Draeger Introduces Polytron PULSAR Open Path System

Source: Draeger Gas Detection Systems
Detector Installation and Maintenance Costs Significantly Cut Protection Coverage Improved
Draeger Gas Detection Systems announced here today the Polytron PULSAR Open Path Gas Detection System. Based on proprietary technology developed by U.K.-based Precision Light Measurement Systems (now Draeger PLMS), the Polytron PULSAR represents a breakthrough in Open Path Gas Detection Systems.

Utilizing proprietary multiple high power Xenon lamps with IR (Infrared) optics and the Industry's first auto-alignment system, the Polytron PULSAR is designed for extreme environments such as offshore oil and gas production and processing platforms and in the petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

A combination of Open Path gas detection systems and point sensors offers substantial installation, maintenance and protection benefits over traditional point detector installations.

The Draeger Polytron PULSAR Open Path System uses a transmitter/receiver combination operating over a path length of up to 400 feet (120 meters) to detect and monitor the presence of hydrocarbons via proven IR absorption technology.

The Draeger Polytron PULSAR Open Path System Features;

  • Lifetime factory calibration
  • Fully redundant Xenon strobe light source
  • Immunity to vibration and high intensity light interference such as from sunlight or production flares
  • The Industry's first auto-alignment system which eliminates the need for optical alignment tools
  • One man commissioning to reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Heated optics and adaptive variable flash rate lamp technology to achieve maximum detector performance in ice and snow or in foggy or rainy conditions

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