• Flame Arrestor Technology The company has published an extensive new Flame Arrestor Technology Technical Bulletin, authored by Micheal D. Wittman, Senior Applications Engineer.
  • Structured Packing
    Structured Packing MAX-PAK structured packing is ideal for difficult separations requiring a large number of theoretical stages, in low liquid rate absorption/stripping systems, or applications that require a wide operating range (turn down).
  • AquaGard System
    AquaGard System CHEM SHOW ’99: The AquaGard System continually and actively guards rotating equipment against moisture damage to bearings and lubrications.
  • Control Valve Service & Repair
    Control Valve Service & Repair This company offers a complete control valve service program featuring repair, diagnostics, field services, and training
  • 727 Severe Service Valve
    727 Severe Service Valve The company’s ongoing research and development efforts have produced an upgrade for 727’s in Steam Service.
  • Tank Heaters A line of tank heaters is engineered to induce stronger thermal currents, so product adjacent to the fintube is heated
  • Custom and Standard Bushings
    Custom and Standard Bushings GRAPHALLOY ® Bushings are available in over 100 grades of material
  • Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps
    Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps The EV-2 and EV-3 metering pumps feature a special, heavy-duty design capable of handling all high-pressure chemical, viscous and slurry services.
  • Field Mount Transmitter
    Field Mount Transmitter The IPH Field-Mount Current-to-Pressure Transmitter is suitable in all Division 1 applications, when used with a safety barrier, and in all Division 2 applications for hazardous locations
  • Norman Bragar Products Company, Inc.
    Norman Bragar Products Company, Inc. The Norman Bragar Products Company, Inc. has been a manufacturer of control panels since 1951
  • Receiver Gauges
    Receiver Gauges Designed for pressure measurements as low as a few inches of water, these gauges, in spans from 30" H2O to 10 psi utilize a unique sensing element
  • Impedance Pipeline Heating Systems
    Impedance Pipeline Heating Systems The pipe becomes the heater, eliminating heater burnout and other maintenance problems.
  • Remote Alarms and Autodialers
    Remote Alarms and Autodialers The company offers a new CD that provides comprehensive product and application information on their full line of Alarm Autodialing, Remote Monitoring, Reporting and Control Systems.
  • Professional Business Advancement Training
    Professional Business Advancement Training Courses offered in the "Professional Business Advancement" area include
  • Pressure Field Units GP10, AP10, DP20
    Pressure Field Units GP10, AP10, DP20

    Accutech offers three pressure-sensing field units designed for use in a variety of industrial applications.

  • Heating Cable
    Heating Cable Controls are available in local or remote power control packages that consist of NEMA 4X construction and include all wiring, terminal blocks and mounting supports
    XR-5 LINES JET FUEL TANK FARM AT DENVER AIRPORT When Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened in the early 1970's, it was termed the "Airport of the future." That future is now, and the new Denver International Airport is being termed the "Airport of the 21st century."
  • IFS Applications
    IFS Applications

    IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


  • Oil In Water Monitoring Instruments
    Oil In Water Monitoring Instruments Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments introduces the new ‘C’ series of continuous on-line oil in water monitoring instruments. The TD-4100 C and the TD-4100 XDC can detect and measure oil, fuel, crude oils, and most heat transfer fluids in water from the low ppb to high ppm.
  • Testing
    Testing Overview of the company's testing services.
  • Filter Elements The "KPP" Series are Nominal Micron rated filter elements, which utilize extended surface area for superior performance
  • Screen Scallops
    Screen Scallops Screen scallops offer improved performance and increased economy in a radial flow process.
  • Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) The Motorola MC55 brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to pocket-sized mobile devices. As the smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, bar code scanner, camera, walkie talkie and mobile computer into a robust business class device with true consumer styling and ergonomics — and is designed to meet mobile worker, business application and IT requirements.
  • Direct Drive Pumps
    Direct Drive Pumps The Sundyne Direct Drive pumps feature a single-stage centrifugal design for service in API-610 and general industrial applications
  • Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments
    Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  • Compsee PowerTrack® Mobile Workforce Solutions For Construction
    Compsee PowerTrack® Mobile Workforce Solutions For Construction Streamline operations and boost productivity by using PowerTrack mobile software to automate your paper reporting requirements.
  • PI Client Applications - Overview Delivering Live, Streaming Plant Information to The Industrial Desktop
  • Fired Heater Pilots
    Fired Heater Pilots The Fired Heater pilot system has an inverted nozzle arrangement designed to allow the spent nozzle gas to continuously clean the pilot nozzle
  • Plant Document Management
    Plant Document Management Directa is a document-centric application set combining numerous capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution for common industry problems.
  • Electronics Products
    Electronics Products Sabin recovers precious metals from electronic components and associated materials. Sabin will maximize customers' returns to improve profit picture...
  • High -Temperature Plugging Service TDW Services, Inc., offers a plugging service designed specifically for 2" through 24" high-temperature steam piping
  • PI-ODBC (Server) The PI-ODBC Server for the PI Data Archive enables the PI database to appear and act like a relational database any ODBC-compliant client application.
  • Dual-Shaft Mixer
    Dual-Shaft Mixer

