• Unstabilized Reformate
    Unstabilized Reformate Reformer Product Streams containing ammonium chloride and hydrochloric acid are a result of the refining process when the low octane refinery naphthas are converted into high octane liquid products.
  • SQ2 High Pressure Test  Plugs
    SQ2 High Pressure Test Plugs High pressure testing is faster and easier, thanks to EST's SQ2 High Pressure Test Plugs. Designed for pressure ratings up to 6,500 psig (450 bar), our SQ2 Plugs are easy to install and remove without causing extensive damage to the pipe wall surface
  • Material Procurement and Controls
    Material Procurement and Controls Material Procurement and Controls
  • FCC Diagnostic Services The company specializes in the use of radioisotope and infrared technologies to provide on-line process investigation studies.
  • Superior Sealing Trouble-free sealing is provided by the large, full-circumferential PTFE sleeve
  • 30K Lip Seal
    30K Lip Seal Chesterton® 30K’s lip seals are high performance lip seals that are ideal for dynamic rotary seal applications. These seals provide excellent service in bearing and gear box applications that utilize conventional oil lip seals.
  • Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and LEL Neutralizing Chemicals
    Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and LEL Neutralizing Chemicals Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of chemical agents that bind with solvents and hydrocarbons. Once the chemical is absorbed, the vapor pressure and flammability begin to drop
  • Jewelry, Dental, Photographic
    Jewelry, Dental, Photographic Sabin recovers precious metals from jewelry, dental scrap, photographic materials, and X–ray film.
  • Pilot / Ignitor Design
    Pilot / Ignitor Design If a flare cannot be ignited reliably and a stable flame maintained at all times to burn a waste gas or offgas, it is not have a flare, it is a vent pipe- where heavy unburned hydrocarbons and other combustible gases can descend to grade level and become ignited to produce a flashback, a fire, and possibly a catastrophic explosion.
  • U.S. TSCA Inventory Database
    U.S. TSCA Inventory Database The company offers the TSCA Tracker Version 2.0 which includes a major enhancement to the software’s “String Search” feature.
  • Models 6713 / 6714 Flow Computer Unit
    Models 6713 / 6714 Flow Computer Unit The model 6713 Flow Computer Unit is specifically designed for measurement sites where advanced features, expandability, and low cost are of concern
  • Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer
    Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer The Fluke 65 is a non-contact, laser sighted, stand-alone thermometer designed to complement the existing temperature product offering
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • Stainless Steel Pumps
    Stainless Steel Pumps CAT Pumps has responded to the demand for long life in intense, continuous-duty applications such as reverse osmosis by expanding its 316 stainless steel line
  • Watt—Current—Voltage Transducers
    Watt—Current—Voltage Transducers The Single Phase Watt Transducer is a true solid-state watt transducer
  • Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's low pressure carbon adsorbers are typically used in gravity discharge or low pressure water treatment applications.
  • Models 6411 / 6414 Pulse Input Flow Computers
    Models 6411 / 6414 Pulse Input Flow Computers The Models 6411 and 6414 Flow Computer Units are specifically designed for pulse input installations where features and low cost are of concern
  • Epoxy Adhesive
    Epoxy Adhesive EP30HT is a temperature resistant, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive
  • PSR Series Actuators
    PSR Series Actuators PSR series actuators contain a maintenance-free, low-wear and low-noise spur gear resulting in high efficiency and long lifetime...
  • RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes
    RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes Adwest Technologies' RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Systems provide cost effective VOC abatement for large flow capacity (LFC) VOC laden processes from 60,000 to 80,000 cfm flowrates
  • Electronic Catalog
    Electronic Catalog The Groth Electronic Catalog, allowing access to all catalog information on IBM compatible computers,
  • Series JG Mixers
    Series JG Mixers Series JG mixers feature heavy helical gears for performance....
  • PI Client Applications - Overview Delivering Live, Streaming Plant Information to The Industrial Desktop
  • Air Sparging Units
    Air Sparging Units ARTCORP air sparging units are custom built to meet the specific site needs
  • Series 400 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve
    Series 400 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve The Series 400 is a no-flow, modulating action safety relief valve design suitable for gas, liquid and multi-phase applications.
  • Computer-Based Automation Systems This Windows NT personal computer-based automation system can be used in mission critical applications
  • DT-8300 Digital
    DT-8300 Digital Ranges 50 to 450°F (-50 to 250°C) or 400 to 1500°F (200 to 800°C)
  • Biological Products & Chemicals
    Biological Products & Chemicals Jaeger is the only packing supplier to offer products to enhance the longevity and use of your packing.
  • Steam Scrubber Sanitary Steam Filter
    Steam Scrubber Sanitary Steam Filter The Steam Scrubber line of Steam Filters are designed to meet the exacting requirements of sanitary and culinary steam lines by removing any rust or particulate matter from the steam.
  • MULTIFLO™: High Rate Clarification And Softening Process
    MULTIFLO™: High Rate Clarification And Softening Process

