Capsugel® Colorista®: Unleash Your Creativity

Capsugel Colorista

All the colors you need, in one capsule.

Capsugel® Colorista® technology can provide a shorter development time for your product, while offering flexibility to progress with technical development before the final commercial color decision is taken. 

Commercial color decisions are rarely made before initial stability studies — which can result in costly delays if new colors are introduced. And one major concern when developing a new drug is the ability to anticipate upfront interactions between fill and capsule.

Capsugel® Colorista® capsules are a new single R&D solution for pharmaceutical formulation development. They allow the ability to progress with compatibility and stability testing before deciding on a color for the commercial drug product. Capsugel® Colorista® capsules are the perfect tool for pharmaceutical customers who are looking for flexible and time-efficient development of new products or generics.

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