    The dual-shaft mixer has a low-speed anchor agitator and a high-speed disperser

  • API Process Pump Upgrades
    API Process Pump Upgrades This company offers upgrades, retrofits, and re-rates for singles stage overhung process pumps
  • Meteor Filter Media
    Meteor Filter Media Meteor is a filter medium comprised of an extremely stable scrim constructed of a mineralic basalt.
  • Regard Integrated Care System EDS has launched the Regard Integrated Care System, a workers' compensation system that aims to reduce direct and indirect costs to employers and increase productivity by helping workers return to work more quickly
  • Pig Links
    Pig Links The Pig Link allows varied configurations and adaptations of cups, discs, and body links
  • Advanced Internet-based Monitoring Systems
    Advanced Internet-based Monitoring Systems Whether your treatment system monitoring requirements include Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) capabilities or an alarm dialer, you should consider our Internet-based Monitoring (AIM) systems.
  • Source Code for Industrial PID Control Algorithm
    Source Code for Industrial PID Control Algorithm The source code for an industrial PID control algorithm has now been made available. The ExperTune algorithm incorporates industrially hardened technology...
  • Steam Trap
    Steam Trap CHEM SHOW ’99: The patented automatic orifice in the company’s steam trap effectively removes system dirt, improving system efficiency and eliminating trap failure due to blockage- a major problem with conventional steam traps.
  • Model 801P Portable H<sub>2</sub>S Analyzer
    Model 801P Portable H2S Analyzer The 801P portable analyzer is a microprocessor-based H2S Analyzer using the principle of lead acetate tape...
  • Condensing WESPTM
    Condensing WESPTM Croll-Reynolds’ patented CONDENSING WESPTM
  • Zimpro® Wet Air Oxidation
    Zimpro® Wet Air Oxidation

    Zimpro Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) systems are used primarily for treatment of high strength industrial wastewater streams.

  • Accutronix MX
    Accutronix MX Accutronix MX
  • PI Integration Tools - Overview PI is commonly used as the underlying infrastructure for plant information integration projects.
  • Model IND-100 Industrial Pressure Transmitter
    Model IND-100 Industrial Pressure Transmitter The Model IND-100 Pressure Transmitter has been designed for use in a variety of industrial applications
  • GEO-TRAP FILTER™  Catch Basin Insert
    GEO-TRAP FILTER™ Catch Basin Insert REM has developed the GEO-TRAP FILTER™ Catch Basin Insert to help eliminate hydrocarbons
  • Polytron 2
    Polytron 2 The Polytron 2 transmitter is an intrinsically safe gas detector for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air
  • Mass Flowrate Indicator Totalizer for Gases Hoffer Flow Controls is pleased to provide information on their new Model 2006 Mass Flowrate Indicator/Totalizer for gases
  • Polytron IR
    Polytron IR The Polytron IR is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air
  • ISA: Remote Monitoring System Messenger 570, a remote monitoring system, combines high-speed data, recordable voice, and fax communications mode in a single unit...
  • Three Roll Mill
    Three Roll Mill

    Charles Ross & Son Company's Three Roll Mills are useful for research, development and a variety of laboratory purposes...