    Veolia Water Technologies’ premier clarification process MULTIFLO™ has been innovated to include a Turbomix™ draft tube reactor and water softening chemistry for a new High-Rate Softening solution.

  • Jet Fuel/Kerosene
    Jet Fuel/Kerosene Because most refiners’ process a variety of mixed crude oils they must deal with multiple types of impurities in their treating systems; which necessitates a treating process consisting of several steps to meet acidity, mercaptan, and other specifications required for upgrading naphtha and kerosene fractions to jet fuel products.
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Carbon Filters
    WATERTRAK™ Carbon Filters An activated carbon filter is used to remove free chlorine or color and organics from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc
  • Flow Injection Mercury System
    Flow Injection Mercury System The FIMS-100 and FIMS-400 are compact atomic absorption spectrometers designed for the determination of mercury
  • Temperature/Level Sensor
    Temperature/Level Sensor Drexelbrook Engineering Co. has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level
  • Water Jet Eductors Water jet eductors utilize the kinetic energy of one liquid to cause the flow of another.
  • Gas Chromatograph System Electronics
    Gas Chromatograph System Electronics The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system has been enhanced with new modular electronics.
  • Bio-Gold Liquid Mitigation Agent Bio-Gold is created from the same formula originally developed for the US Navy to provide land and water mitigation of released hydrocarbons
  • Di-225-D Industrial Data Collector: 2 Channel Analog Input
    Di-225-D Industrial Data Collector: 2 Channel Analog Input With a 2 channel high performance analog input board already embedded, the Di-225-D is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of various data acquisition applications.

    Combined with an optional DSP co-processor, this platform offers the capability for real-time FFT analysis, acoustic measurement, or high speed analysis of any dynamic analog signal source. Other applications include measurement of strain, torque, pressure, temperature, etc. The platform offers both 1/8 VGA and 1/4 VGA (touchscreen) options.
  • Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers Hot/cold nozzle intersections
  • Micro Flame Front Ignition The Micro Flame Front Ignition can be described as ignition at a distance; therefore, the sparking device is located out of the hot zone of the pilot prolonging its useful life
  • FTM Software for Coating Thickness Measurement FTM Windows-based software for X-ray fluorescence coating thickness measurement instruments features auto-focus, electronic part magnification (1 - 4X), material identification and programmable measurement tasking...
  • X-Series Mixer Emulsifier
    X-Series Mixer Emulsifier

    The new X-Series Mixer Emulsifier produces sub-micron emulsions in less time and at less cost than conventional high pressure homogenizers do

  • Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) The Motorola MC55 brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to pocket-sized mobile devices. As the smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, bar code scanner, camera, walkie talkie and mobile computer into a robust business class device with true consumer styling and ergonomics — and is designed to meet mobile worker, business application and IT requirements.
  • Analytical Services The NCUT analytical laboratory provides cost effective analytical support to NCUT internal projects and to external clients.
  • MMS-TaskMaster
    MMS-TaskMaster MMS-TaskMaster is a tool that helps operations personnel and engineers manage to-do lists and associated checksheets by making sure tasks are performed consistently
  • Profile Screens
    Profile Screens The Welde Wedge Profile Screen can be used for processes such as coal dewatering with sieve bends
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator
    Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator Designed for process instruments technicians, Fluke 724 temperature calibrator offers measure and source functions for most temperature sensors and transmitters in the plant...
  • PerforMedia™ Oil Removal Media
    PerforMedia™ Oil Removal Media

    Oily water filtration was developed for filtering free oil and suspended solids from produced water or refinery wastewater, to be disposed of, re-injected, discharged or reused. These systems primarily used black walnut shell media, and required expensive treatment upstream to limit the filter loading rate.

