Spray Nozzles


  • RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the F2913 broadband switch from Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT). The F2913 is a SP2T absorptive RF switch featuring up to 71 dB of isolation while maintaining low insertion loss of <0.8 dB from 50 to 6000 MHz. It is ideally suited for a variety of wireless and RF applications.

  • Unused Glatt tiling bin blender, model KCM1600, stainless steel construction, capacity up to 1600 liter Glatt IBC bins, 200 liter drums, floor mounted tiling base design with bin clamping mechanism, Siemens PLC with HMI, serial# D03104, built 2014 and unused.

  • The SAS-326-10 is a surveillance/jamming antenna designed to operate withing the 30 MHz to 26 GHz frequency range, which allows for prosecution of a large portion of the RF spectrum. Constructed as a broadband dual band discone/bicone antenna, it is ideal for spectrum operations and spectrum management applications.

  • The SKY85748-11 is a 5 GHz WLAN Front-End Module (FEM) with an integrated log detector that is ideal for 802.11ax networking and personal computing systems, PC cards, PCMCIA cards, mini-cards, half mini-cards, and WLAN-enabled wireless video systems.

  • The industry’s most intelligent and scalable cybersecurity architecture.


  • Rational Transforms Customer Issue Resolution With Aquant

    RATIONAL is a leading global manufacturer of appliances for commercial kitchens, with more than one million units on the market worldwide. RATIONAL embraces a customer-centric philosophy, which is key to its rapid growth. But RATIONAL’s third party service providers often lacked the knowledge to deliver consistent, exceptional customer experiences.

  • With A Focus On Customer Convenience, Wag! Is The Model For Mobile-First Support

    Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that their dog is more than just a pet, they are a member of the family. From the moment they meet, owners create a lifetime bond, and care for their furry friends. Dog owners will go to great lengths to provide the best food, treats, toys, and especially health and wellness care. 

  • Greater New Haven Finds Maintenance-Free, Reliable Bar Screens

    When it was formed in 2005, GNHWPCA took possession of all the assets of the existing wastewater system, inheriting bar screens that had been installed in the 1980s when the plant and lift stations were constructed. Their existing bar screens worked, but they were unreliable and very expensive to maintain.

  • Continuous Drug Product Quality By Design (QbD) Modeling

    A major pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to improve the QbD modeling process it used in R&D, enabling it to avoid failed batches and deviations in production. A solution allowed them to analyze a continuous pharmaceutical drug product wet granulation step with a Design of Experiments (DOE) to determine a multivariate QbD process model. The goal was to apply the multivariate design space to commercial production for process monitoring and identification of deviations.

  • GIS Touches Every Aspect Of Central Arkansas Water

    From the management of underground assets, like pipes, valves, and meters, to an automatic fire hydrant inspection notification system to efficiencies in our billing system, GIS increases the quality of service our utility provides every day.

  • Microbiological Monitoring Of Paints Using 2nd Generation ATP

    A paint manufacturer produces a wide range of paint products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The products are manufactured in large batches of up to 10 tons. Before each batch is packaged and shipped, a number of tests are performed to ensure that the product meets strict quality control requirements. 

  • Organic Food Manufacturer Installs Vision Inspection And Checkweigher For Reduced Packaging Risks

    Staying on top of technology in a competitive market makes Crofter's Foods a leader in the organic and all natural food industries. Using the METTLER TOLEDO systems, Crofters is able to monitor and verify every product package meets their specifications and offer their customers the advanced tracking information they desire.

  • Kontent Core Ready For The Next ‘Stage’ With Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

    Kontent Core is a music licensing platform and marketplace where music labels and artists can showcase their creative work, where ad agencies and television and film producers can discover breakout, memorable content for their productions, and where that content can be confidently and efficiently licensed, dramatically speeding production time.

  • Cloning Of Three Cell Types Comparing The Namo™ Single Cell Dispenser To Flow Cytometry And Limited Dilution Cloning

    Limiting dilution cloning (LDC) has been the standard method established for generating clonal cell lines, based on statistical data, but it is time-consuming and can be inefficient. This case study compares methods, using different cell lines, to determine which would deliver the highest number of viable clones.

  • Cheese Manufacturer Installs Checkweigher & Metal Detector For QA

    For a cheese maker with highly automated processes, a combo checkweigher and metal detector made the perfect tool for ensuring compliance with the HACCP regulations applicable to food production.

  • TITAN MBR™ Microfiltration Provides Private Development Site With Water Reuse Capabilities

    When developers of a condominium complex sourced wastewater treatment systems, it did so with two primary requirements: efficient land utilization and high effluent quality to meet stringent guidelines. State regulators advised the developers to discuss combining its wastewater system with the owner’s association of an adjacent housing development, whose existing wastewater treatment system was aging and required augmentation.

  • Successful Piloting Of UV Advanced Oxidation On Long Island For 1,4-dioxane Treatment (Case Study)

    The New York State Department of Health has recognized the ultraviolet advanced oxidation process (UV AOP) as a treatment solution for 1,4-dioxane. For water providers located in Nassau County on Long Island, it was necessary to pilot UV AOP technology at the various wells requiring treatment in order to confirm treatment efficacy and obtain state approval.



Spray Nozzles
Spray nozzles are a conceptually simple device with a very important purpose in the petrochemical industry. While designs are rarely the same, they operate under the same concepts. A spray nozzle disperses contents that are under pressure in a more even manner than otherwise possible. Sometimes they are used for the purpose if increasing the surface area of a desired liquid substance.
The head of the spray nozzle consists of several flow or drip points that will determine how fine the mist that emerges will be. The more flow points there are, the finer the mist will be. However, flow points are not the only factor. The pressure put on the spray nozzle will greatly affect the stream of mist. Depending on the usage, the function may require a low flow rate or a high flow rate.
Uses in the petrochemical industry usually include injecting additives to the product, creating a fire protection and prevention system for the plant, and cooling systems.  They can also be used for gas scrubbing, which is the process of removing any contaminants that the oil may have accumulated during the refinement process.
Materials used to make petrochemical spray nozzles are often alloyed with other metals to ensure that they provide the correct weight, performance, and durability required by the refinery. Common metal alloys used are brass and stainless steel.
Petrochemical spray nozzles are crucial to the refining process.