News | August 21, 2017

Compact Membrane Systems Unveils New Olefins Separations Technology In Pilot

Newport, DE /PRNewswire/ - Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) unveils Optiperm™, a membrane-based olefin paraffin separation technology, with a pilot system at the Delaware City Refining Company site in Delaware City, DE. Optiperm™ membranes, CMS' newest technology, represent a significant step in improving the way plastics and chemical precursors are produced and separated, saving energy and creating less waste.

The aim of Optiperm™ technology is to enable refiners and petrochemical companies to separate and concentrate olefins, the building blocks of the industry, and achieve significant ROI by removing bottlenecks, eliminating waste, and creating new value from existing streams, all while capturing energy savings and reducing carbon footprint. Ultimately, Optiperm™ membranes stand to disrupt and replace legacy distillation columns—the workhorses of the industry – with a more cost effective solution. Currently, distillation based olefin separations are estimated to consume 0.3% of all global energy, and are cited as ripe for disruption.

CMS is working in collaboration with DCRC to test and demonstrate this new technology. DCRC has agreed to host CMS' Optiperm™ Technology Test at the Delaware City Refinery as part of DCRC's ongoing support of the Delawarebusiness community.

CMS gratefully acknowledges the support of the U.S. Department of Energy in the research and development of Optiperm™ technology.

About CMS
Compact Membrane Systems is an advanced materials company providing industrial customers with high-performance chemical separations in harsh environments. Designed and manufactured in the US, CMS products are built on a proprietary membrane platform that underpins the company's other profitable lines of business in energy, pharmaceutical, marine and other industries. CMS is the recipient of the 2016 ICIS Innovation Award and a 2017 IQ-Chem award.

SOURCE: Compact Membrane Systems

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