• Flat Panel Cell For Coated Plates The 12852A flat panel cell for coated plates consists of a cylindrical cell body with a O-ring grooved bottom edge for direct clamping to a flat sample having a 3-in or a 4-in width dimension and any length of 3-in or more...
  • Evaluation Services Evaluation Services employs the expertise of Cetek’s own and UOP’s fired heater specialists to determine the benefits to be gained from using the range of coating services offered
  • PI-Profile Displays (Client) Effectively Representing Your Two Dimensional Data
  • Heavy-Duty Gas Compressor The HOS Compressors are engineered for higher horsepower applications
  • Infrared Predryers for Fabrics and Nonwovens Make Process Speed Gains Possible Manufacturers of textiles and nonwovens can increase the speed of many heat-processing operations by adding infrared...
  • ARI-"SAFE" safety valves ARI-"SAFE" safety valves are available in full-stroke and normal versions.
  • Market Managers Market Managers are Right Angle’s link to the liquid hydrocarbons industry
  • Pentane Streams treated: Pentane
  • Biofilm Removal Chemicals Johnson Screens' family of well-cleaning chemicals include
  • Instrumentation Design and Management INtools allows users to design and manage instruments through all phases of design.
  • Power Line Transducers Power Line transducers provide an analog DC output proportional to the AC input received from the secondary side of a potential and/or current transformer...
  • Jewelry, Dental, Photographic Sabin recovers precious metals from jewelry, dental scrap, photographic materials, and X–ray film.
  • Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • High Pressure Regulator The HPR-1 Series Regulator is a versatile specialty pressure reducing control valve designed to fulfill a range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases
  • Safety Accessory for Pump Protection This bulletin describes the DurcoShield(tm) pump safety accessory--a one-piece splash and shaft guard...
  • RETOX® RTO Oxidizer Systems for Halogen VOC Control Adwest Technologies’ RETOX® RTO regenerative thermal oxidizers provide 99% and greater VOC Abatement with a corrosion resistant ceramic heat exchanger rated at 95% primary heat recovery...
  • R5 Series - Oil Recirculating The modular, simply designed Busch R5 series, rotary vane vacuum pumps are single stage, air-cooled, and direct
  • Machining Facility A full service precision machining facility capable of manufacturing large components.
  • GWT Specialized Electrocoagulation System

    GWT electrocoagulation (EC) technology has become a valuable solution in the treatment of water and wastewater due to its ability to remove contaminants that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems, such as emulsified oil, silica, total petroleum hydrocarbons, refractory organics, suspended solids, and heavy metals.

  • GAM 300 process gas mass spectrometer
  • Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery System The Kaldair hydrocarbon vapor recovery system is designed to turn environmental responsibilities into opportunities.
  • Energy Converter The Ormat Energy Converter is a heat recovery power system...
  • Pressure Instruments Catalog This new 82-page catalog outlines the company’s full line of pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and new dual function pressure instruments...
  • Parallel Chromatography The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system is capable of parallel chromatography.
  • Heat Exchangers These heat exchangers are suited for every process during which energy is released...
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production Sabin recovers and refines spent catalysts from pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries
  • Thick-Wall Spray Ball The extended range and durability of the Thick-Wall spray ball is made possible by its ¼ in. (6 mm) wall thickness
  • WATERTRAK™ Membrane Clean In Place The CIP unit is designed for manual operation through a local control box on the skid. A chemical storage tank is mounted on its own stand and connected to the CIP skid with either hard PVC piping or quick disconnect fittings and flexible hoses.
  • High-Performance Butterfly Valves The Wafer-Sphere high-performance butterfly valves provide long-lasting, tight shutoff, excellent flow characteristics and a long service life.
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter Technology Panametrics, Inc. has announced, TransFlection, said to be a new generation of ultrasonic flowmeter technology for difficult, multiphase fluids...
  • V-41380 Capacity: 90,000 gallons
  • SCADA Integration, HMI Development And Controls & Automation Upgrades

    Aquatech’s WMS field service staff has extensive experience in developing solutions to today’s modern controls advances and integration issues. We can provide support as well as parts for upgrading your PLC , troubleshooting PLC/HMI problems, integrating new equipment into your control scheme, or even engineering an advanced control system to replace antiquated equipment. We specialize in water treatment systems, but have the capability to serve any industry.

