• Vacuum Filter Press JWI has won an exclusive license for a one-step dewatering/drying system from Bertram's Group
  • Liquid Level Switches PureSense Level Switches are used for ultra-pure sensing fluid applications
  • Semi-continuous and Batch Autoclaves Each autoclave is a stainless steel vessel equipped with a stirrer that can be run at any RPM required
  • Marine Pumps - Type EC These pumps are of similar construction to ECC type and are usually located within the refrigerated cargo tank of a marine gas carrier to transfer such fluids as LPG, Ethylene, LNG, etc...
  • Inducers Every Cryodynamics pump is fitted with a high solidity helical inducer as the first hydraulic stage...
  • DAQ Station Videographic Recorders DAQ Station videographic recorders were designed to meet the needs of operators, plant engineers and management...
  • Steam Trap Monitoring Device BiTherm International's SteamWatch eliminates the need for external energy or human intervention in monitoring steam loss
  • Multipulse Trimec Multipulse Positive Displacement Flowmeters provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of liquids
  • High-Performance, Low NOx Burners High-performance, low NOx burners. Energy efficient. Low CO emissions. Low noise. Forced, induced or natural draft
  • Ground Flare This ground flare technology concept is comprised of three principal items, the burner, the windfence and the refractory lining
  • Circuitrend Plus Paperless Recorder The first replacement for the traditional circular paper chart recorder is available in Solo or Plus versions
  • High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubes These high pressure valves, fittings and tubing offer a comprehensive range in the industry combining simple principles of operation with rugged construction suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
  • ScanBase 2.0 ScanBase 2.0 is a relational database Windows-based program featuring a straight-forward,
  • Split Seals Oil seals offer faster repair, which decreases downtime, easier installation that requires no special tools or skills, and no back-up plates
  • Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 The Particulate Welding Respirator 8212, N95 provides a minimum filter efficiency of 95% against non-oil based particles.
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES Pro Plus, Inc. is a full service professional plus engineering corporation serving the energy, telecommunications and related industries
  • LO-CAT®

    The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

  • Process and Related Systems PEI has the capability to design systems for treating natural gas both at the wellhead or at a central collection point
  • Dynamic Tester Emax is a dynamic tester that can provide insight into a motor’s electrical reliability by performing motor and stator analysis
  • Process Transmitters The Barton/Fuji FCX-A and FCX-C “smart” process transmitters provide accuracy and stability, as well as an analog-to-digital upgrade path
  • Motorola TCO Mobility Toolkit: Looking Beyond Acquisition Consumer-class devices simply can't compete with rugged, enterprise grade mobile devices — especially for enterprise, field-based applications. With budget cuts and capital investment challenges, you need to make every dollar count today, and tomorrow. Motorola has answers. Our TCO Mobility Toolkit, including four downloadable resources, will provide the answers you need to justify — and protect — your investments.
  • Process Mass Spectrometers The Prima 600S series of process mass spectrometers features rugged, compact process monitoring systems designed and
  • Business Process Automation Services Business Process Automation is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes
  • Total Instrument Manager The Total Instrument Manager, or TIM System software, is designed to fully calibrate up to four instruments at the same time, with only one computer and four TIM Control Centers
  • Premium Ion Exchange: HD IX Softeners™

    Industrial ion exchange (IX) water softeners from Veolia Water Technologies are engineered and fabricated specifically for demanding high Total Dissolved Solids applications, such as treating produced water from oil fields and chloralkali brine streams. The IX softeners utilize proven ion exchange technologies, merged with high-quality materials of construction selected to withstand corrosive fluids.

  • ISA: The Big Knife valves The Big Knife valves are designed for application with low to medium percentage of solids...
  • Pipeline Leak Detection

    Siemens leak detection systems use mass balance technology. A patented thermal model computes and corrects for liquid expansion due to pipeline temperature or pressure changes

