are indispensable to inspectors in the plant, the field and whatever precise liquid measurement is essential.
  • Intrinsic Safety Specifying Engineer's Guide
    Intrinsic Safety Specifying Engineer's Guide R. Stahl has announced the release of the Intrinsic Safety Specifying Engineer's Guide for the 1997/1998 calendar year
  • Architectural Screens
    Architectural Screens The custom-designed screens are 100% stainless steel to ensure longevity and durability
  • Structured Packing
    Structured Packing MAX-PAK structured packing is ideal for difficult separations requiring a large number of theoretical stages, in low liquid rate absorption/stripping systems, or applications that require a wide operating range (turn down).
  • Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve Test Stand
    Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve Test Stand The Groth test stand contains all the valves and gauges necessary to accurately verify set pressure of valves for both pressure
  • High -Temperature Plugging Service TDW Services, Inc., offers a plugging service designed specifically for 2" through 24" high-temperature steam piping
  • Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers
    Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers Dresser Valve and Controls Division, Masoneilan Operations, a provider of automated process control solutions, offers the Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers
  • ISA: Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    ISA: Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter features a large liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlight...
  • PRODOK 4.5 Engineering Software I&C-CAE System PRODOK 4.5 offers users features for BASIC engineering, functional design and document management...
  • Polytron 2 XP Ex
    Polytron 2 XP Ex The Polytron 2 XP Ex is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air
  • AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter
    AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter features modular-designed round converter housing that meets the requirements of the IP 67 standard...
  • Unstabilized Reformate
    Unstabilized Reformate Reformer Product Streams containing ammonium chloride and hydrochloric acid are a result of the refining process when the low octane refinery naphthas are converted into high octane liquid products.
    XR-5 TAKES ON THE TOUGH TEXAS OILFIELDS Recognizing the high performance features of XR-5(r) Geomembrane-high strength and puncture resistance, superior UV and chemical resistance-a large oil producer installed this oil/salt water holding basin in 1979. In this harsh
  • Flanged Turbine Flowmeter
    Flanged Turbine Flowmeter Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. has various types of turbine flowmeters available today
  • Integration Of Process Control And Electrical Systems
    Integration Of Process Control And Electrical Systems SIMOCODE pro is a flexible, modular motor management system for low-voltage, constant-speed motors. It optimizes the connection between the master control system and motor feeder, increases the plant and system availability and at the same time provides significant cost savings when it comes to planning, commissioning, operating and when servicing a plant or system
  • Control Valve Service & Repair
    Control Valve Service & Repair This company offers a complete control valve service program featuring repair, diagnostics, field services, and training
  • TS 01 Temperature Transmitter
    TS 01 Temperature Transmitter SENSYCON, a division of Bailey-Fischer & Porter, is launching the new TS 01 HART-compatible Temperature Transmitter
  • Heatflo
    Heatflo Heatflo heat pipe air heaters recapture a portion of energy savings for the hydrocarbon processing industry with combustion air preheating.
  • ISA: Pneumatic-to-Hydraulic Actuator PneuDraulics pneumatic-to-hydraulic actuator is designed for control valve applications with existing pneumatic controls but require hydraulic operation for control, thrust and speed...
  • Spectrometer
    Spectrometer The AAnalyst 100 spectrometer includes a double-beam optical system, automated wavelength and slit selection, a burner system, and a large sample compartment
  • Scanner 1131 EFM/RTU Flow Computer
    Scanner 1131 EFM/RTU Flow Computer Scanner 1131 features improved computation ability and remote terminal unit (RTU) functionality
  • Mining Screens Hendrick Mining screens are fitted with the exact mounting construction for the client's equipment and process
  • Pilot Plant
    Pilot Plant This company’s pilot plant, which is dedicated to the mass transfer processes of distillation and liquid-liquid extraction
  • Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizers
    Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizers Adwest’s RETOX dual chamber RTO regenerative oxidizer designs provide up to 99%+ VOC/Odor Control with 95% primary heat recovery as described in a new 6 page brochure...
  • Air Distribution System
    Air Distribution System The Turbo 225 air distribution system from Wilden combats the effects of "freezing" in air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps
  • Diaphragm Monitoring System
    Diaphragm Monitoring System Wilden Pump & Engineering Company's Wil-Gard I diaphragm monitoring system is for use with the company's air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps
  • Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies
    Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies GRAPHALLOY ® Pillow and Flange Block Assemblies are available
  • Genetic Analysis Tool
    Genetic Analysis Tool The MBA 2000 system is a productivity tool for genetic analysis, biotechnology and
  • Acoustic Monitor
    Acoustic Monitor

    The Accutech AM20 acoustic monitor field unit is designed to monitor applications that generate ultrasound in the 37.5 kHz to 42.5 kHz range. Pressure relief valves, steam traps, automatic tank cleaning (Clean-In-Place) and other systems will benefit from the product's integrated acoustic transducer, antenna and power source.