  • Integrated Process Engineering Software Engineer's Aide SiNET XLC with the AIChE DUPPR 911 database and CostPlus systems is the first integrated process engineering software for comprehensive sizing, simulation, design, and cost evaluation of complex process pipeline network systems
  • Source Code for Industrial PID Control Algorithm
    Source Code for Industrial PID Control Algorithm The source code for an industrial PID control algorithm has now been made available. The ExperTune algorithm incorporates industrially hardened technology...
  • Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature Transmitter Honeywell's STT250 is a compact, smart temperature transmitter that offers the choice of either Honeywell's digitally enhanced (DE) or HART communication protocols
  • Wellness/Health Promotion Recognizing the advantages of a healthy workforce, Beacon offers “wellness” programs to its clients and encourages employees to get involved in their personal health maintenance
  • Cooling Water Corrosion & Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Workshop Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), and Puckorius & Associates, Inc. are pleased to announce a workshop on Cooling Water Corrosion and Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) technology to be held October 13-14, 1999 in San Jose, California
  • High -Temperature Plugging Service TDW Services, Inc., offers a plugging service designed specifically for 2" through 24" high-temperature steam piping
  • API Process Pump Upgrades
    API Process Pump Upgrades This company offers upgrades, retrofits, and re-rates for singles stage overhung process pumps
  • Band Component Heaters
    Band Component Heaters Band heaters grip tightly to cylindrical surfaces to supply uniform heat transfer, critical to the heater life
  • Butterfly Valve Brochure
    Butterfly Valve Brochure A full-color brochure from Ultraflo describes the company's butterfly valves and other products
  • PP Lining-material Characteristics
    PP Lining-material Characteristics Everything you want to know about the physical properties of polypropylene lining material...
  • Fiberglass Grating Fiberglass Grating is ideal when you require a product that is highly resistant to corrosive environments
  • P Series Specialty Pump
    P Series Specialty Pump PPS Engineered Plastic; Flow rates to 60 gph (227 L/hr), differential pressures to 130 psi (9 bar), system pressures to 300 psi (21 bar), temperatures to 150°F (65°C), viscosities to 1000 cps
  • Ramps
    Ramps These ramps are designed for access to bulk cars and bulk trucks with 30 feet of unobstructed access along the loading rack to the full length of the car or truck
  • Liquid/Solids Separation System

    The LHS-350 is a complete, skid-mounted system that features integrated controls for sump, tank...

