Continuous Pharmaceutical Filtration & Drying Systems

DEC group

This product features a continuous filtration that is available in evaluation, pilot, production scale platforms. One complete plant replaces a traditional 2 to 3 floor batch production facility (lower footprint).


  • No mechanical agitation damage or crystal shear
  • Reliable consistency in cake filtration
  • Accurate repeatability of washing parameters
  • Thinner cake height technology, typically 10 - 30 mm
  • Improved wash efficiency!
  • Local HMI or DCS control system allows for safe operation
  • Atomization nozzles dispense wash solvent preventing disturbance to the cake
  • Integrated alarm systems for automated continuous operation

Key Features

  • Very high repeatability and consistency in filtration
  • Reduced solvent usage, energy and waste
  • 0.1 mm heel! Significantly lower heel – Significantly reducing product loss!
  • Entry to exit cycle time in minutes… not hours!
  • Filtration, washing and drying in just a few short runs!
  • Drying to <1% moisture content achieved within minutes
  • Typical throughputs of 1 kg per hour to 24 kg per hour of dried product