Dehydrator Filter Pack

Source: Kadar Filtration Service
The K.F.S. Dehydrator Filter Pack is the replacement coalescer filter
The K.F.S. Dehydrator Filter Pack is the replacement coalescer filter cartridge for the Dehydrator Single Stage Filter Separator, which is generally used for the removal of water, solids or contaminates from hydrocarbons of lighter specific gravities and streams which is of vital importance.

Uniform Density and Increased Efficiency: Careful weighing of the coalescing material and closely controlled machine packing, in our modern manufacturing plant ensures uniform density throughout the entire pack. This eliminates the probability of the flow, channelling through the pack, from the result of hard and soft spots caused from inconsistent density. The uniform density has been determined to yield the greatest efficiency in water separation and bulk filtration.

Ease of Installation: Depending on your filtration requirements, a combination of styles are available so that the pack can be easily installed by one or two persons into the filter vessel.

Filter Pack Selection: The filter packs are available in various styles ie.: Cylindrical Packs, Wafer Packs, and Media Combination Packs. The coalescing media's available are Aspen Excelsior, Glass Fibre, Carbon Steel or Type 430 Stainless Steel Wool, or Knitted Steel, Stainless Steel Wire or Synthetics. Selection is based on the condition of the liquid as to temperature, acidity and specific gravity. A second criteria is the efficiency of water and solids removal desired.

For best results, replace your Filter Pack at least once each year. This will ensure optimum performance of your filtration system and avoid expensive down time. Please contact our Customer Service Desk for 24 hour shipping.

Equivalent Replacement Filter Packs the K.F.S. Filter Packs are available as equivalents for service in dehydrators made by: Facet, Fram, Warner Lewis, Erie, A.O. Smith, 3-L Filters, and many more.

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