Air-Assist Flare

Source: Kaldair
The Azdair air-assist flare offers safe, smokeless combustion of low pressure gaseous streams
Kaldairair-assist flare offers safe, smokeless combustion of low pressure gaseous streams. Hence it reduces smoke producing pyrolytic cracking reactions without requiring suppressant media such as steam, and without the need for support fuels. Highly efficient combustion is ensured by the introduction of low-pressure air, blown by an electric fan.

This flare incorporates a mixing head of unique design, which maximizes the gas-to-air interface. The efficiency of the mixing head provides a high degree of control with a vertical, stiff, turbulent flame. Even in purge conditions, the flame remains lit and stable. The pilot burners positioned around the flare tip reliably initiate ignition.

This flare is suitable for applications at remote locations where environmental regulations demand smokeless flaring, onshore and offshore locations, and mobile operations. It can be used in sustained operation in all conditions, from maximum flow to minimum purge flow.

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