  • Double Port Regulator
    Double Port Regulator Model 180/181 double port regulators provide sensitive control needed by vapor recovery systems operating at atmospheric pressure
  • Integral Flo-Tel Pressure Relief Sensor
    Integral Flo-Tel Pressure Relief Sensor Integral Flo-Tel pressure relief sensor is designed to send instant signals to process control systems when a bursting disc ruptures and the process media flows through to a discharge tank...
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Switch
    Stainless Steel Temperature Switch The Spectra 12T is a mechanical temperature switch designed for corrosive or explosion-proof applications found throughout the chemical processing industry
  • Spent Catalysts
    Spent Catalysts Sabin recovers precious metals from process and pollution abatement catalysts. They refine spent catalysts – pellets, beads, extrudates and monolithic structures...
  • NOx Reduction Technology Video This comprehensive video features NOx reduction technologies designed for coal, oil and gas-fired burners used by utility and industrial plants...
  • PFA and FEP Linings The PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and FEP (fluorinated ethylene-propylene) primary valve lining materials are used because of their chemical inertness.
  • Gas Turbines
    Gas Turbines Dresser-Rand, a recognized leader in gas turbine packaging, offers a variety of gas turbines which support the driver needs of its various centrifugal compressor product lines.
  • 3FM High Performance Filtration System
    3FM High Performance Filtration System 3FM (Flexible Fiber Filter Module) is the next generation, ultra-compact filtration system that can be substituted for conventional solid-liquid separation methods such as coagulation, settling, and standard filtration. This system is ideal for suspended solids removal in industrial and agricultural effluent, tertiary treatment of wastewater, cooling tower recycle, and process water for reuse.
  • Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS)
    Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS)

    Corrugated Plate Separators (CPS’s) provide economical and effective removal of oil and solids from wastewater by gravity, in a smooth, efficient automatic flow. With thousands of installations in operation, this proven design has no moving parts and provides consistent operating results for simple and better separation.

  • LevelMaster Intelligent Digital Level Sensor The TOTALFLOW LevelMaster Intelligent Digital Level Sensor is designed for custody transfer accuracy in demanding level measurement applications
  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps
    Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps Liquiflo Equipment Company unveiled a new series of Centry centrifugal pumps and a new Vantage series of positive displacement rotary pumps
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Ultrafiltration
    WATERTRAK™ Ultrafiltration These filtration systems use hollow fiber membranes to remove particulate down to 0.1 micron (SDI normally <1). These systems normally operate at 90-95% recovery and can be offered as dead end or in cross flow configuration.
  • Condensate Polishing Systems
    Condensate Polishing Systems

    Condensate polishers are used to maintain a proper quality of water by removing impurities from return Condensate, and are custom engineered and manufactured in accordance with industry codes and owner's specific requirements.

  • Air Quality Consulting
    Air Quality Consulting Trinity's air quality consulting credentials are, in a word, unmatched
  • 25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter
    25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter Front floor sections fold up for easy cleaning
  • LESA (Log Evaluation System Analysis)
    LESA (Log Evaluation System Analysis) LESA is Windows based software that will provide complete log analysis and interpretation
  • Industrial Control Panels
    Industrial Control Panels Temperature Controls from Chromalox are the solution for process control
  • Tight Lipped Sleeved Plug Valve
    Tight Lipped Sleeved Plug Valve The Tufline XP sleeved plug valve has two independent environmental seals
  • Valves Designed specifically for use when tapping and plugging a line, the SANDWICH Tapping Valve gets its name from its 3-slab construction
  • Transition Fittings Three CPVC-to-metal transition fittings are available that help professionals and do-it-yourself installers make proper, leak-free connections
  • Technical Consulting The company provides technical consulting services for oil and chemical firms
  • Pentair Dualsep™
    Pentair Dualsep™

    Two efficient filter elements joined together on one core make up DualSep™. Compax®, a proven industry leader in particulate filtration with more surface area than its competitors and APEX®, the tapered coalescing element which keeps annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element. The annular space on the outside of APEX® gradually increases from the bottom to top of the element, keeping pace with the external gas flow as it exited the element.

