454GT PWM Series AC Drives

Source: Robicon
This compact, user-friendly drive series uses space vector modulation and IGBT technology
Robicon HP, 208/230, 380/415, 460 VAC
This compact, user-friendly drive series uses space vector modulation and IGBT technology to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution on the market This drive series makes use of the latest IGBT technology: space vector modulation and surface mount construction to deliver benefits which save space, time and money.

Space Vector Modulation
The 454 GT Series utilizes advanced PWM space vector modulation technology, resulting in lower harmonics, smooth performance and extremely quiet motor operation. The unique application of the technology enables real-time waveform generation on a closed-loop basis, allowing the drive to automatically compensate for DC bus voltage changes in spite of line voltage variations. Space vector modulation actually "spreads out" sound energy over a wide range of frequencies, so motor noise is much less noticeable and annoying.

IGBT Technology
At the heart of the 454 GT Drive Series is sophisticated IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology. This technology enables these drives to deliver greatly enhanced performance capabilities.

  • Higher carrier frequencies - IGBT's enable a much higher switching rate. Therefore the 454 GT Drive Series can operate at switching frequencies up to 12 kHz, adjustable by user.
  • Extremely quiet motor operation - Higher switching frequencies and lower harmonic content enable motors to run quieter than ever before.
  • Higher motor efficiencies - IGBT technology provides operational efficiencies which result in improved performance.
  • Low harmonic output content - The lower peak and harmonic currents result in cooler running motors and longer motor life. This also provides more usable torque through the entire speed range.
  • Smaller size - IGBT technology and surface mount construction have resulted in drives which are smaller in size.

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