  • Air Quality Consulting Trinity's air quality consulting credentials are, in a word, unmatched
  • Low Cost Liquid and Gas Turbine Flowmeters Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel, this flowmeter series is supplied with either a high output magnetic pickup coil
  • Oxygen Enrichment Technology Expand Sulfur Recovery Unit Capacity with Oxygen Enrichment
  • ISA: Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP Support for IOWorks 3.0 Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP support for IOWorks 3.0 enables a standard or real-time controller to communicate via a TCP/IP Ethernet connection with Modbus-compatible controllers...
  • Glycol and Catalyst Recovery Service Mobile ethylene glycol and catalyst recovery service is available for PET plastic manufacturing facilities using catalyst recovery from wastewater and process streams
  • Condensing WESPTM Croll-Reynolds’ patented CONDENSING WESPTM
  • Solving Burner & Flare Problems In refineries and petrochemical plants, dependable burners (for fired heaters and flares) are required for the safe, efficient plant operation and process needs.
  • Seraphin Test Measure Co. Seraphin “M” Series High Sensitivity Neck Provers are used in the water draw calibration of displacement type provers and large open tank provers
  • Handheld LCD Digital Calibrator The PTE-1 is a measurement and calibration system with a vast array of capabilities...
  • Pentane Streams treated: Pentane
  • Balanced Globe Valve The Masoneilan 41000 Series control valve is a cage-guided globe valve design with balanced trim configurations
  • Duct Heating Equipment UL Listed or CSA Approved self-contained electric duct heaters offer standard and custom slip-in, flanged, and patented slip-and-drive mountings
  • Electronic Catalog The Groth Electronic Catalog, allowing access to all catalog information on IBM compatible computers,
  • Laboratory Measures These Laboratory Measures are high quality Master Measures.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Piping Systems Corzan X10 CR piping systems provide both high temperature performance and corrosive resistance in chemical processing and metal finishing operations
  • SulfurAlert Sulfur Detector SulfurAlert is an on-line research precision total sulfur detection and concentration analyzer system...
  • Resin Transport Container The 30 ft3 resin transport container has a cross-linked polyethylene, corrosion-resistant, one-piece construction
  • Process Gauges (Solfrunt 4 1/2) Series 1900 4 1/2" Solfrunt gauges are supplied in 30 different vacuum, compound and pressures ranging from 30" Hg vacuum through 11,600 psi
  • Financial-Based Maintenance/Inspection Planning Course Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce it’s first course on Financial Risk Analysis for Planning Major Maintenance...
  • Carbon Monoxide and Syngas Air Products' engineering expertise is geared towards producing hydrogen, carbon monoxide (HyCO) and syngas in the most cost effective and reliable manner
  • Bolt Type Medium Test Plugs For Simple Reliable Testing Without Tube Wall Damage EST's Bolt Type Medium Pressure Test Plugs are designed for simple, reliable testing of pipe and tubing to 250 psi (17 Bar), without the tube wall damage associated with other test plugs
  • Positive Displacement BiRotor Meters A positive displacement meter known throughout the process and petroleum industry for accuracy, quality, and extended service life
  • IT Junction Box The IT junction box is for use with the HI 2151/30WC multi-purpose weight controller
  • IRaptor Ruggedized, Portable Camera Kaldair's newest product, the KalCam IRaptor uses microbolometer infrared technology to detect hotspots, liquid levels, potential stress points, refractory fall-away, and countless other problem areas.
  • Multiple Kit Cats Among recent product announcements from EBPI are the two-page "Toxi-ChromePad Test Kit,"...
  • Automated Solids Analysis The unique vertical orientation of the new 9000vsa Solids Analyzer from Antek Instruments, Inc. allows the use of an innovative gravity fed solids autosampler
  • Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer The Fluke 65 is the first non-contact, laser sighted, stand-alone thermometer designed by Fluke to complement its existing temperature product offering
  • GIA 522 gas inclusion analyzer for the analysis of micro gas inclusions
  • Filter Bags Amazon filter bags are designed to withstand 70- to 100-psi bursts of compressed air in the cleaning cycle
  • Hydrocarbon Refining Catalytic Reforming refers to the octane improvement of straight run gasoline and cracked refinery naphthas...
  • Versa Gauge Color Coded Process Liquid Fillable A high quality heavy duty gauge (completely repairable) for the process industry
  • Organic Vapor/P100 Respirator The Organic Vapor/P100 Respirator is NIOSH approved under 42 CFR 84 for protection against certain organic vapors and particles.
  • Control Products Catalog This new 116-page catalog features the company’s entire stock of valves, controllers and regulators...
  • Lined Mag-Drive Pumps Texel MEH Series lined mag-drive pumps provide leak-free performance, especially under low flow conditions.
  • Instrument Data Manager Instrument Data Manager (IDM) is a comprehensive tool for engineering, design, and maintenance of control systems for the plant industry...
  • Two Gallon PowerMix

    The Model PD-2 two-gallon PowerMix is for the development of viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow and high speed agitation

  • Gas Chromatograph System Software

    The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system uses industry-standard software.