  • Storage Tank Heating Systems
    Storage Tank Heating Systems Used to raise or maintain temperatures from 300°F to 1000°F for a wide variety of liquids and gases
  • Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respirator Assembly
    Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respirator Assembly This Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respirator Assembly is pre-assembled and requires no maintenance.
  • Systems and Application
    Systems and Application This company can custom build portable to large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and application
  • Trading, Derivatives, Hedging and Risk Management Training
    Trading, Derivatives, Hedging and Risk Management Training The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Trading, Derivatives, Hedging and Risk Management training
  • Test Gauges
    Test Gauges Designed as a master reference for checking the accuracy of other pressure instruments.
  • PI Server Applications PI Server Applications handle the collection, storage, and retrieval of numerical and string data
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Ion Exchangers
    WATERTRAK™ Ion Exchangers Aquatech's Ion exchange process uses Packed Bed Design. When the water enters the bed during the service cycle, it progressively comes into contact with more highly regenerated resin, which ensures production of a high quality demineralized water, minimizes chances of ionic leakage and maximizes resin bed operating capacity.
  • PI Server Applications -Overview The Plant Information (PI) System is a set of software modules for plant-wide monitoring and analysis.
  • Liquid Level Switches
    Liquid Level Switches PureSense Level Switches are used for ultra-pure sensing fluid applications
  • Pro-Flo Air Distribution System
    Pro-Flo Air Distribution System Air-operated, double-diaphragm reliability has been optimized with the Pro-Flo technology
  • Carbonair COWS Oil/Water Separators
    Carbonair COWS Oil/Water Separators Carbonair's coalescing oil/water separators are designed for use in many applications including groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment and treatment of storm water run off.
  • Carbon Reactivation
    Carbon Reactivation Advanced Recovery offers the service of thermal reactivation for spent carbon
  • ISA: Remote Monitoring System Messenger 570, a remote monitoring system, combines high-speed data, recordable voice, and fax communications mode in a single unit...
  • Process Instruments
    Process Instruments Siemens offers a comprehensive range of process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. Pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers, process recorders and process protection devices complete the package. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, Siemens is your professional supplier for any project.
  • Semi-continuous and Batch Autoclaves Each autoclave is a stainless steel vessel equipped with a stirrer that can be run at any RPM required
  • Lined Mag-Drive Pumps
    Lined Mag-Drive Pumps Texel MEH Series lined mag-drive pumps provide leak-free performance, especially under low flow conditions.
  • Versa Gauge StainlessSteel Case Liquid Fillable
    Versa Gauge StainlessSteel Case Liquid Fillable A high quality stainless steel case gauge with a bayonet bezel, completely repairable
  • Actuator-Ready Ball Valve
    Actuator-Ready Ball Valve The Apollo AR actuator-ready ball valves are shipped without handles and feature an ISO-5211 style mounting pad to simplify actuator mounting.
  • Fury 400 Tank Washers
    Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • NMWR Pump - Hot Oil Horizontal Sealless Centrifugal Pump
    NMWR Pump - Hot Oil Horizontal Sealless Centrifugal Pump The magnetic driven NMWR pumps are designed for hot oil applications
  • Combustion Pressure Sensor/Instability Sensor
    Combustion Pressure Sensor/Instability Sensor Combustion pressure information is a key in parametric monitoring for engine control
  • Emissions Solutions
    Emissions Solutions To enable plant operators to comply with ever-tightening safety, clean air and fugitive emission regulations, the company offers a selection of products which are specially designed to address the flow control needs of these users.
  • Composite Rupture Disk
    Composite Rupture Disk Composite Rupture Disks are designed for applications where lower rupture pressures are required than can be achieved with standard rupture disks
  • Process Transmitters  Model 88C/D
    Process Transmitters Model 88C/D Full featured field adjustable transmitter suitable for use in process and industrial applications
  • Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System
    Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System A Bundle Waveguide Technology system gives drift-free, obstructionless flow measurement of the most difficult liquids, gases and steam.
  • Integration and Custom Development Customized business solutions and software integration are available to boost productivity and reliability in manufacturing environments
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container
    Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • SwirlMaster FSS430/FSS450 Flowmeter
    SwirlMaster FSS430/FSS450 Flowmeter

    Reliable, maintenance-free flow measurement with new hi-tech transmitter.

  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Softeners
    WATERTRAK™ Softeners A water softener utilizes the ion exchange process, which exchanges calcium and magnesium "hardness" ions for sodium a "soft" ion
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
    Zero Liquid Discharge Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies by Aquatech help you achieve environmental compliance, reduce your carbon footprint, create positive public perception, and recover high purity water for reuse.
  • Temporary Pipe End Plugs WEDGE-LOCK Pipe Plugs are used for plugging pipe ends temporarily
  • Instrumentation: Model 1056 Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer
    Instrumentation: Model 1056 Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer The Model 1056 dual-input analyzer offers single or dual sensor input with an unrestricted choice of dual measurements. This multi-parameter instrument supports most industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.
  • On-Site Electropolishing Services
    On-Site Electropolishing Services Allegheny Bradford Corporation now offers on-site electropolishing services
  • Circulation Heaters
    Circulation Heaters Circulation heaters consist of a screwplug or flanged type immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber
  • Series PZ Pulse Metering Pump
    Series PZ Pulse Metering Pump The new Series PZ pulse metering pump is designed for injection of a wide range of liquid materials, including chemicals, nutrients and disinfectants...
  • Air Pressure Amplifiers
    Air Pressure Amplifiers This company has hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of a range of high pressure generating equipment and controls
  • Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions
    Water, Wastewater and Process Control Solutions The company has produced a brochure that provides an overview of the company’s Control Systems group, which integrates and manufactures products related to SCADA, telemetry, power equipment integration, automation and measurement.
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