• The Godwin SD150M Dri-Prime pump is a versatile, general purpose dewatering pump designed for use in the industry’s most challenging construction, municipal, industrial and emergency response applications.

  • WinCan’s free MACP reference poster can be used to help your inspection team easily identify the components of a manhole and properly code defects.

  • Whether you’re locating dangerous cross bores or identifying structural defects, ROVVER X SAT II is putting you in the driver’s seat for the most efficient, most dynamic inspection experience possible.

  • The R&S LCX LCR meters from Rohde & Schwarz are versatile, extremely accurate, and perform measurements quickly. They are ideal for challenging applications in research, development and production. 

  • Ascendia specializes in the development of market suitable formulations for poorly water soluble drug substances. Based on the pre-formulation data package and the delivery requirements for the product, we recommend a comprehensive formulation development strategy. We understand that each formulation is unique and must address the specific challenges associated with poor solubility, inadequate bioavailability, and/or unacceptable physical/chemical stability. We also understand the urgency companies have for progressing their pipeline, and our approach maximizes the probability of success by exploring multiple formulation options in parallel if necessary.


  • NeuraLace Doubles Clinical Trial Enrollment & Improves Participant Compliance With EDC & ePRO

    Find out how one company dedicated to producing innovative non-invasive chronic pain therapies was able to engage its patients in new ways.

  • From Lab-Scale To Tox-Batch: A Novel Vascular Calcification Inhibitor API

    A leading pharma company developed a small molecule drug candidate to treat vascular calcification disorders using an 8-step synthetic process. Explore the chemical development for non-GMP and GMP manufacturing.

  • Sulzer Mixers Designed To Tackle Digested Sludge

    Discover how a wastewater treatment plant solved its mixing problem that was caused by the high sludge content. 

  • HYMAX Grip Chosen For New Construction Project In Arizona

    In 2017, Queen Creek established a Water System Master Plan as a framework for water infrastructure improvements including wells, reservoirs/storage tanks, and booster pump stations.

  • CAPA Management Improvement Process

    Gain insight into how a small team of experts worked to collect, trend, and understand the CAPA generation and completion process of a client struggling with on-time batch release, missed CAPA closure deadlines, and more.

  • Two Years And Counting: The AFC SEMPER RPM Offers Aqua Insight Into Pressure Transients

    It’s been more than two years since Aqua Pennsylvania began using an eye-opening technology, the AMERICAN Flow Control SEMPER Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM), to identify pressure transients and reduce main breaks and non-revenue water.

  • Leading Medical Device Company Adopts Remote Source Review As New Standard

    When the pandemic struck, a global medical device company – like so many other clinical trial sponsors – urgently needed a way to conduct remote monitoring with clinical trial sites. Find out the challenges and solutions in the available case study.

  • Integrating Early-Phase Clinical Supply Manufacturing & Distribution

    A tablet formulation was a solution when developing a new class of anti-infective medicine, allowing the integration of formulation development, clinical trial material (CTM) manufacturing, and supply and distribution to patients.

  • Case Study: Work Orders Dispatching And Augmented Collaboration At SACMI

    SACMI USA found that their processes for managing equipment maintenance and service assistance at plants in the USA can be improved. To provide support for their end customers, SACMI USA technicians would often have to travel long distances to provide on-site repair and/ or troubleshooting. The pandemic of 2020 caused even further challenges as technicians were limited in their travel due to global restrictions and travel bans. To ensure business continuity and efficiency, SACMI sought out a solution that would provide their end customers with support, while improving their internal processes of Work Orders. SACMI USA needed to customize the assignment of Work Orders to the appropriate technicians. In addition, the tool needed to take into consideration the service quote and manage the expense reports while mobilizing frontline workers. In order to solve this they collaborated with OverIT. 

  • Meet The Demand: Doubling Capacity At Two 503(b) Manufacturing Sites

    503(b) compounders require special attention to maintain cGMP and regulation compliance. Examine the process for designing and managing the addition of new facilities for sterile and parenteral injectable manufacturing.

  • Patient Diversity Case Study: RWD Solutions

    A clinical trial sponsor, lagging in recruitment of Hispanic and Asian patients, was looking to diversify participants for its NASH study. See how by leveraging medical claims and diversity data, the sponsor identified relevant patients meeting the trial’s I/E criteria, broken out by race and gender.

  • Preparing Data Packages For Regulatory Submission

    Gain insight into how a dermatology-specialized European CRO joined forces to carry out interim statistical analysis in its study on seven subjects and prepared necessary data packages for regulatory submission.



The science of measuring and controlling variables is termed instrumentation. As the name suggests, the process involves using a wide variety of instruments. These are classified as any device that can measure amounts that are physically quantifiable. These instruments do not have to be extremely complex in design. For example, the ruler is an instrument to measure distance, and a simple thermometer measures temperature.
Instruments specific to petrochemical processing include platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s), P/I Converters, many types of level meters, chromatographs, and continuous gas analyzers. These instruments are essential to the day to day instrumentation at petrochemical plants, as it is impossible to gauge to the necessary extent by estimation alone. Human error is inevitable, but an instrument can easily be calibrated or replaced.
Now that you understand the definition of and tools used in instrumentation, you should also understand the necessity of it. Temperature and pressure meters serve to ensure that the environment stays safe for both the chemicals being processed and the employees of the plant. Heat is a very well-documented activator in chemical reactions. If the temperature rises to unusual levels, this could spark an undesired chemical reaction that could prove catastrophic. The flow meter must measure how much oil is leaving the refinery, as it is a very volatile substance. Analytical instruments, such as the chromatograph, analyze the chemical make-up of the refined oil. This allows for the opportunity to make sure that the chemical make-up is correct, giving evidence that the process was correctly completed at all stages of refinement.