Buckling Pin Pressure Vent

Source: BS&B Safety Systems, Inc.
Buckling Pin Pressure Vent
The Buckling Pin Relief Vent (BPRV) is reset without removal from the process stream
BS&B Safety Systems, Inc.kling Pin Relief Vent (BPRV) is reset without removal from the process stream. It is designed so that the vent can be reclosed and the pressure-calibrated pin can be replaced without opening flanges and pipelines. The resetable pin mechanism is protected in an enclosure outside the process and remains unaffected by process temperature or cyclic pressures.

Suitable for liquid or gas service, the BPRV has a leak-tight plug mounted on an offset, rotating shaft connected to the external pin mechanism. Excess pressure acting on the asymmetrically loaded plug collapses the buckling pin when the set pressure is achieved. The plug shaft then rotates to open the vent completely and to relieve pressure. The pin mechanism latches the vent open to maximize flow and to prevent recoil. Once the overpressure or vacuum condition is corrected, the BPRV vent is reseated and the calibrated, certified pin is replaced externally.

Constructed of carbon or stainless steel, it is available up to 60 in. for installation between ANSI, DIN, and other standard flanges. This compact inline vent can be set to relieve vacuum or pressure from a few inches of water to more than 1,000 psig. The high operating ratio of the vent permits process pressures up to 90% of the calibrated pin set pressure. Operating pressure is unaffected by vent orientation. The vent is suited for high-flow capacity applications including flare systems, pipelines, and reactor systems.

The BPRV vent uses a unique pressure energized seal in Viton® , Buna N, FEP/PTFE, nitrile, silicone, and other elastomers. The BPRV complies with the AMSE code.

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Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.