Artel Liquid Handling Service

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Improve productivity and quality at the same time when you bring an Artel liquid handling expert into your lab to help with your automated liquid handling workflow.

Our on-site service is customizable – we can quickly measure volume transfers using your liquid handling methods, tips, and reservoirs – and depending on the testing parameters, liquid types can be Aqueous, DMSO, PCRMix, SerumSub, and more.

Managing the careful balance between productivity and quality in the lab can be tough, but with the Artel Liquid Handling Service, it doesn’t have to be. Keep your focus on what matters to you—whether it’s personalized genomics, drug discovery, assay development, food safety, forensic testing, or any of the many other areas where liquid handlers are used—and let the experts on the Artel Liquid Handling Service team help with liquid handler method optimizations, volume verifications, method transfers, and more.

  • Stay on schedule
    Have the Artel team help you perform volume measurements on all your critical liquid handlers to avoid downtime and stay on schedule.
  • Keep your workflows moving forward
    By optimizing your volume verification methods, the Artel team can help ensure that your automated liquid handlers dispense the correct volume the first time, removing the need to troubleshoot volume transfer variability when things do not go as planned in your assays.
  • Get more use out of your current liquid handlers
    Knowing how your instrument is truly performing can give you the confidence to push the limits on your low-volume transfers and keep older instruments running longer.
  • Save money on expensive service contracts
    Knowing that your liquid handlers are performing well can give you the confidence to minimize your purchase of expensive service contracts.
  • Bring your liquid handlers back online faster
    Have an Artel specialist perform volume verifications with you for new and newly serviced instruments to help minimize instrument downtime.
  • Stay focused on your work
    Remove the distractions of maintaining liquid handling quality—methods optimization, volume verifications, etc.—and stay focused on the work that matters most.