DualPro - Heat Treat

Source: Marathon Sensors Inc.
DualPro - Heat Treat
The DualPro is a dual-loop process controller
The DualPro is a dual-loop process controller. The DualPro includes calculations for various process variables including carbon atmosphere, dew point, and percent oxygen. Exceptional flexibility is provided by the DualPro's ability to execute basic programs, logic programs, and recipe programs. The DualPro has four communications ports for powerful networking capability.

Standard Features:

  • Up to 200 19-step heat treat cycles
  • Large LED display (Upper display atmosphere PV, lower display temperature)
  • Customer configurable from front display
  • Modbus communications
Unique Features:

  • 200 background logic programs requiring calculations or decision making
  • Three (3) programmable isolated analog inputs (T/C, 4-20mA, slide-wire or linear voltages available)
  • Four (4) events partitioned as either inputs or outputs (expandable to 68)

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