CO2 Detector

Source: Bacharach, Inc.
CO2 Detector
Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
Bacharach,, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device. Designed for the immediate response of excessive concentrations of C02, this versatile instrument will provide detection capability for workers in many industries including agriculture, horticulture, nuclear power plants, the food processing and beverage industry, and for all organizations concerned with indoor air quality. The C02 monitor is compact and lightweight and, as required, provides quick and easy calibration in clean ambient air.

The Bacharach C02 monitor is the most recent addition to the Bacharach line of portable gas detection and environmental measurement instruments. Some of the features include rapid detection of changing C02 levels; maintenance-free dual wavelength infrared C02 sensor; visual and audible alarms; nine hours use on a full charge; quick intelligent charge in less than two hours; automatic data logging, which provides complete C02 exposure record; and an earpiece for use in high noise environments.

The operation of the Bacharach C02 monitor is fast and simple. When it is switched on, it will automatically begin storing information (time, date and C02 levels) at 30 second intervals. When the C02 level rises above 5,000 ppm, the alarm LEDs will flash and the beeper will sound periodically. When the C02 level rises above 10,000 ppm, the alarm LEDs will be lit continuously and the beeper will sound continuously. The unit is supplied with battery charger and operating instructions. A variety of optional accessories are offered for convenient use.

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