Biofilm Removal Chemicals

Biofilm Removal Chemicals
Johnson Screens' family of well-cleaning chemicals include
N/A Screens' family of well-cleaning chemicals include:
  • NW-100: The dry acid pellets can be dumped directly into the well without pulling the pump. A pH indicator signals when dissolving has stopped and the well is ready to be pumped or bailed
  • NW-110: This concentrated granular acid is used when pre-mixed acid solutions are needed. It can also be poured directly into the well
  • NW-220: This phosphate-free liquid dispersant aids well development by penetrating clay agglomerations without leaving residuals or promoting bacterial grwoth.
  • NW-310: This is said to enhance acid treatment by dissolving the biofilm that binds blocking materials
  • NW-320: This is a concentrated liquid polymeric caustic enhancer dissolving biofilm without inducing precipitation of mineral constituents
  • NW-400: this is a concentrated liquid non-ionic surfactant that can be used with acid or caustic solutions to improve hard deposit penetration

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