  • Hanger Assemblies GRAPHALLOY Hanger Assemblies can accommodate shaft sizes from 1/2" to 1 15/16
  • LIQUISEP® Liquid-Liquid Separation Technology

    LiquiSep® technology has been implemented specifically to help separate emulsions that are not separable by conventional coalescers. Conventional coalescers are unable to provide the degree clarity associated with LiquiSep® technology due to the inability to capture and remove the most penetrating droplets that cause carry-over. LIQUISEP® can separate these dispersed and emulsified droplets from the hydrocarbon to practically nondetectable levels. Advances in the technology now permit horizontal installations, further reducing capital cost. The effluent from a typical LiquiSep® separation consist of two separate phases. One phase is a clear product hydrocarbon stream, and the second phase is a clear product aqueous stream.

  • HydroSwage System and Tooling The HydroSwage System is designed to hydraulically expand heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure within an established expansion zone
  • Hazardous Location Pumps For a Wide Range of Sampling, Flushing, and Dispensing Applications
  • Polish Rods Tri-alta manufactures and stocks a full line of Polish Rods for any application in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameters from 22' to 36' lengths
  • TDW Pipeline Cleaning Services With over 50 years of expertice in the development
    of cleaning pig technology, TDW provides an
    aggressive line of
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Processing And Production Sabin recovers and refines spent catalysts from pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries
  • Plated Parts/ Solutions Sabin recovers precious metals from plated and stamped components, plating racks, wires, hooks, solutions, resins, wipes, and sweeps...
  • Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  • Custom Built Adsorbers High flow rate systems, small carbon beds and portable units can be designed to meet specific site needs
  • ScrewPlug Immersion Heaters Screwplug Immersion heaters include one, two or three hair-pin bent tubular element(s) joined to a threaded hex plug
  • Screen Scallops Screen scallops offer improved performance and increased economy in a radial flow process.
  • 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator The 725 MultiFunction Process Calibrator allows process technicians to simulate, source and measure a host of variables, including mA, voltage, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency and resistance...
  • Actuator-Ready Ball Valve The Apollo AR actuator-ready ball valves are shipped without handles and feature an ISO-5211 style mounting pad to simplify actuator mounting.
  • Turbopulse Turbopulse flow meters are precise, reliable and rugged units for the volumetric flow measurement of clean low viscosity liquids in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and general industrial applications
  • Hydrotreating/Hydrocracking Reactors NCUT has several pilot plant hydrotreating reactors; each is a tubular reactor system designed to carry out a variety of experimental programs in distillate hydrotreating
  • Beta Chemical Metering Pumps The beta pump series is a solenoid-driven, diaphragm-type metering pump that is microprocessor based and has external access to options...
  • Thermal Oxidizers The company’s state-of-the-art, ISO-9001 Thermal Oxidizers are in use throughout the world in refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper plants, gas pipelines, tank farms, loading terminals, landfill odor control and waste water treatment.
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Screens Demineralization, softening, filtration and ion exchange are common processes in water/wastewater treatment where Johnson screens are used
  • M2B Transmitter

    The Millennium II Basic (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

  • High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's high pressure liquid phase carbon vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with engineering standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Stedair Flares The Stedair flare employs a simplified steam delivery system in conjunction with a special shroud for noise control
  • Custom and Standard Bushings GRAPHALLOY ® Bushings are available in over 100 grades of material
  • Double Port Regulator Model 180/181 double port regulators provide sensitive control needed by vapor recovery systems operating at atmospheric pressure
  • Scalable Process System The Delta V Scalable System is designed to fully integrate "smart plant" capabilities
  • Loop-Powered Meters The company offers two loop-powered meters, each designed for critical location needs, and both offering optional backlighting powered directly from the loop.
  • Rugged Non-Glass pH Probes The company’s new non-glass IntelliProbes bring faster, safer, and more reliable pH measurements to standard glass electrode pH meters.
  • Extraction Packings The SMV/SMVP structured extraction packings, with their intersecting channel geometry, are designed to ensure stable
  • FCC CYCLONES FOR REFINERIES Available in several design configurations, Ducon Cyclones, (Duclones)meet a broad range of industrial applications.
  • S.I.F.T. Filter The SIFT Filter is designed to be inserted below the grate of storm inlets to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants from storm water run-off, which is known to be the largest contributor to water pollution today.
  • Aquamove Mobile Water Treatment Solutions Aquamove™ is a mobile water treatment service for water utilities requiring temporary or supplemental treatment equipment and industries using purified water for their production lines or utilities.
  • Mixproof Valve G&H Products Corp. has introduced the SMP-SC-PMO Mixproof Valve, a new single-bodied mixproof valve that complies with the
  • 1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter

    This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.

  • Split Olefin Feed Technology (SOFT) Since the mid 1980’s demand for alkylate has surged as refiners look for clean fuel blendstocks
  • Genetic Analysis Tool The MBA 2000 system is a productivity tool for genetic analysis, biotechnology and