Spray Nozzles


  • Prior Scientific's NanoScan-SP range of Piezo driven stages are compatible with the Prior motorized stage as well as many common microscopes when using appropriate adapter plates. Applications for this series include live cell imaging, surface analysis, water inspection, and more.

  • Used Vector Pilot Tablet Coating System, model LDCS-PLUS, stainless steel construction, with (3) pans, approximately 12"(1.5 liter), 18"(8 liter) and 22"(20 liter) diameter, with pan lift, serial# HCT513-47271, built 2013.

  • The PTXM1000 Microwave Power Module integrates a “Super Mini” Travelling Wave Tube (TWT), lineariser and an optimized high density switch mode power supply to produce a single “drop-in” microwave amplifier block for any CW application requiring the highest power, linear performance.

  • The filter wheel system can be provided as a standalone unit with a ProScan® controller. A large selection of microscope adapters are available to mount the wheels to either excitation or emission ports.

  • Highly effective against bacteria and viruses, the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) is also well-suited for the decontamination of hard-to-treat organic contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants The AOS can be configured to deliver optimized performance for most water or wastewater treatment applications.


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Spray Nozzles
Spray nozzles are a conceptually simple device with a very important purpose in the petrochemical industry. While designs are rarely the same, they operate under the same concepts. A spray nozzle disperses contents that are under pressure in a more even manner than otherwise possible. Sometimes they are used for the purpose if increasing the surface area of a desired liquid substance.
The head of the spray nozzle consists of several flow or drip points that will determine how fine the mist that emerges will be. The more flow points there are, the finer the mist will be. However, flow points are not the only factor. The pressure put on the spray nozzle will greatly affect the stream of mist. Depending on the usage, the function may require a low flow rate or a high flow rate.
Uses in the petrochemical industry usually include injecting additives to the product, creating a fire protection and prevention system for the plant, and cooling systems.  They can also be used for gas scrubbing, which is the process of removing any contaminants that the oil may have accumulated during the refinement process.
Materials used to make petrochemical spray nozzles are often alloyed with other metals to ensure that they provide the correct weight, performance, and durability required by the refinery. Common metal alloys used are brass and stainless steel.
Petrochemical spray nozzles are crucial to the refining process.