  • Polythylene-To-Ductile Iron Pipe Connector A new adapter that allows ductile iron pipe and fittings to be joined to polyethylene pipe...
  • Bio-Gold Liquid Mitigation Agent Bio-Gold is created from the same formula originally developed for the US Navy to provide land and water mitigation of released hydrocarbons
  • Models 8000 / 8100 Btu / CV Transmitter
    Models 8000 / 8100 Btu / CV Transmitter The Model 8000/8100 Btu/CV Transmitter is designed to sample natural gas, determine its composition and store this and other information pertinent to natural gas quality
  • Yale Closures
    Yale Closures Yale Figure 500 and 500R quick-opening closures have compiled over 45 years of reliable service thanks to their rugged construction and inherent safety features.
  • ISA: Big Blow Through Port Valves
    ISA: Big Blow Through Port Valves Big Blow valves (generic terms: slide gate valves, O-port valves or through port valves) replace ball valves in blow valve applications on batch digesters...
  • PSL Valve Actuators
    PSL Valve Actuators The PSL valve actuators are robust, long life tools even at high loadings...
  • Air Separation Membrane System
    Air Separation Membrane System The HPLC7000 air separation membrance system from MG Generon utilizes a computerized process control system to generate...
  • Inventory Management Process (IMP) The Inventory Management Process (IMP) technology is a patented process which allows for a very quick transfer of the catalyst inventory from the operating unit
  • PlantScape System Traditionally, hybrid control meant being able to control batch, continuous, and high speed discrete/machine operations
  • Advanced Internet-based Monitoring Systems
    Advanced Internet-based Monitoring Systems Whether your treatment system monitoring requirements include Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) capabilities or an alarm dialer, you should consider our Internet-based Monitoring (AIM) systems.
  • Heat Exchanger And Condenser: CTI Shield/Seal&trade;
    Heat Exchanger And Condenser: CTI Shield/Seal™ The CTI condenser and heat exchanger tube repair technique is recognized as the most widely used cost-effective system in the world. The CTI Shield/Seal is a thin-walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys. The Shields, also known as ferrules, are expanded into existing damaged tube ends, adding years of service to the condenser and heat exchanger.
  • ISA: Microprocessor-Based Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer
    ISA: Microprocessor-Based Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer The XMTC Microprocessor-Based Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer is a rugged, 24-VDC powered, NEMA 4X and/or NEMA 7 transmitter that provides a 4-20 mA isolated output...
  • ARI-"SAFE" safety valves
    ARI-"SAFE" safety valves ARI-"SAFE" safety valves are available in full-stroke and normal versions.
  • PACT® Biological Treatment Systems
    PACT® Biological Treatment Systems

    The PACT system combines biological treatment and carbon adsorption into a single, synergistic treatment step, resulting in significant cost savings and performance advantages over other systems.

  • DuraLobe Pumps
    DuraLobe Pumps DuraLobe/On-Line pumps from Viking Pump, Inc. are designed for clean-in-place (CIP) service...
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives
  • Product Terminals
    Product Terminals Besides the daily design and maintenance functions at product terminals, PEI has extensive experience with designing fire protection systems, including direct negotiations with the local fire departments
  • Testing
    Testing Many designs look good on paper. And many claims by competitors are just hot air. If, for example, a flare manufacturer quotes a “redundant burner” -- you should ask why? Why can’t the original burner take the heat?
  • Pump/Compressor Station PEI has designed many pump/compressor stations
  • Low NOx Burners
    Low NOx Burners The company offers a wide selection of standard and special burners, designed and manufactured to ISO-9001 quality standards, very low noise, very low NOx and very low CO.
  • Power Control Systems
    Power Control Systems The company custom designs and manufactures power control and synchronizing switchgear systems in low and medium voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators.
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives designed to operate at near unity power factor, prevent harmonic problems and meet the requirements of IEEE 519 1992...
  • Flanged Immersion Heaters
    Flanged Immersion Heaters Flanged Immersion heater construction is similar to the screwplug immersion heater with elements
  • Condensing WESP
    Condensing WESP The self-cleaning condensing WESP achieves increased removal efficiency and reduced maintenance and operating costs by harnessing electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • Turbine Flowmeters
    Turbine Flowmeters These turbine flowmeters are pulse transmitting, flow measurement devices designed for efficiency in process and petroleum applications
  • High Pressure Particulates Monitor
    High Pressure Particulates Monitor The HPM-100 is designed for continuous monitoring of pressurized gas streams.
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • Two Gallon PowerMix
    Two Gallon PowerMix

    The Model PD-2 two-gallon PowerMix is for the development of viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow and high speed agitation

  • Structural Steel Fabrication
    Structural Steel Fabrication We are committed to provide cost effective quality fabrication and services to customer requirements, to achieve on time delivery and completion of services in a safe work environment.
  • Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.
  • Air Quality Consulting
    Air Quality Consulting Trinity's air quality consulting credentials are, in a word, unmatched
  • Actuators & Positioners
    Actuators & Positioners

    Our ever-expanding family of products includes a complete line of actuators, positioners, damper drives, and converters with a variety of features and functions. Whether electric or pneumatic, intelligent or conventional, part-turn or linear movement - ABB is your supplier of choice

  • Linear Programming Software Aspen PIMS is a PC-based linear programming software used by the petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger Reactive Metal Heat Exchangers feature corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 200°C, low pressure drops, and a welded design
  • On-Site Nitrogen Generator The HPMB 6500 Series are skid-mounted, stand-alone nitrogen generators that use membrane technology to provide uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen...
  • Quarter-Turn Ball Valves
    Quarter-Turn Ball Valves CHEM SHOW '99: The company offers a series of Quarter-Turn Ball Valves to complete their existing family of process oriented valve types that include angle seat and diaphragm valves.
  • Silicone Laminate /Flexible Component Heaters
    Silicone Laminate /Flexible Component Heaters Silicone Laminate/Flexible heaters are versatile and provide solutions to a vast number of low to medium temperature applications
  • Mixers
    Mixers QEDPlus Mixers are designed for economical performance in a variety of industries including specialty chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general fluid processing
  • RKL Controls Offers RKL Series SG Pinch Valves RKL Controls offers RKL Series SG Pinch Valves for on-off service handling abrasive or corrosive fluids....
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