• JFW offers the 75MS-029 75 Ohm blocking matrix switch that operates from 3 – 1000 MHz. This switch can be used to fan-out connections from a 2-port 75 Ohm network analyzer to allow for automated multi-port 75 Ohm testing. 

  • Cree’s CMPA901A020S is a packaged, 20W HPA utilizing Cree’s high performance, 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA901A020S operates from 9-10 GHz and targets pulsed radar applications such as marine weather radar. 

  • The ongoing R&D of PTI continues to build a powerful set of leading-edge inspection technologies that will bring patented and unique solutions to high risk packaging applications. There is continuous development in the field of creating new test methods for container closure integrity, seal integrity testing and package integrity testing.

  • OpenFlows WaterGEMS is a hydraulic modeling application for water distribution systems with advanced interoperability, geospatial model building, optimization, and asset management capabilities.

  • The Lee Company introduces the genvi® LGV Series control valves, a new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves, offering high flow rates and low power in a miniature, 10mm package. Utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques, this family of valves is designed to offer application versatility and unmatched reliability at an economical price point.


  • JLA Group Reduces Travel, Increases Productivity, And Improves SLA Performance With New Scheduling & Route Planning Solution

    The JLA Group is a UK leader for the distribution, rental and servicing of commercial equipment and regulatory compliance solutions across Laundry, Catering, Heating & A/C, and Fire Safety. JLA is very pleased with their choice of FAST LEAN SMART to optimise appointments and route planning for their 400 field engineers.

  • Accelerating Results For Healthcare Brands Through Advocacy, Materials Science Expertise And Integrated Packaging Capabilities

    Any change to packaging design for an approved pharmaceutical product is a time consuming, detail-orientated effort, even with small brand-driven changes––so when governments update packaging regulations on a larger scale, a company’s entire product line could be impacted, creating change management projects for sometimes hundreds of items. When Health Canada introduced amendments to the existing Food and Drug Regulations for non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products in 2014, pharmaceutical organizations selling products in the Canadian marketplace knew they had a significant challenge to overcome

  • Enhancing A Data Center Colocation To Improve Reliability, Scalability, And Performance

    The Panduit IT Infrastructure and Network Data Center Solution enables Orange Jordan to deliver a more efficient and sustainable colocation to its customers.

  • The Right Chemical Feed Pump Choice Saves City Energy Cost And Downtime

    Long-term costs such as energy and maintenance are often not considered in the initial stages of water treatment plant upgrades. This potentially leaves treatment plants with ongoing and reoccurring expenses, which often result in higher energy bills, increased purchases of spare parts, and operator labor time. 

  • Writing Multiple Marketing Applications Simultaneously With Accelerated Timelines

    A mid-size pharmaceutical company and its development partner, a small biotechnology company engaged us to complete the medical writing for their product’s Marketing Authorization Application (MAA), New Drug Application (NDA), and New Drug Submission (NDS). Learn how our medical writing team worked closely with the sponsors to write these marketing applications in an accelerated timeline.

  • Full-Bore, Unrestricted Mounting Flow Meter For Municipalities

    Like all wastewater treatment facilities, the City of Pendleton WWTRRF faces the daily challenge of maintaining water safety and quality for the city while improving energy consumption and meeting city, state and national regulations. Endress+Hauser’s Promag W 0xDN electromagnetic flowmeter provides stable measurement solutions regardless of mounting locations.

  • GoAigua’s Digital Twin Saves 1B+ Gallons Of Water/Year

    Water transport and distribution systems in many cities have become complex to manage as they are forced to adjust to the problems of population growth, resource shortages, aging infrastructure and optimization of daily network operations. Consequently, digital twins of water networks are increasingly widely used for decision-making around their operation and management.

  • How Collaboration Transformed A Generic Into A Best-In-Class New Drug

    Learn how a drug developer collaborated to transform a generic solid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into a commercial, sterile injectable approved by regulators.

  • Major Pork Producer Saves Project Money With S&L Pump Station

    When a major pork producer sought cost-effective pumping solutions to one of its Kansas facilities’ wastewater system, the search led to an installation of a Smith & Loveless above-grade pump station.

  • Successful Mixing Of Medical Paste

    A manufacturer was producing medical paste using a 5 - 10 gallon drum using a simple propeller mixer. They were unable to produce the product quantities needed quickly and the small batches they were able to make were taking a long time. The FMX25 helped them to produce larger batches in a much shorter time and improve the quality of the product which was consistent from batch-to-batch.

  • Accelerating Database Lock: Adaptive Design & Remote Monitoring

    Reach database lock in less than one month instead of a year. That’s what one large pharmaceutical company achieved by providing real-time remote access to validated clinical data.

  • Mining Stakeholder Insights On Access To Gene Therapies For Hemophilia

    The high cost of hemophilia treatment is a significant cost driver for many employers, despite relatively low disease prevalence. Our client sought to understand how a paradigm shift to a onetime gene therapy may impact employers. Learn how we were able to develop strategic recommendations on opportunities to engage employer groups, coalitions, and benefit consultants through gene therapy education and collaborative partnerships to promote buy-in of this stakeholder as new gene therapy comes to market.



The science of measuring and controlling variables is termed instrumentation. As the name suggests, the process involves using a wide variety of instruments. These are classified as any device that can measure amounts that are physically quantifiable. These instruments do not have to be extremely complex in design. For example, the ruler is an instrument to measure distance, and a simple thermometer measures temperature.
Instruments specific to petrochemical processing include platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s), P/I Converters, many types of level meters, chromatographs, and continuous gas analyzers. These instruments are essential to the day to day instrumentation at petrochemical plants, as it is impossible to gauge to the necessary extent by estimation alone. Human error is inevitable, but an instrument can easily be calibrated or replaced.
Now that you understand the definition of and tools used in instrumentation, you should also understand the necessity of it. Temperature and pressure meters serve to ensure that the environment stays safe for both the chemicals being processed and the employees of the plant. Heat is a very well-documented activator in chemical reactions. If the temperature rises to unusual levels, this could spark an undesired chemical reaction that could prove catastrophic. The flow meter must measure how much oil is leaving the refinery, as it is a very volatile substance. Analytical instruments, such as the chromatograph, analyze the chemical make-up of the refined oil. This allows for the opportunity to make sure that the chemical make-up is correct, giving evidence that the process was correctly completed at all stages of refinement.