  • High Temperature Resistant Coatings & Coatings Under Insulation (CUI) Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive line of ambient and heat-cured high-temperature-resistant coatings for stacks and boilers in a wide variety of colors.
  • Temporary Pipe End Plugs WEDGE-LOCK Pipe Plugs are used for plugging pipe ends temporarily
  • Hazardous Location Pumps For a Wide Range of Sampling, Flushing, and Dispensing Applications
  • Gas Boosters Haskel Gas boosters consist of a large area reciprocating air drive piston directly coupled by a connecting rod to a small area gas piston
  • Pilot Operated Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Model 1660 Pilot Operated Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve are used on liquid storage tanks and other process vessels or systems to prevent structural damage due to excess
  • Rotary Calciners Bartlett-Snow Rotary Calciners are manufactured for the continuous processing of material at high temperatures in an oxidizing, inert or reducing atmosphere
  • EMC Documentum Capital Projects

    Ensure timely and secure access to current project content with the EMC Documentum Capital Projects solution. Part of the EMC Documentum for Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution suite, this solution enables fast, effective collaboration across virtual project teams.

  • Solartron 1281 Potentiostat-per-channel electrochemical impedance multiplexer speeds investigations into corrosion, coating and batteries
  • Millennium SC1100 Catalytic Bead LEL Gas Detector

    The SC1100 Catalytic Bead gas detector continuously monitors your site for the presence of combustible gases. Net Safety's proprietary SensorGuard feature protects sensors from damage caused by extended exposure to high concentrations of combustible gas.

  • Polytron IR The Polytron IR is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air
  • ISA: Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter features a large liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlight...
  • Pump/Compressor Station PEI has designed many pump/compressor stations
  • The ROSS™ - System Ceramic Membrane-Based Produced Water Treatment

    Veolia's ROSS Technology generates high-quality water suitable for fracking operations with high system recovery rates that minimize liquid waste generated.

  • Business Process Automation Services Business Process Automation is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes
  • PreMax

    The PreMax is an alternative for high-speed pre-mixing prior to downstream processing such as media milling

  • Laboratory Measures These Laboratory Measures are high quality Master Measures.
  • TUF-LITE &TUF-LITE II Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite II fans are designed and manufactured of molded FRP to provide high efficiency axial flow fans for heat exchanger and cooling tower applications.
  • Handheld LCD Digital Calibrator The PTE-1 is a measurement and calibration system with a vast array of capabilities...
  • Loading Arms Hemco is a qualified distributor of OPW loading arms
  • DT-8300 Digital Ranges 50 to 450°F (-50 to 250°C) or 400 to 1500°F (200 to 800°C)
  • AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter features modular-designed round converter housing that meets the requirements of the IP 67 standard...
  • Inspection and Repair Database Component Assessment Management System (CAMS) is a PC compatible database program that organizes and displays component inspection and repair data for multiple power stations
  • TEL-FAST 2: A Pocket-Sized, Non-Contact Temperature Sensor The Tel-Fast 2 is a low-cost, non-contact, infrared thermometer that enables you to measure surface temperature without physically touching the item being checked...
  • Diaphragm Monitoring System Wilden Pump & Engineering Company's Wil-Gard I diaphragm monitoring system is for use with the company's air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps
  • PSL Valve Actuators The PSL valve actuators are robust, long life tools even at high loadings...
  • Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 The Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 provides a minimum filter efficiency of 95% against non-oil based particles.
  • Zebra® RW Series™ Mobile Printer Designed for the Road Warrior, the Zebra RW 420™ is a mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go.
  • M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter

    Net Safety’s Millennium II BASIC (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

  • Flow Field Units TM10, DP20

    Whether your flow application is gas or liquid, Accutech field units provide a selection of options for measuring volumetric flow rate and totalised volume.

  • VORTEX-4 Flowmeter - Model VT/VR Flowrates of steam, gases or liquids can be metered with the VORTEX-VT over a wide range, independent of fluid properties
  • Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Equipment Sales The Grundfos SQE Smart Pump is the first environmental pump with which you can communicate
  • Pretreatment Systems Aquatech’s pretreatment solutions include clarification, softening, filtration (both pressure & gravity), chemical feed systems and sludge handling.
  • SQ2 High Pressure Test Plugs High pressure testing is faster and easier, thanks to EST's SQ2 High Pressure Test Plugs. Designed for pressure ratings up to 6,500 psig (450 bar), our SQ2 Plugs are easy to install and remove without causing extensive damage to the pipe wall surface
  • Fluke Series 716 and 717 Pressure Calibrators The Fluke 716 and 717 are handheld, pressure calibrators that measure pressure....
  • Suction Vessel Mounted Pump - Type ECC Enclosing the entire pump and motor unit within a suction vessel built to the appropriate pressure vessel code, makes the installation simple and safe...
  • Heat Exchanger And Condenser: Full-Length Tube Liners™

    The patented CTI tube liner is a tube repair method developed for those condensers and heat exchangers that suffer from full-length erosion/corrosion, pitting, general wall thinning and/or an overage of plugged tubes

  • Actuator-Ready Ball Valve The Apollo AR actuator-ready ball valves are shipped without handles and feature an ISO-5211 style mounting pad to simplify actuator mounting.
  • PitoMaster FPD550 Compact Averaging Pitot Flowmeter

    PitoMaster is a Compact Averaging Pitot Flowmeter that combines a threaded or flanged-mounted insertion meter,an integral 3- or 5-valve manifold and a transmitter into a single, fully-codable insertion flowmeter.

