Datasheet | April 19, 2012

Accutech 4AO & 8SW Analog & Switch Output Datasheet

Source: Schneider Electric Oil & Gas Solutions

The Accutech analog and switch output modules are base radio accessories that provide analog outputs and switch closures based on process values from an associated field unit. The modules are DIN rail-mounted, are powered from an external 24VDC source. LEDs indicate power, RS-485 link data transmission, and fault (fail-safe) condition. Up to 25 output modules can be daisy-chained on an RS-485 network from the base radio to provide a total of 100 analog outputs and 200 individually isolated switch closures. Accutech Manager is required to set up the user-programmable options, which include input/output mapping, range, trim, and fail-safe.

The 4A0 analog output module provides four 4-20mA analog outputs, representing primary and secondary process variables monitored by field units.

The 8SW switch output module provides eight switch closures configured to open and close based on the process value, input switch or status of a field unit. These switch closures include low battery or sensor fault values.