News | November 14, 2019

BASF Launches Durasorb HRU, A New Product For Removing BTX And Heavy Hydrocarbons

  • Durasorb HRU offers the most efficient adsorbent for the removal of BTX on the market
  • Customers benefit from higher adsorption performance, smaller vessel sizes, and increased plant reliability, as freezing components are removed prior to liquefaction
  • Durasorb technology is suitable for both new and existing plants

With Durasorb HRU, BASF is complementing the Durasorb LNG preconditioning portfolio with a solution specifically designed to remove BTX and heavy hydrocarbons. The adsorption capacity of BTX components is 30 percent higher, which means the BTX content can be reduced to less than 1 ppm without sacrificing performance.

In liquefied natural gas plants around the world, especially on the US Gulf Coast, trace BTX constituents and hydrocarbons are becoming a problem, as they can cause freezing in the coldbox, resulting in plant downtime. Mechanical solutions are often associated with high costs, as it may be necessary to use solvents from external sources, thus increasing the complexity of the system. Durasorb HRU is an elegant solution for the removal of BTX and heavy hydrocarbons. The integration of an HRU unit (Hydrocarbon Removal Unit) in the treatment section of the liquefied natural gas plant removes these impurities from the process and makes plant operation more flexible overall.

"With Durasorb HRU, we now have another solution for our LNG customers. Durasorb HRU ensures optimized process design in new projects and can also be integrated into existing units. LNG manufacturers will thus benefit from a simple and reliable solution that will prevent freezing in the coldbox without major investment, "said Detlef Ruff, senior vice president of Process Catalysts at BASF.

"Our adsorbent team continues to work on developing the right solutions for our customers. Durasorb HRU not only increases lifespan, but also increases productivity by reducing downtime - for our customers, this means lower costs, "says Adrian Steinmetz, vice president of chemical market Catalysts and Adsorbents at BASF.

Source: BASF