  • Moisture Sensors The Moisture Log is a tiny vest pocket Hygrometer which requires no main power, no connecting wires and no calibration.
  • Pipeline Engineering Petersen Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is the first choice for pipeline engineering in the Midwest
  • P Series Specialty Pump PPS Engineered Plastic; Flow rates to 60 gph (227 L/hr), differential pressures to 130 psi (9 bar), system pressures to 300 psi (21 bar), temperatures to 150°F (65°C), viscosities to 1000 cps
  • 76 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera: 2048L

    Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace introduces the GL2048L camera providing high-resolution line capture using 2048 pixels on 10-micron pitch for both machine vision and for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with high QE in the 1 to 1.6 micron wavelength range.  The camera covers the line rate range from 100 to >76,000 lines per second via 12-bit base Camera Link® digital interfaces providing flexibility. It can also be externally triggered over the interface to set both the line rate and exposure time via the frame grabber CC1 signal.

  • Natural Gas Training The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training

    NEOSEP® is a new generation membrane bioreactor that uses enhanced biological treatment (activated sludge) and immersed membrane filtration to produce water quality suitable for recycle and reuse in municipal and industrial applications.

  • General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • SVM 3000 Plus Smart Vortex Meter This vortex flowmeter provides a direct volumetric measurement for compressed air, demineralized water
  • Thermal Relief Valve The company offers a new thermal relief valve for cryogenic applications.
  • Turbine Flowmeters These turbine flowmeters are pulse transmitting, flow measurement devices designed for efficiency in process and petroleum applications
  • 705 Loop Calibrator The 705 loop calibrator offers technicians in the primary metals, refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and power generation industries a calibration tool that can source, measure and simulate loop current and provide 24 volt loop power
  • Vapor Pressure Reid Vapor Pressure Monitor Models 44800D, 44800DX, 44800E, and 44800H
  • Nuclear Power Plant Protection and Control Solutions Go with the clear leader in nuclear automation systems. Foxboro knows nuclear.
  • H2S: SgPur Sour Gas Purification System The sour gas purification system, SgPur, recovers and purifies industrial gases produced in the oil, chemical and steel industries. Gases such as Claus tail gas, refinery flare gas, and coke gas are recovered and purified of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S), while converting the H2S to elemental sulfur
  • Four-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter The 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter offers all the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter in a two-wire design.
  • Looped Wire Screens The looped wire screen is made by looping the surface wires around the support rods
  • T Series Specialty Pump 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy; Flow rates to 438 gph (1657 L/hr), differential pressures to 200 psi (13.8 bar), system pressures to 500 psi (34.5 bar), temperatures to 350°F (176°C), viscosities to 2000 cps
  • Field Coating Systems RedHawk Job-Site Coating and Surface Preparation Cleaning teams work closely to coordinate activities at the site.
  • Process Gauges (Solfrunt 4 1/2) Series 1900 4 1/2" Solfrunt gauges are supplied in 30 different vacuum, compound and pressures ranging from 30" Hg vacuum through 11,600 psi
  • Temperature/Level Sensor Drexelbrook Engineering Co. has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level
  • DV-150 Prime Pump Solids handling capabilities to 2 1/2" diameter maximum
  • S.I.F.T. Filter The SIFT Filter is designed to be inserted below the grate of storm inlets to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants from storm water run-off, which is known to be the largest contributor to water pollution today.
  • FLOW GUARD The Flow Guard self-cleaning filter system offers an alternative to replaceable cartridge liquid filtration systems
  • Pipeline Pig Tracking The Directional Geo-Phone is a means by which field personnel can track a pipeline pig
  • Silicone Laminate /Flexible Component Heaters Silicone Laminate/Flexible heaters are versatile and provide solutions to a vast number of low to medium temperature applications
  • M21 Single Channel Universal Transmitter

    The Millennium II (M21) single channel universal transmitters have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that managers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation, even in the most extreme conditions. The Millennium II redefines what you expect from a fixed gas detection solution.

  • Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom The Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom will "sorb" most non-aggressive liquids and is used in maintenance applications.
  • Interactive CD Catalog This Interactive CD catalog offers users access to product selection guides, data sheets, installation manuals, certifications, and 75 "Problem Solvers" application notes...
  • Manually Actuated Butterfly Valves The 98690-series valves are ideal for flow control in plastic or metal piping systems.