Datasheet | April 19, 2012

Accutech RT10 RTD Temperature Datasheet

Source: Schneider Electric Oil & Gas Solutions

The Accutech RT10 wireless RTD temperature field unit provides temperature data using standard and non-standard RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), including 4-wire DIN 100 Ω platinum, SAMA 100 Ω platinum and DIN 1000 Ω platinum. Probes are available with either spring-loaded or direct-insertion fitting in a variety of probe lengths.

All Accutech field units automatically report field data to a centralised Accutech base radio over distances of up to 3000ft (~1000m). Each field unit is self contained, featuring an integrated 900MHz or 869MHz (license-free band), frequency hopping, spread-spectrum transceiver and antenna, and longlasting battery that offers 3+ years of maintenance-free service (up to 10 years depending on data rates and battery options).

Accutech networks are highly scalable with the possibility of 100 field units per base radio and 256 base radios per installation. Accutech field units are housed within a compact and weather-proof NEMA 4 enclosure with options for a remote sensor and remote antenna on select models. Field units are available in a wide range of certifications and are protected by an industry-leading 3-Year warranty (parts and labor).