• The SSR Z Series These compact controllers provide space savings
  • Technology Report Charles Ross & Son Company offers engineers in all process industries a resource for information on...
  • Miniature High Temperature Pressure Sensor The 1.7mm sensor package is a suitable OEM package for integration into almost any pressure measurement application.
  • Fisher-Rosemount Offers Total Solution For Gas Flow Measurement Rosemount Analytical and Fisher Controls, both members of the Fisher-Rosemount group of companies...
  • Ion Exchange: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System

    Increase production by eliminating Coal Bed Methane produced water issues with Eco-Tec’s RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System. This system is specifically configured to economically purify and recycle produced water that exceeds agricultural and environmental standards.

  • Premo Plus Filters PREMO PLUS filters are constructed with synthetic fibers in a gradient-pore matrix and are rated at BETA3=75. This means high efficiency for your system.
  • Petrotape Gauging System The Petrotape Gauging System is designd for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks that are at or near atmospheric pressure. is designd for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks that are at or near atmospheric pressure...
  • Custom Built Adsorbers High flow rate systems, small carbon beds and portable units can be designed to meet specific site needs
  • Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers The QL series of direct thermal mobile printers have been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
  • 76 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera: 2048L

    Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace introduces the GL2048L camera providing high-resolution line capture using 2048 pixels on 10-micron pitch for both machine vision and for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with high QE in the 1 to 1.6 micron wavelength range.  The camera covers the line rate range from 100 to >76,000 lines per second via 12-bit base Camera Link® digital interfaces providing flexibility. It can also be externally triggered over the interface to set both the line rate and exposure time via the frame grabber CC1 signal.

  • DuraLobe Pumps DuraLobe/On-Line pumps from Viking Pump, Inc. are designed for clean-in-place (CIP) service...
  • Protective Caps V-Gard protective caps and hats consist of a polyethylene shell and suspension system
  • Pressure Transmitter The Cerabar M Pressure Transmitter comes in response to increasing market demands for a mid-range pressure transmitter with advanced features.
  • Ramps These ramps are designed for access to bulk cars and bulk trucks with 30 feet of unobstructed access along the loading rack to the full length of the car or truck
  • Loop Summary Table Loop Summary Table is a new search tool in determining the best PID settings for loops that behave differently with varying conditions...
  • Integration and Custom Development Customized business solutions and software integration are available to boost productivity and reliability in manufacturing environments
  • Process Unit Monitoring and Optimization Refining Process Services has developed techniques for monitoring the technical and economic performance of the FCC, hydrotreating and catalytic reforming units
  • Nitrogen-Specific HPLC Detector The Model 8060 Nitrogen Specific HPLC Detector (HPLC-CLND) from ANTEK Instruments can save an analyst hours or even months of work
  • MB3600-CH30 Laboratory Biodiesel Analyzer The MB3600-CH30 uses Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy to analyze biodiesel samples.
  • Fittings Tapping fittings are either bolted or welded to the line
  • Spiral Wound Gasket/Emissions Containment System The Baker Gasket, a joint creation of the Flexitallic Group and Texaco Ltd., reduces safety risks to hydrofluoric (HF) acid alkylation unit operations
  • Lined Mag-Drive Pumps Texel MEH Series lined mag-drive pumps provide leak-free performance, especially under low flow conditions.
  • TEL-FAST 2: A Pocket-Sized, Non-Contact Temperature Sensor The Tel-Fast 2 is a low-cost, non-contact, infrared thermometer that enables you to measure surface temperature without physically touching the item being checked...
  • Process and Related Systems PEI has the capability to design systems for treating natural gas both at the wellhead or at a central collection point
  • ISA: Big Blow Through Port Valves Big Blow valves (generic terms: slide gate valves, O-port valves or through port valves) replace ball valves in blow valve applications on batch digesters...
  • Yale Closures Yale Figure 500 and 500R quick-opening closures have compiled over 45 years of reliable service thanks to their rugged construction and inherent safety features.
  • ProTech Labyrinth Seals ProTech labyrinth seals are designed to address the problems seal users faced with earlier labyrinth seals that had limited application due to high cost, complex design, and metal-to-metal interfaces
  • High Precision and High Speed Pressure Transmitters The high-precision pressure transmitters P-10 and P-11 ensure reproducible and highly precise measuring values up to 0.05%.
  • Permeator Fact Sheet ARID’s PERMEATOR gasoline vapor recovery system incorporates hydrocarbon selective membranes developed by GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH, a federally funded research institute located near Hamburg, Germany
  • Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter CHEM SHOW '99: The company offers its FGA 311 in situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter.
  • Multivariable Product Line SMV 3000 Smart Multivariable Transmitter line enables flow measurement at high gauge pressures and flow measurement in low differential pressure applications
  • WATERTRAK™ Media Filters A media filter is used to remove suspended solids and turbidity from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc.
  • Pipe Flares Kaldair’s pipe flares have reliable ignition and flame stability, along with maximum tip life and minimum maintenance, according to the company
  • Trays Koch-Glitsch's trays, high-capacity devices, are part of a broad line of tray devices
  • Process Mass Spectrometers The Prima 600S series of process mass spectrometers features rugged, compact process monitoring systems designed and
  • Emissions Solutions To enable plant operators to comply with ever-tightening safety, clean air and fugitive emission regulations, the company offers a selection of products which are specially designed to address the flow control needs of these users.
  • Level Field Units - GL10 Gauge, SL 10 Submersible & FL 10 Float Level

    Accutech accommodates most level applications with a selection of hydrostatic pressure and float level field units that are available in flexible mounting variants, including integrated, remote and submersible sensor.

  • Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers The SSR P series power control are reliable and economical
  • LPG SAMPLE SYSTEMS Texas Sampling, Inc. has several patented LPG sample systems that can take samples of LPG liquids or gases
  • TAC Pocket Tachometer TAC Pocket Tachometer performs non-contact, contact and linear speed measurements while displaying the rotating target and the 6-digit LCD display simultaneously...
  • Tight Lipped Sleeved Plug Valve The Tufline XP sleeved plug valve has two independent environmental seals
  • Liquid Level Switches PureSense Level Switches are used for ultra-pure sensing fluid applications
  • Environmental Protection Sabin’s environmental protection/conservation policies are vital for their continued success as well as their customers' protection. Sabin's 500,000 square foot refinery in Scottsville, NY, is considered to be a sophisticated facility for safely processing precious metal bearing materials...
  • Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (Gas Chromatography By Gas Chromatography) With Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Pegasus® 4D GCxGC-TOFMS Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

    GCxGC, combined with the Pegasus HT Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer, changes the perspective of gas chromatography analysis. No longer limited to two dimensions, the Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS system provides you with four dimensions of analytical resolution for significantly more complete complex sample analysis.

  • Compsee OpenWMS® Warehouse Management System OpenWMS® helps contain costs and improve operations in your supply chain. No longer do you need to bear the expense of excess merchandise, raw materials or finished goods inventories.
  • Wastewater Recycle/Water Reuse

    Aquatech provides wastewater recycle/water reuse systems that incorporate their experience with many technologies associated with wastewater treatment associated with industrial applications.

  • Nuclear Power Plant Protection and Control Solutions Go with the clear leader in nuclear automation systems. Foxboro knows nuclear.
  • Pressure Field Units GP10, AP10, DP20

    Accutech offers three pressure-sensing field units designed for use in a variety of industrial applications.

  • Electronic Catalog The Groth Electronic Catalog, allowing access to all catalog information on IBM compatible computers,
  • Random Packings These random packings are fabricated from metal, plastic or ceramic and are available in a range of sizes to meet users’ capacity/efficiency requirements
  • Motorola MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant The MC75 re-defines the standard for EDA mobile computers with simultaneous voice, data and GPS services as well as an unprecedented number of enterprise class features.
  • Gas Chromatograph System Software

    The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system uses industry-standard software.

  • SiloPatrol Inventory Monitoring System Unaffected by dust, vapors, vessel construction, or acoustic noise, the SiloPatrol inventory monitoring system provides reliable continuous level measurement in a variety of applications...
  • PMI - Positive Material Identification / Alloy Verification It is estimated that between 14% and 22% of all alloy material in the U.S. is misidentified
  • P Series Specialty Pump PPS Engineered Plastic; Flow rates to 60 gph (227 L/hr), differential pressures to 130 psi (9 bar), system pressures to 300 psi (21 bar), temperatures to 150°F (65°C), viscosities to 1000 cps
  • Valves and Controls This line of flow control tools caters to flow control requirements of industries operating within hygienic environments...
  • Series 9700 Severe Service Vents The Type 9700 is designed for emergency vent applications and combines the simplicity of a weight loaded device with the performance of a pilot operated pressure relief valve.
  • Pipeline Pig Tracking The Directional Geo-Phone is a means by which field personnel can track a pipeline pig
  • Documenting Process Calibrator The Fluke 744 Documenting Process Calibrator calibrates and maintains HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) transmitters
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • ZeroLeak Butterfly Valve The company offers its ZeroLeak Neldisc butterfly valve which provides bubble-tight shut off along with the long-lasting, dependable performance associated with true metal-seated discs.
  • Process Gas Chromatograph System

    A "plug and play" process gas chromatograph system, designated the Advance Maxum, features modular oven and electronic components as well as software and communication networks.