  • Petroleum Sorbent Roll
    Petroleum Sorbent Roll The Petroleum Sorbent Roll, High Capacity is a selective sorbent which will "sorb" hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous based liquids (hydrophobic).
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter Technology
    Ultrasonic Flowmeter Technology Panametrics, Inc. has announced, TransFlection, said to be a new generation of ultrasonic flowmeter technology for difficult, multiphase fluids...
  • DT-8300 Digital
    DT-8300 Digital Ranges 50 to 450°F (-50 to 250°C) or 400 to 1500°F (200 to 800°C)
  • Power Line Transducers
    Power Line Transducers Power Line transducers provide an analog DC output proportional to the AC input received from the secondary side of a potential and/or current transformer...
  • Control Systems
    Control Systems Established in 1959, Dresser-Rand Control Systems designs and manufactures high quality, reliable, state-of-the-art control systems for
  • Construction Management & Inspections
    Construction Management & Inspections Construction Management & Inspections
  • neles ValvGuard Safety System and ESD Valves
    neles ValvGuard Safety System and ESD Valves The neles ValvGuard testing and monitoring system for emergency valve applications is a new generation safety and management system
  • Propane/Natural Gas Detector
    Propane/Natural Gas Detector CCI Controls, the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial detectors, offers this automatic gas shut-off system designed specifically for residential and commercial use
  • Lateral Repair System
    Lateral Repair System CSR Pipeline Systems introduced the IHC System (Intralaminar Heat Cure). This system was designed to...
  • Magnetostrictive Probe
    Magnetostrictive Probe Offering precise level measurement in a variety of storage vessels, the Model 1002 MSP magnetostrictive probe is designed for applications with clean and finished products
  • Composite Rupture Disk
    Composite Rupture Disk Composite Rupture Disks are designed for applications where lower rupture pressures are required than can be achieved with standard rupture disks
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES Special Crossing Design
  • Zeochem Z4-01 Molecular Sieve
    Zeochem Z4-01 Molecular Sieve Zeochem Z4-01 molecular sieves combine a rugged beaded construction with superior mechanical properties
  • L120 Series
    L120 Series Broad ranging modular design supporting all controls, options and modular stocking programs with distributors
  • Biomatrix Gold™
    Biomatrix Gold™ Biomatrix Gold™ is a natural absorbent made from sphagnum moss... a made to order natural solution for environmental spills
  • Downhole Screens and Filters Tri-alta carries 4 options for sand and debris control before it enters your pump and are available with 1" or 1-1/4" NPT connections
  • Multivariable Product Line
    Multivariable Product Line SMV 3000 Smart Multivariable Transmitter line enables flow measurement at high gauge pressures and flow measurement in low differential pressure applications
  • Nitrogen/Sulfur GC Detector
    Nitrogen/Sulfur GC Detector The Model 7090 Nitrogen/Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (CLND/SCD) from ANTEK Instruments is the only simultaneous nitrogen/sulfur chemiluminescence detector for GC and SFC
  • Digital Handbook Sealweld Corporation is proud to introduce on either 3 ½" diskettes or CD ROM, the new DIGITAL form of our popular valve maintenance training manual
  • Precision Thermometer 3040
    Precision Thermometer 3040 High Precision Temperature Measuring Highlights:
  • On-Site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators
    On-Site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators N-Series Nitrogen Generators and T-Series Oxygen Generators offer numerous advantages over cylinder or pipeline-delivered nitrogen: very low gas cost, total autonomy and independence from traditional gas suppliers, and safety due to low gas pressures.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Training
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas Training Courses offered in the "Liquefied Petroleum Gas" area include:
  • Steam Seal
    Steam Seal The GTS steam seal is designed to handle steam applications and to provide the benefits of a mechanical seal in sealing steam turbines
  • Server and Client-based Software Programs The PI System is a set of server and client-based software programs designed to automate the collection, storage and presentation of plant data
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