Aqua-Jet Surface Mechanical Aerator


The Aqua-Jet® aerator is the most durable, highly efficient wastewater aerator on the market today. Since 1969, more than 80,000 Aqua-Jet aerators have been installed throughout the world, representing 1.5 million horsepower and over 9 billion hours of runtime.

The robust design and use of the highest quality materials have also made the Aqua-Jet the most trusted aerator in the industry, outlasting other aerators 2 to 1.

System Features and Advantages

  • Vibration limiting design; velocity of 0.3 inches/second or less
  • Proven oxygen and mixing performance
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Short lead times
  • Easily incorporated into existing plants
  • Units are retrievable for easy access
  • Various mooring arrangements available
  • Endura® Series low maintenance motors save energy, reduce O&M costs and increase performance