  • Valves Designed specifically for use when tapping and plugging a line, the SANDWICH Tapping Valve gets its name from its 3-slab construction
  • Membrane Emulsion Separator The ultraaqua emulsion separator treats and disposes of contaminated compressor condensates, producing water's...
  • Comparator Balances From 0.1µg To 6000 kg Comparator Balances have a very high resolution of up to 50 million points and are distinguished by extremely high repeatability. These two features allow comparative weighings between a known reference weight and an unknown test specimen even if the weight difference is absolutely minimal...
  • PV Elite Pressure Vessel Design and Structural Analysis PVElite can be used to design, bid, or re-rate a wide variety of vessels and vessel components in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 rules
  • Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and LEL Neutralizing Chemicals Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of chemical agents that bind with solvents and hydrocarbons
  • High Pressure Particulates Monitor The HPM-100 is designed for continuous monitoring of pressurized gas streams.
  • Zircon Level Sensing System The Zircon uses RF capacitance technology to measure point level in highly viscous or sticky liquids, bulk solids, moisturized powders, and slurries
  • Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches A 115 VAC power supply has been added to the One Series Electronic Switch Platform, making this series designed to solve the challenge of monitoring critical pressure and temperature thresholds for alarming, shutdown and redundant control
  • Flame Arrester The Model 7618 Flame Arrester is designed to inhibit flame propagation in gas piping systems and to protect low-pressure tanks
  • Visualization Tool Helps Engineers Solve Fluid Flow Problems AEA Technology Engineering Software, Inc. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) has dramatically improved engineers' ability to visualize the results of its software
  • Steam Trap CHEM SHOW ’99: The patented automatic orifice in the company’s steam trap effectively removes system dirt, improving system efficiency and eliminating trap failure due to blockage- a major problem with conventional steam traps.
  • ScanOp EFM/RTU Gas Flow Software Barton ScanOp is the newest addition to the Barton Data Management Suite (BDMS) of software tools for natural gas custody transfer data collection and management with the Scanner 1100 Series of EFM/RTU flow computers
  • Rupture Disks FAS Rupture Disks are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches
  • Series 90/9000 Low Pressure Relief Valves The Series 90/9000 group of products is a very wide range of both pressure and vacuum relief valves, primarily designed for protecting low pressure storage vessels and tanks, as well as low pressure piping systems.
  • Pulsed Column The Pulsed Column consists of a vessel shell and a cartridge assembly of “disc and donut” internals
  • MMS-QCheck MMS-QCheck is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) used to request sample analyses, receive the request
  • Automatic Tank Gauge The Model 2500 Automatic Tank Gauge, with 4 mm level gauging accuracy per SIRA Report E1588583, provides continuous liquid level measurement of products stored in above- and below-ground vessels
  • Field Services The RedHawk Team has extensive knowledge and experience in working on fired heaters and piping. Over 200 outages have been successfully completed in refineries, petrochemical, and chemical plant turnarounds.
  • Microprocessor Based Solenoid Metering Pump Jesco America Corporation now offers the microprocessor-based, magnetically driven Magdos DE/DX Series metering pumps.
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Filtration Products The center spread of the titled two-color, four-page brochure explains the general construction...
  • PI Integration Tools - Overview PI is commonly used as the underlying infrastructure for plant information integration projects.
  • PI-Batch (Server) The PI-Batch server system detects and records batch activity.
  • Heat Recovery Systems CEE offers packaged or custom air-to-air heat recovery units for heating building makeup air or providing heat for other processes
  • Infrared Detection for the PetroChem Industry

    An infrared camera can show you more of what you’ve been missing – and in a refinery, what you miss can cost more than just time and money. It can cost lives!

  • High Pressure Regulator The HPR-1 Series Regulator is a versatile specialty pressure reducing control valve designed to fulfill a range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases
  • Fin-Fan Air-cooled heat exchangers are designed in either forced- or induced-draft configurations, custom designed to fit the customer’s process requirements with materials ranging from carbon steel to the latest alloys.
  • Organic Oil Solidifier/Encapsulator HTP is an organic, non-toxic, non-biodegradable, lightweight hydrocarbon absorbent that is effective to use for spill control in a variety of industries, including pulp and paper
  • Garbox Operated Valves The Ellis SKI/DKI-GG range of units has been developed for interlocking all gearbox operated valves...
  • PRODOK 4.5 Engineering Software I&C-CAE System PRODOK 4.5 offers users features for BASIC engineering, functional design and document management...
  • Specialized Radial Seals Specialized radial seals combine elastomers and metal shells for superior
  • Pipeline Leak Detection

    Siemens leak detection systems use mass balance technology. A patented thermal model computes and corrects for liquid expansion due to pipeline temperature or pressure changes

  • WATERTRAK™ Carbon Filters An activated carbon filter is used to remove free chlorine or color and organics from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc
  • Propane/Natural Gas Detector CCI Controls, the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial detectors, offers this automatic gas shut-off system designed specifically for residential and commercial use
  • Unstabilized Reformate Reformer Product Streams containing ammonium chloride and hydrochloric acid are a result of the refining process when the low octane refinery naphthas are converted into high octane liquid products.
  • Inventory Monitoring With a variety of configurations available, SiloPatrol inventory monitoring system provides continuous-on-demand inventory management...
  • Structured Packing Flexeramic & Reg structured ceramic packing is a new, advanced development in ceramic tower packing that provides higher capacity, lower pressure drop, and better efficiency.
  • XR-5 GEOMEMBRANE The Seaman Corporation’s XR-5 Geomembrane System is proven to withstand the harshest environments and contaminants