The BeamSquared® system is a compact and fully automated tool for measuring the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed laser systems from the UV to NIR to Telecom wavelengths. 

Users can also measure wavelengths above 1.8 microns, including CO2 and terahertz in manual mode (a bench set-up; without the automated optical train) with a Pyrocam IV or IIIHR. Our longer optical train and patented Ultracal™ Calibration makes BeamSquared the most accurate product on the market and is ISO 11146 compliant. Its operational robustness and reliability ensures continuous use applications in industry, science, research and development.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • IֺֺSO compliant
  • Aֺֺutomatically measure your beam quality in under 1 minutes
  • Tֺֺune your laser for best operation
  • Sֺֺpecifically developed for continuous usage
  • Uֺֺnequaled accuracy using patented Ultracal™ Calibration
  • Lֺֺong optical train & automatic attenuation adjustment
  • Fֺֺlexible mounting configurations, install horizontal or vertically
  • Pֺֺulsed and CW for most beam diameters and powers
  • Cֺֺompact and portable
  • Dֺֺetectors from 266nm to 10.6μm

For even more information on this product, download the available datasheet and user guide, and check out the product video here.