Enduro-Flo Drag Conveyor

Source: SCC Industries (Formerly Screw Conveyor Corp.)
The Enduro-Flo drag conveyor is completely enclosed to eliminate dusting and product contamination
SCC Industries (Formerly Screw Conveyor Corp.)uro-Flo drag conveyor is completely enclosed to eliminate dusting and product contamination. At the same time, the conveyors work in conjunction with single and double trunk bucket elevators, a material handling system prevalent in the waste and recycling markets.

The fitting of UHMW polyethylene sheets into transverse sections at high chain points reduces the coefficient of friction between flight and trough and allows the entire system to operate at lower horsepower requirements. Other maintenance and cost-reducing features are included in the standard design.

The conveyors come in Type H drag flight en masse conveyors, which carry bulk materials in one solid mass with minimum internal turbulence, tumbling or agitation. Type C compartmentalized en masse conveyors for inclined applications maintain product capacity. Both types can be choke loaded or control loaded at any horizontal point. Flow back is kept to a minimum and material is trapped to move up an incline more efficiently.

Incline angles of Type C are available in 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 75°. Conveyor troughs, covers, and spouts can be fabricated of galvanized materials or alloys such as stainless steel.

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