• The Palltronic Flowstar V integrity test instrument ensures accurate filter integrity testing with a further reduction in test time, full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, advanced automation capabilities, and simplified network integration saving the user time while improving process efficiency.

  • The ADRF5515 is a dual-channel, integrated RF, front-end, multichip module designed for time division duplexing (TDD) applications. The device operates from 3.3 GHz to 4.0 GHz. The ADRF5515 is configured in dual channels with a cascading, two-stage, LNA and a high power silicon SPDT switch.

  • The QPA9909 is a high-efficiency, linearizable power amplifier targeting 758MHz – 798MHz small-cell wireless infrastructure systems. The product delivers +29dBm output power for signals up to 40MHz. 

  • NuWaves’ NuPowerTM ULS-25-C01-S01 is a highly efficient, miniature solid state power amplifier that provides ultra-broadband operation across multiple octaves from high VHF through S-band frequencies. This module delivers 25 watts of RF power across the frequency range of 200 MHz to 2.6 GHz.

  • The BeamSquared® system is a compact and fully automated tool for measuring the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed laser systems from the UV to NIR to Telecom wavelengths. 


  • Postpartum Depression Case Study – Ensuring True Results Through Accurate Assessments

    By providing training, expertise, and a new assessment tool, WCG MedAvante-ProPhase ensured the success of a pivotal trial in post-partum depression, leading to approval of an important new treatment. Learn how the client overcame several challenges in producing true outcomes.

  • Less Unnecessary Rejects Thanks To Automated Inspection

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer CDM Lavoisier fully automates its inspection process for injectable glass ampoules allowing it to remove manual inspection steps.

  • First Clinical Trial Using Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Septic Shock

     An Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Cell Manufacturing Facility successfully conducted a Phase I clinical trial examining the safety and efficacy of allogeneic bone marrow-derived MSCs as a treatment for patients experiencing septic shock. Before initiating clinical Phase II studies, the protocol for generating large quantities of MSCs had to be established to reduce end-product variability, minimize production costs, and to ensure sufficient yield to treat multiple patients. Maximizing the yield of viable cells proved challenging in a limited footprint.

  • AIG Ensures The Customer Is Always Number One With ServicePower

    AIG needed a solution that enabled them to effectively and efficiently dispatch jobs to a third-party network; and, deliver exceptional customer experience through real-time communication and job status updates.

  • Nevro Eliminates Majority Of Source Data Verification With ePRO And EDC

    Read how a global medical device company was able to unlock new efficiencies by implementing data collection via electronic patient-reported outcome assessments.

  • Historic Rains In Memphis Lead To Monumental Emergency Bypass

    Record rainfalls in Memphis, TN eroded the soil supporting a 96-inch sanitary sewer main, causing the line to fail. With nearly 40 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw sewage escaping into Cypress Creek, less than a mile from McKellar Lake and the Mississippi River, an emergency bypass was needed fast to facilitate the repair work on the 96” sewer main. City officials immediately activated their Emergency Response Plan, gathering the management team from the Public Works Division and bringing in the experts at Xylem, to help assess
    the damage and to map out an action plan.

  • Masking Bitter Drug Taste In Pediatric Formulations With Microcaps

    The challenge was developing a taste masked, convenient dosage formulation of a very bitter API for patients two-years old and older undergoing treatment of HIV infection.

  • Full-Bore, Unrestricted Mounting Flow Meter For Municipalities

    Like all wastewater treatment facilities, the City of Pendleton WWTRRF faces the daily challenge of maintaining water safety and quality for the city while improving energy consumption and meeting city, state and national regulations. Endress+Hauser’s Promag W 0xDN electromagnetic flowmeter provides stable measurement solutions regardless of mounting locations.

  • Touchless Service Guide

    At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, few companies were prepared for the impact. Only 12% of 1,500 respondents surveyed by Gartner in March 2020 believed their business was highly prepared for the new realities of COVID-19. During the height of the pandemic, shelter in place orders, travel bans, and facility-wide lockdowns made the provision of field service extremely difficult. According to a study published by TSIA in April 2020, nearly three quarters (78%) of Field Service Organizations (FSOs) had either eliminated or restricted onsite field service dispatches in response to Covid-19 restrictions. Almost half (47%) of the companies surveyed renegotiated their Service Level Agreements(SLAs) with customers.

  • Writing Multiple Marketing Applications Simultaneously With Accelerated Timelines

    A mid-size pharmaceutical company and its development partner, a small biotechnology company engaged us to complete the medical writing for their product’s Marketing Authorization Application (MAA), New Drug Application (NDA), and New Drug Submission (NDS). Learn how our medical writing team worked closely with the sponsors to write these marketing applications in an accelerated timeline.

  • Leading Cardiovascular Company Leverages Vertically Integrated Capabilities

    A world-leading cardiovascular and endovascular medical technology company needed a specially designed micro seal for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. The micro component would be used inside the device to isolate electrical contacts and prevent fluid ingress into the electrical path.

  • Charlottesville Fire Department Tracks Fire Hydrant Inspections With An All-in-One Mobile Work App

    The fire department achieved a digital transformation by implementing a new app designed for mobile workforces to collect data and complete assignments to replace their paper-based processes. This streamlined the fire hydrant inspection workflow which saved time and also gave stakeholders access to real-time information. 



The science of measuring and controlling variables is termed instrumentation. As the name suggests, the process involves using a wide variety of instruments. These are classified as any device that can measure amounts that are physically quantifiable. These instruments do not have to be extremely complex in design. For example, the ruler is an instrument to measure distance, and a simple thermometer measures temperature.
Instruments specific to petrochemical processing include platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s), P/I Converters, many types of level meters, chromatographs, and continuous gas analyzers. These instruments are essential to the day to day instrumentation at petrochemical plants, as it is impossible to gauge to the necessary extent by estimation alone. Human error is inevitable, but an instrument can easily be calibrated or replaced.
Now that you understand the definition of and tools used in instrumentation, you should also understand the necessity of it. Temperature and pressure meters serve to ensure that the environment stays safe for both the chemicals being processed and the employees of the plant. Heat is a very well-documented activator in chemical reactions. If the temperature rises to unusual levels, this could spark an undesired chemical reaction that could prove catastrophic. The flow meter must measure how much oil is leaving the refinery, as it is a very volatile substance. Analytical instruments, such as the chromatograph, analyze the chemical make-up of the refined oil. This allows for the opportunity to make sure that the chemical make-up is correct, giving evidence that the process was correctly completed at all stages of refinement.