News | June 15, 2021

ENGlobal Delivers Final Process Module For Hydrogen Plant

ENGlobal Corporation, a leading provider of innovative, engineered modular solutions, today reported that it has delivered the last of 24 process modules being used to construct a complete hydrogen production unit located on an 800 acre-plus site in Hugoton, Kansas. Following several months of additional fabrication and construction and start-up support, ENGlobal's customer, Seaboard Energy, will use the hydrogen from this unit to begin operating a renewable diesel facility with a capacity of 6,500 barrels per day.

The hydrogen unit engineered by ENGlobal is the first in the United States to utilize a proprietary high efficiency HTCRTM (Haldor Topsoe Convection Reformer). ENGlobal also incorporated the Haldor Topsoe H2bridgeTM technology that maximizes the use of renewable feed in the process and reduces both the carbon intensity of the resulting renewable diesel product and total operating costs.

In addition to module fabrication, ENGlobal's services during the 18-month project included engineering, detailed design, procurement, and automation.

"We are extremely proud to have helped bring this unique Haldor Topsoe technology to the U.S.," said ENGlobal senior vice president Bruce Williams. "We believe this is a green energy technology that helps produce abundant renewable fuel while significantly reducing overall carbon footprint." Mr. Williams added that, by designing and fabricating in a modular fashion, ENGlobal can achieve greater control over its costs and schedule, which allows the company to deliver projects like this one on budget and on time.

Looking forward, President Roger Westerlind said that, after a year-long period during which Covid-19 limited the company's marketing efforts, ENGlobal is once again aggressively pursuing additional green energy projects. "We have a number of upcoming opportunities to deliver similar innovative renewable solutions ranging in revenue value from $20M to over $120M.

"While there are no guarantees," added Mr. Westerlind, "we are increasingly confident that our application of cutting edge technology to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation fuels, plus a resurgence of our traditional oil and gas engineering segment, will lead to significant success for ENGlobal going forward."

Source: ENGlobal Corporation